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Thread: Stephen Harper is Delusional

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    FINALLY Harper was asked today about his government falling on contempt charges!
    By a regular citizen to boot.

    It's a freakin' miracle!

    But of course, he avoided the question like a rented snake.
    He was asked "Doesn't this controlling of who comes to your rallies re-affirm for Canadians that you are too controlling, which is why your government fell on contempt charges?"

    Harper replied "I think Canadians are more interested in the economy and creating jobs".
    Isn't that amazing? That's how slimy a politician can be folks..

    I'm Not more interested in the economy Steve.
    I'M NOT. The economy will always be there. It ain't going anywhere.
    But You?
    You Sir, are going to the funny farm. Where you fuckin' belong.
    I've noticed that Harper answers questions 95% of the time by starting with "In terms of..."
    He LOVES that phrase "IN TERMS OF..."

    How about I use it?

    In terms of LEADING, Mr. Harper you've failed miserably.
    In terms of HONESTY and INTEGRITY, Mr. Harper you've failed with flying colors. Failed Spectacularly.
    In terms of personality, yours is a cross between a wooden plank and a soaking wet cat.
    In terms of having a clue, you're about 10 million units in the red.
    In terms of contempt for Canada you're the King. Untouchable for contempt. Numero UNO!
    In terms of sheer assholiness you win every single time, no matter who is in front of you, in back of you or in another province. YOU WIN.

    In terms of Canada needing a new government, IT'S FIVE YEARS OVERDUE.
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    Our beloved Rex Murphy has been following this election, and the "scrapbook" of photographic memories he presented on The National a couple days ago was hilarious. It showed just what kind of bang for our $300 million election buck we Canadians are getting. It was great.

    Mike Ignatieff eating a hot dog.
    Stephen Harper and his wife Skeletor wearing giant black bowling ball helmets while riding their all-terrain buggies.
    (Proof Rex says that Canadians want to keep Harper indoors and behind a desk as much as possible- he looked positively goofy in that helmet).
    Jack Layton intently gazing at a bag of oranges in a supermarket. Yep- AWESOME snaps those photogs are getting of the Leaders in campaign mode! It's utterly astounding how wretched Ignatieff looks gulping down a frankfurter.
    Positively ghastly seeing Harper's wife dance with some Bollywood dancers and jaw-droppingly weird to have Harper sing John Lennon's "Imagine" out of tune to a 12-year-old girl at a small piano. As some writer in the Citizen put it: There's a reason Ringo was given "With a Little Help From My Friends". Because any dolt can sing it. That's why Harper looked great torturing that Beatles ditty. ANYONE can sing that one. But "Imagine"??? Lennon would be spinning in his grave! Especially being sung by HARPER. Wow does that take the wind right out of your sails. It was vomit-inducing.

    We just had bombshell news that Harper's government did something VERY illegal with regards to the G8 funding. Apparently Harper's government tricked Parliament into giving them millions & millions for the summit and then divvied up the money any way they saw fit.
    Which sounds very TRUE to me...
    All opposition party Leaders are demanding on the stump today that Harper release the report/documents that the Auditor General filed.
    BEFORE the debate, tomorrow night.,
    They want it now. And I don't blame 'em.
    That is even more proof of contempt from Harper! and if he doesn't supply them with that report, he's in even more contempt!
    It just goes on and on with these Conservative Clowns!

    Those debates Tuesday night will MAKE the election.
    This is where Canadians really tune in...

    It should be illegal for a man to run for Prime Minister whose government was found in contempt of Parliament. That should BAR YOUR ASS from politics.
    But no, we gotta witness the sad spectacle of Stephen Harper hoping to Holy Hell the electorate doesn't catch on to what he's done.
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    Todays Ottawa Sun has a letter from the "Editor" (-do they even have one?- must be Harper himself!) that says that they have a copy of the "leaked" Auditor General's report and that it contains no scandals.

    HA HA HA.
    HO HO HO.

    Just who exactly has this document? How did it get out to so many outlets, especially an Anti-Liberal rag like the Sun?
    For such tightly controlled information, it sure gets around!
    And for the record, SUN MEDIA, it does indeed contain a confirmation that the Harper government illegally procured $50 million.

    This is yet one more reason on a long scoresheet of reasons why Harper cannot in any way be trusted.
    I'm so stoked for the debates tonight you can't believe it.
    Harper will try with everything in his tiny power to make the evening seem boring, make it seem devoid of intense exchanges.
    Please watch the debates, my friends.
    Scrutinize every word and body language cue.
    Then you'll know who to vote for.
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    I watched both Leaders debates (back to back, English & French) and I must say it was immensely disappointing.

    Although all three opposition Leaders hammered Harper on his record, they yet again underestimated his ability to lie and get away with it.
    A friend of mine told me she thought that there should've been a lie counter, just a digital counter on the screen to tick away at every lie that was coming from Harper. She even wanted a moderator who could super-fact-check, within seconds of something being said. I like that idea.
    Stop a liar dead in his tracks...

    I took a photo of the exterior scrum at Rideau Hall where the debates took place, a short walk from my place.
    I asked a guy who was holding a big Harper sign: "Why do you support Harper?"
    He replied "Because he has the same values as I do: GET TOUGH ON CRIME!"
    I said "Everybody wants government to be tough on crime. That's it? That's all? How about his fucking lies???"
    The guy just looked at me and said "WHAT lies??"
    I just looked at him and said "You're beyond help, Pal" and walked away, disgusted yet again by ignorant Canadians.

    It doesn't even REGISTER with voters that Harper lies every single time he opens his mouth.
    Doesn't. even. Register.

    Nope, no knockout punches from any party leader in those debates.
    All that exercise did was solidify the opinions of those who already follow the game.
    Only Jack Layton may have won some new votes.

    Gilles Duceppès tomahawk missile of a stinging rebuke of Harper to open the debate was awesome Tuesday night:
    I want to thank Mr. Harper for finally taking a question from a member of the public for the first time in this campaign.
    Harper was a sour-puss through the whole debate process. His face often looked like a can of smashed assholes, puckered and contemptuous, just like his soul.
    That's one thing I like about the debates- Harper has to face the fucking music while in them. It's the only time in the government where the Leaders are truly having their feet held to the fire.
    All 3 opposition Leaders hammered Harper on his ignorance of democracy and wasteful spending of public money, all the while claiming extravagant victories on many empty fronts. It was very beautiful to see Harpers' pursed lips quivering- yep, his lips quivered a couple times- I noticed him actually shaking on 2 occasions- his shoulders. And his voice broke 3 separate times. How come no other news media outlet noticed this?
    I saw it plain as day. Harper was a Nervous Nelly!
    The only thing that commentators on the debates said that made any sense to me is that Harper may have won "Just by Surviving".

    It's Really Sad Shit, Folks.

    After these lacklustre debates I have little desire to comment on this election anymore.
    Something gargantuan has to happen to alter what I think will be another Harper minority government.
    Because Canadians would rather have a liar for Prime Minister than give a shit about politics.
    I'll tell you this, though:
    If Harper wins a Majority Government, I'm moving to Quebec.
    I'll bail so fast you can't say "Poutine".
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    The National was excellent last night (as usual) and they obtained documents that explained the "serious allegations" that Helena Guergis was accused of.

    How did they get the documents? From Helena Herself after she requested them through "Access To Information".
    And lo and behold, THERE IS NO PROOF, no evidence of criminal behavior, NOTHING. It was all a sham.

    Stephen Harper was asked about it today, and he lied again. Who knew?!
    He said that it was the Conservative caucus that didn't want Guergis anymore.
    What a crock of steaming horseshit.
    So the Conservative caucus WANTS Bev Oda to stay???
    Explain that one shithead. That's right, you can't.
    If the Prime Minister wants someone to stay or someone to go, IT HAPPENS.
    It all depends on whether or not you are helping him with his agenda or not.
    Not helping? Bye Bye Bitch.
    Helping? You get a lifeline, Sweetie.

    The opposition parties should be taking out MASSIVE ATTACK ads with the soundbite of Harper's response to the question today.
    Rip him to fucking shreds for lying and being undemocratic!
    Do It.
    Put out ads that show that Stephen Harper has no ability to apologize unless it wins him political points (see the apology to Native Americans).
    Put out ads that rip his nuts off with a rusty fuckin' fork.
    Have NO MERCY.
    He certainly doesn't.
    Harper doesn't hesitate to smear someone- even without a shred of proof!
    That ain't a Leader you want anywhere NEAR government. That is a dangerous and slimy person.

    I'm still beyond baffled that Canadians could support such a serial liar and false-promises clown.

    I think their brains were zapped by that thing in Men in Black that wipes your brain clean.
    How do you turn a blind eye to such collossal lying and conniving?
    Is it Harper's hair?
    Does his helmet of hair make you drool and salivate?
    Do you look at that coiffed catastrophe that sits on his head and forget everything that comes out of his mouth?
    I'm curious.
    Does his hair hypnotize you when you see Harper on your TV screen?
    Does the sight of that grey/white mop on his head distract you from hearing and processing the words that fly out of his mouth?
    Help me out here.
    I just don't understand how someone can ignore or discount the GIANT LIES this man has laid on us as a Nation.

    Someone. Anyone.
    Tell me how people want to suck Harper's dick and give him another chance.
    Tell me.
    And it better be GOOD.
    You'd better have some stank or some TEETH in your response.
    Something that can SHUT ME UP and nod my head in agreement with you.
    Something with SUBSTANCE, Chachi.

    I'm ready to wait until May 1st to get a reply....
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    Even though it seems like a foregone conclusion what will happen on May 2, I'm very curious to see how this election plays out.
    Jack Layton has been stealing everybody's thunder as of late. There's a rumour that he's stolen a lot of seats in Quebec- from the Bloc!

    Mr. Liar (I mean Mr. Harper) needs 12 seats to get a majority.
    The way things look, that will NEVER happen.
    If the NDP are stealing seats left and right in ridings across the country, then a majority is a pipe dream for the conservatives.
    Harper was almost crying in the debates when he said "Canadians will decide, and I really hope it's a majority..."
    He was pleading with the ether to get a majority, but his lies and total folly have given up that ghost.

    Harper has a Masters in Economics.
    How the fuck does a guy with a Masters degree in Economics plunge a Nation $70 Billion in debt?
    Answer me that.

    The Liberal party got a giant boost on Saturday when former Liberal Leader/Prime Minister Paul Martin spoke with Ujjal Dosanj (a Champion in the history of health care in this country) at a Liberal press scrum.
    He laid it out like a banquet of truth:
    Stephen Harper has brought health care to it's knees. He is on record as saying he hates the Health Act. The health care system was nearing the tipping point when the Liberals were in power and they made huge advances to work with the provinces to balance all of the problems, like wait times, etc.
    Then Harper gets in there and ignores all of those advances.
    He hasn't done a single thing on health care in 5 years. Not one single fucking thing!
    He believes that health care is the provinces' problem.

    Harper said he'd eliminate wait times at hospitals.
    We know how that went: NOWHERE.
    We wait longer now than we've ever had to get medical help. Harper just doesn't care.
    AT ALL.
    The Liberals started to kill the deficit in 1995, and every single year the deficit went down. The whole country got excited about killing the deficit.
    The Liberals were up front and honest about all cuts they were making to kill the deficit- they told Canadians exactly where we were, how much we owed, and how it was being paid off. In 8 years the deficit was GONE! They balanced the books! And then they said they'd start putting money into health care with the surpluses.
    Then Harper got into power.
    He ignored every single thing that the Liberal party did to make Canada stronger. He basically turned the ship around, all the while having serious contempt while at the wheel.
    What happened?
    Well, today we have a serious deficit- the biggest we've ever had, and it's 100% the Harper Regime's fault.

    No one to blame but the PMO. No one else can take credit.

    Harper has stopped using "In terms of.." whenever he opens his yap. Maybe he read my post? :)
    Now he uses "Let's be clear...." He's switched his line!
    I loved it when Jack Layton slammed him in the debates on an outright lie. Jack said "I beg your pardon??? I think you'd better read your own press releases!"

    The way Harper lied about the coalition in 2004 was astounding. He said "I wasn't trying to bring the Martin government down".
    Well what the fuck were you trying to do then???????
    What were you doing in a Delta hotel room, signing a coalition agreement with the NDP and the Bloc?
    Enjoying room service and a pay-per-view porno with your political opponents?
    Gimme a fuckin' break!
    Harper lied so many times in the debates I think he set the all-time record for lying by a Federal Politician.
    He re-inforced the "dishonest politician" tag by a trillion.

    I hope he's relegated to the dustbin in this election.
    The George W. Bush fearmongering is so fucking old now.
    coalition fears...economic recovery fears....fear of democracy...the list is endless.
    Nothing positive about Stephen Harper.
    He has no humanity, no clue and no right to be in government anymore.
    He blew his chance to Kingdom Come.
    And when he said in the debates that the Speaker of the House DID NOT find him in contempt....WOW. Just WOW.
    How's that for a WHOPPER?
    Holy Shit.
    If the Speaker didn't find you in contempt (twice) then who the fuck was it?

    Fuck I hope he's run out of town on a rail.....
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    In the debates, Harper was pressed to release the Auditor General's report on the G8/G20 Summits.
    He reluctantly agreed, and Jack Layton smiled a big smile and said:

    It takes a National televised debate to get Mr. Harper to release a document!

    Love your Moxie,'ve already come out a Winner in this election in many people's books....
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    Song for Stephen Harper, from fellow Canadians D.O.A.


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    Harper was asked yesterday if the onus is on him to work with other parties if he wins another minority government.
    His response?
    "I reject the question".

    Yeah. That sure is the man I want for PM....

    Something I haven't mentioned in this thread is the Green party.
    Elizabeth May is the leader of the Green party and she was shut out of the debates. (Not allowed to participate)
    She was in the debates in 2008 and this time around she was excluded, which was wrong.
    They said it was because she has no seats in the House of Commons.
    But she got over 1 million votes in the last election. That should have guaranteed her inclusion in the debates.
    I have nothing against the green party and I hope the party's supporters send a huge message on May 2 because what happened to her was un-democratic and disgraceful. The Bloc Quebecqois represents Quebec only, while May's Greens represent the whole country.
    Something very wrong there.

    The Green party vote is the *real* sleeping giant in this election, along with the Youth Vote, something all parties have ignored.
    I loved seeing all those Canadian campuses having flash mobs to get out the vote, thanks to Rick Mercer's prodding.
    Students are the future. Period. Full Stop.
    They are inheriting it all. So the more that get onboard with how the world operates, the better.
    The Youth Vote and the Green party are dark horses in this election and I'm even more curious to see what Canada's government looks like come
    May 2nd.

    One thing's absolutely clear: Harper's majority is Gone With The Wind.
    And frankly, I don't give a damn.
    Looks Great on him.
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    Crunch Time.

    The election is days away, and the NDP surge is rolling across Canada.
    So much so that the other men trying to become Prime Minister have started attacking Jack Layton in full force.

    Harper says that the NDP will now lead the "reckless" and "ramshackle" coalition. HA HAHAHAHHAHAHHAH!
    For 5 weeks he's been Harpering that it will be an "Ignatieff-led coalition".
    Now he's saying it will be the NDP.
    Funny, considering both the Liberals and NDP have denounced coalitions. I guess Mr. Harper just can't stop making shit up as he goes along.
    It's sinking into his empty head that a Majority for him is Dead.
    The NDP is kicking his ass from Simcoe to Surrey!
    I. LOVE. IT!

    Watch Harper scramble.
    It MUST be pointed out that Stephen Harper has had ZERO for a platform in this election.
    He has no platform whatsoever. Nothing.
    His line is "My shit is My shit. It's the same as it was before this *un-necessary* election was called. It's the same as it ever was, because we Conservatives never change. take it or leave it. It's our way or the fuckin' highway, JACK! Vote for us or the sky will fuckin' fall on your heads!!
    We cannot have a ramshackle NDP government! NO! NEVER! You need a HITLER-type leader, a man who does what he wants, when he wants, with no concern for you or yours. Oh, we'll tell you we do. We'll feed you TONS of B.S. on what we'll do, but once you vote us in again (silly Canadians!) we will ignore you just like we always have".

    That's the whole truth and nothing but the truth on Harper's "team".

    Former Prime Minster Jean Chretien gave the Liberals a huge shot in the arm yesterday. But will it be enough to snatch a win?
    We'll see....
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    (please and thank you)
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    Would you ever imagine that Stephen Harper would ever spew the words "NDP Government"????
    Well, on the final day of the campaign yesterday he used that phrase about 200 times.
    Who woulda thunk it??

    And now, today, MAY 2nd, is the day that our Democracy is tested. No one can actually call the election results until late tonight, but I think it's going to rock people's worlds. No one knows exactly how this will play out. No One. It's all up to the people.

    I am stoked on the one hand and really cautious on the other.
    Cautious because the sheer uncertainty of the results produces thoughts of a possible destruction of Harper and all he's stood for and also a possible minority win for him.
    No way in hell he's getting a majority. No. Way. In. Hell.
    All that remains is to see how many seats he's actually lost.
    I can't wait until the dust has settled and we know where we stand.
    Then I can be extremely proud of my fellow Canadians or.......... move to Quebec. LOL

    By the way, What nerve of President Obama! Killing Bin Laden on the eve of Canada's election!

    Way to steal our thunder, Mr. President!!!!
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    The Ottawa Sun had a full front-page yesterday with Harper's smiling yap and the headline
    HE'S OUR MAN: why Canadians should give Stephen Harper a Majority.
    It was stunning.
    I love how the article had no author. No name was attached to it. No editor, just a fuckin' ghost penned it.

    They go on to write that Harper led us through the recession very successfully (no one has told them that we WENT INTO the recession in great shape?!?! That's just hilarious).
    Man, do they like to say that harper "led us" through the recession.
    Um, no he didn't.
    He didn't actually lead anything. He just let Canadians themsleves pick up the slack. The banks were already rock solid.
    He didn't have to do much to get us through the economic crisis. In fact he did very very little.
    He just peddled his bogus "economic action plan" with our tax dollars.
    He likes to take credit for shit that was already in place! What a loser!

    Then the Sun said that if Harper doesn't remember that the PEOPLE elect him, then they will hold his feet to the fire.
    I never laughed so hard since the campaign began...
    What a crock. The Sun newspaper holding Harper accountable is like Donald Trump saying he never asked for Obama's birth certificate.
    They don't seem to care that he's an affront to Parliament and was found in contempt.
    That fact is never found in the pages of their paper.
    They keep saying that it was Ignatieff who caused this election.
    I guess they refuse to keep the first mantra of journalism: FIND THE TRUTH.
    Sun Media is like the Fox News channel of Canada- they even have a new TV channel! It's stunning.
    If they told me it's all to stir shit up I might buy it. But I know those lazy "columnists" they have really MEAN their rhetoric.
    Their JOBS are on the line if they don't spew Pro-Harper propaganda.
    So in a way, you're forgiven Sun Media. And in a way, you can "BURN IN HELL" too, just like your headline today for Bin laden's demise.
    I got your number.
    And I'm not afraid to speak my mind.
    Scary? No. LOL
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    It's taken me a couple days to process the historic and mind-blowing results of Canada's election.
    I'm in a daze right now because Canada became a bona-fide Banana Republic Monday night.

    The whole province of Quebec voted for the New Democratic Party. The whole Province!!!!
    The NDP are now the Official Opposition in the House of Commons.
    Jack Layton secured over 60 new seats! More than any other party leader!
    Stephen Harper GAINED 24 seats, which blew my mind to Kingdom Come.
    Crime Pays in Canadian politics.
    The Canadian people basically told the world "We hate elections. We hate them so much, in fact, that we will give a dishonest man full FUHRER status. We don't want to head to the polls for another 4 years. We'd prefer to never go back again, so WE'LL TAKE A DICTATOR for a thousand, Alex".
    Jack Layton has got his work cut out for him.
    He's got 4 years to convince Canada that electing Harper to a majority was a collossal mistake.
    And it shouldn't be too hard. Conservatives never change their ways, so the scandals should come forth in a torrent.
    Watch Harper pass those crime bills by Friday....

    It was truly amazing what happened Monday night.

    The Liberal party was reduced to almost nothing (Ignatieff has resigned)
    The Bloc Quebecqois was obliterated. (Duceppe has resigned)

    Quebec proved that the smartest citizens live in their province.
    Which is why I'm moving there.

    I thank the Canadian people for showing us all what we are and where we all stand.

    This thread is over.
    Thanks for reading it if you did.
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    Lars von Trier accepted my friend request on Facebook today, so it ain't the end of the world.
    Trier, Larry Kent, Sergei Paradjanov, E.E. Merhige, Monte Hellman, Jonathan Rosenbaum, Dave Kehr, Guy Maddin, and Jean-Luc Godard....
    Not bad for virtual friends....

    I should add that my disgust with the election results is (in part) due to the 41% of the population who sat on their asses and didn't even BOTHER to fuckin' vote. Those people could've denied Harper that majority. But they didn't even care. People are DYING to cast a vote in other countries and we have a whole class of sacks of shit who don't even have the decency to vote. You call yourself a citizen if you don't vote?
    NOT IN MY BOOK. I'd deport your ass in a heartbeat.
    It should be MANDATORY to vote in a Federal election.
    If you can't vote, you should have to prove why you can't.
    It should be the LAW. If paying taxes is law, then why isn't voting the law?
    At my polling station they had my name on the elector spreadsheet- with my name, address and birthdate on it.

    Just watch what happens in Parliament from now on.
    By the time Harper is done, you won't recognize Canada.
    It's the Fifth Reich today.
    I live in Ottawa at the moment and this city feels extremely toxic.
    I must flee.
    A Conservative majority is my worst 1984 nightmare.
    And it's Real.
    Seig Heil.
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