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Thread: Stephen Harper is Delusional

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    If I could show this to every person who voted Conservative, I would.

    God Bless Peter Russell!!!!
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    Well, Stephen Harper has wasted no time in showing more contempt for Canadians.
    In less than 2 weeks after the election his Senate and cabinet shuffle is exactly what Jack Layton says it is:

    No changes at all. Except giving 3 people who lost their seats in this election PRIME JOBS.
    I apologize for saying this thread is over.
    It ain't.
    I'm just getting started.
    I'm gonna track the actions of this shithead until his scandals rack up and spiral out of control.
    It begins today.
    3 people who LOST THEIR FUCKING SEATS in the election were given raises and prominent positions by Harper.
    People who can't win STILL WIN with Harper!
    It's just like Jack said: the ink isn't even dry on their rejection slips and Harper promotes them!
    He just rubs it in everyone's face. With an evil smirk on his mug. What the fuck is going on??????
    Man. If we lived in Medieval times, I'd be sharpening my battleaxe and making my way over to Sussex drive.

    60% of the people in this country voted against Harper. 40% was his count of support.
    20% MORE people voted against him and he still won a majority!!!!!!!!!
    Something is really rotten and fucked up here in the Great White North.
    Our political system needs a total overhaul.
    If criminal activity is gonna be rewarded by citizens, then we need an overhaul, Sammy.
    We need one ASAP.
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    Yes, Stephen Harper tried to slip it past everyone that he appointed three LOSERS to his Senate, a Senate which needs to be
    He didn't even let the media know that he had done it. He just did a media blitz yesterday without even mentioning it.
    As Libby Davies said yesterday on CBC: "DID THEY THINK NO ONE WOULD NOTICE??"
    People get prime, plum jobs when they aren't EVEN ELECTED!!!!!!!!!!
    In fact, these three individuals were IN the Senate and dropped out, to run in the election.
    And guess what? THEY LOST THEIR RIDINGS.
    Now everyone is wondering if they were promised their jobs even if they lost the election.
    I think they were.
    And that is undemocratic and fucking ILLEGAL, BITCH.

    As it was pointed out by Ralph Goodale on CBC yesterday, this government is the most expensive and largest in our countries' history.
    With the limosines, the offices, the expense accounts and all the other trappings, this is the Richie Richest group to ever descend on Parliament Hill.
    John Baird gets portfolio number 18, Foreign Affairs. What will #19 be?
    Minister of Changing Portfolios every ten weeks?
    I shudder when I think of Baird being a Diplomat. He's just a big-headed ignoramus with no soul.
    It's beyond the Ringling Brothers Circus.
    Harper has adopted all of George Bush's ways of doing things.
    Give fuckheads portfolios they can't handle or are even worthy of being chairs of, then give them another one, then see that they aren't fit for jack Shit, and then PROMOTE THEM.
    Cuz they are Loyal to the Fuhrer.
    Harper's mantra: Lie at every turn to the cameras, because the people who are not in politics can suck it. They don't know the Agenda, so Fuck 'em.
    That's why Harper lies every time he opens his yap. He's giving himself *dishonest* cover for re-arranging the face of this country.
    And it boils my fucking blood.

    It's on.
    Oh Yes.
    IT'S ON.
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    I was walking on Sparks street yesterday and who comes toward me hand in hand with his wife?
    The Hon. Jack Layton.
    He just came from the Hill, and I said "Love ya, Jack" as he approached.
    He didn't smile but he did say "Thank You"
    I think he has a hell of a lot on his mind, and considering how fucked and broken Ottawa is, I don't blame him one single bit.

    The Harper Regime is moving to eliminate per-vote subsidies for political parties, with no one to stop him.
    The NDP got $7 million in subsidies for the election but only raised $6 million on their own.
    The Conservatives Got $10 million in subsidies yet raised $13 million on their own.

    What does that mean? It means that not only are the Conservatives better at raising dollars, but they are also so cynical and soulless so as to abolish subsidies that help others have a fighting chance at winning an election.
    It's purely political and it makes me want to vomit.
    The Conservative party is like the evil Galactic Empire, trying to eliminate any and all hopes for anyone else in the Canadian politial arena to challenge them.
    All it means is that in the future, anyone trying to unseat Harper's Reich has got their work cut out for them.
    He's putting up roadblock after roadblock to democracy.
    First-Class Fuckhead.
    That's what Harper is. He's like a spoiled little rich kid who will not play nice with others, even if they are his friends.
    I still don't fathom how anyone with a brain can stand behind this man/robot.

    It's immensely depressing to live in the Fifth Reich.
    As awesome and as prosperous as Canada is, it's absolutely batshit crazy to hand power to a contemptuous dictator.
    It's just incomprehensible.
    It's like living in Paradise but letting Beelezebub take over for 4 years, after letting him wreck havoc for 5 years with no penalty.
    We are institutionalized to the Harper Regime.
    And he knows it too. He's exploiting that fact to the nth degree.

    If you think I'm just barking with no bite here, let me assure you that my assessment of Stephen Harper is dead-bang on.
    If you think I'm being too negative just wait until you see what this country looks like 4 years from now.
    And if I'm still posting in this forum at that time, you won't see me gloat over being 100% accurate on what Harper is.
    You'll see me express utter disgust and revulsion at my fellow Canadians for being unconscious about it for so damn long.
    This thread is timed and dated, post by post. It's a historical record, and when the chips fall hard because the Conservatives never change, I will have bigger contempt for the ones who voted Harper back in than the massive contempt Harper has for the country.
    My capacity for contempt will dwarf Harper's. It will make his seem like a minor tic.
    I am utterly outraged at our current government.

    In 5 weeks we went from:

    Fucktard government falling on contempt charges
    full election campaign
    Fucktard government being rewarded by the Canadian voter with a Majority because we hate elections.

    My mind is still blown to Jupiter.
    It really is.
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    Beautiful debate mash-up with Harper lying right through his fucking teeth on Corporate tax cuts, which were definitely IN his 2011 budget.
    (And are STILL THERE!!)
    Lying right through his fucking teeth!
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    Another great soundbite clip from the 2011 Leaders debate:
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    An amazing thing happened this week during the (Screech) Speech From The Throne this week.
    A young female Senate page walked up in the middle of the House of Commons with a red sign that said


    I almost didn't even hear about it because the media swept the incident under the rug!
    How do I hear about it?
    From Michael Moore, who offered that brave girl a job, after she was fired for that Awesome display.

    Imagine that!
    A very young page has the beautiful balls to stand right in the House of Commons holding a red sign denouncing a criminal!
    I'm blown away.
    That is historic and badly needed. Of course, the media is painting it as "whining" or "pouting" or "temper tantrum".
    Far from it.
    This was a switched-on young lady, who wanted to be a Senate page to learn more about her government. And when she learned just what a Fuckhead Extraordinaire Stephen Harper is, she took defiant action.
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    Stephen Harper has got some serious balls and some serious contempt for the Canadian taxpayer.
    I said the scandals will come forth, and they are.

    Harper flew to Boston on the public taxpayer dime to catch the NHL playoff game last night between the Bruins and Canucks.
    He flew there on a military jet, a Challenger, because "security" is so damn important for the PM.
    Don't worry Steve: no one knows you from Adam. You could sit in coach on any airline and feel totally safe. People would only notice your shitty haircut. Not much else.

    Don't you have a JOB to do, Harper?
    Don't you have more PRESSING matters to deal with rather than jet-setting to an NHL game?
    It's like going to Disneyland while the economy rots.
    Fuck this clown.
    I will never hold back on my comments on Harper. He asks for it every damn day. I'm ON HIS ASS. Believe me.
    The day he's run out of town on a fucking rail can't come soon enough.

    I think he jinxed our Canucks for winning the Stanley Cup, just by being in the building.
    If I was a player, I'd refuse to play. I'd make a political statement about it.
    Aren't we supposed to be financially frugal right now?
    That jet cost taxpayers $3000 an hour!!!!!!!
    Holy Fuck what is his major malfunction?!?!

    Liberal MP Jim Karygiannis said:
    EXCUSE ME, aren't we in a time of tightening our belts? Aren't we in a time of making sure that we use our money wisely??

    and NDP MP Peter Stoffer:
    He should do what we all do and watch the game on TV! Using those types of tax dollars for his own personal entertainment? THAT'S NOT ON.
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    My Heroine

    All is not lost, Harper-Haters!
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    Biggest Scandal of the Year (besides Conservatives winning a Majority) was the Auditor General's report by just-retired Sheila Fraser- one of the best public servants this country has ever had. Maybe ever WILL have..which was FINALLY fuckin' released by the Harper Regime.

    And guess what's in this report on G8/G20 Summit spending?

    Something the interim Auditor General called "UNPRECEDENTED IN MY CAREER AND VERY TROUBLING":

    $80 million that was supposed to be for border measures was divvied up by Tony Clement and John Baird.
    Over 50 million went into a slush fund for Tony Clement, the current President of the Treasury (What a fucking nightmare we have here- the fuckin' fox is in the fuckin' HENHOUSE).
    It was approved by current Foreign Affairs Minister Baird, a Harper minion if there ever was one.
    And there Clement and Baird were, lying and taking no remorse or responsibility on CPAC yesterday, smirking and sweating under hot summer lamps and reporters' questions on

    Baird had the unbelievable balls and gall to stand there parroting the word "expedentially" about 300 times, saying that the economic situation in the country meant that "projects" under his bogus economic action plan had to be Expediently and Exponentially and Exauberatiosity spent right away, with no receipts, no paper trail, no consultation with public servants. No nothing.
    Uh, ok John. You're the Best, buddy.

    Is this the scandal of the year?
    The scandal of the year is that no one in this criminal and shameful government will pay for it.
    No one will be fired.
    No one will be fined.
    No one will go to jail.
    In fact, they can do it again. Any time they wish.

    I got a question for the OTTAWA SUN.
    Why is today's front page not screaming bloody murder over this?
    You have a picture of the new coach of the Senators hockey team over this???
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    Before I rant some more, I want to congratulate the Dallas Mavericks.
    What an NBA finals!
    Sending LeBron and his dream team to the woodshed!
    How many Championships did the Heat say they'll win??
    Huh? How many?
    I have no remorse for those egomaniacs. Especially Chris Bosh, who abandoned the Toronto Raptors like a bitch.
    Awesome to see him crying like a baby after the game.
    Sorry Bosh. You and your buddies choked. HARD. And I'm very happy about it.
    I take glee in your defeat. Normally I wouldn't, but the Miami Heat were so arrogant that they forgot they were playing basketball.
    maybe next year you can try to start your seven-championship-run. HA HA HA!

    But back to the biggest losers in the Universe: the Conservative party of Canada.
    They just held a party conference here in Ottawa for a few days, and what a gong show it was.
    I watched the almost non-stop coverage of it on CPAC.
    Members of their own party asked leaders what to do and what to say when bad press confronts them, which is a constant thing.
    They had no answer.
    I listened in disbelief as Conservative leaders gave no advice! All they could do is say that they are taking the party in a new direction!
    There was a massive protest that shut down city streets in front of the brand-new Convention center on Day 1, with natives demanding something be done about the conditions on Reserves, which is our National Shame.
    Harper doesn't give two flying fucks about Natives or their rights or how they live.
    He only cares how it makes him look politically.
    The speeches the protestors gave were very inspiring to me, and the chants and the signs they held up for all those Conservative gawkers in the galleries to gaze at were AWESOME.
    I asked a cop what was all the fuss. (I already knew what it was, I just wanted a second opinion).
    He said "they're protesting against the Conservatives".
    I asked why.
    He paused for a second, looked at me, smiled and said "BEATS ME"
    He knew why. He just didn't want to say anything that made him look biased.

    I must let you all know a name here, a SLIMY name, a guy who gets ten tons of media exposure every week:
    JAIME WATT. He's been around forever. In 1984 he was convicted of big-time fraud. Now he works as a strategist! Awesome huh?
    This fat cat had the nerve to say to Conservative conference members who asked about Quebec that Quebecers don't understand the Conservative party, and that it was "Cracker Jack" Layton's personality that stole quebec from the Conservatives.
    Holy Dogshit is that amazing! And this guy is FROM Montreal???????
    Watt is a corporate drone, who lives really high on the hog. Who thinks his opinion matters.
    His attitude astounds me. He thinks he's a mover and shaker. But he's only a mover and shaker of condiments, which he slathers all over his fast foods- the guy is about 400 pounds, with a turkey jowl from Hell.
    I'm reminded of lyrics from Dylan's MASTERS OF WAR:

    Is your money that good?
    Will it buy back your soul?


    Quebecers know all about the Conservative party. So you can stop that lie right now. Stop that lie dead.
    They "understand" you and Harper and all you stand for all too well.
    And you don't stand for Quebec. Never did. Never will.
    Conservatives stand for nothing, as far as I can tell.
    They say they care about families? Where's the proof? NONE.
    Any "proof" you give on that is not good enough. All of your "measures" to help families have done more harm than good. FACT JACK.
    You keep cutting all kinds of programs to help! You Conservatives all have sickles in your hands!
    And you don't have a clue what you're doing, no matter what you tell yourselves. Trust me. I've been watching you from a long ways off.
    They say they care about Health Care. Where's the proof? NONE.
    They say the care about the environment. Where's the proof? NONE.
    You Conservative fuckers live in the land of OZ!

    The beauty of this whole situation is that the deficit that these idiots say they will kill in 4 years is gonna triple under them.
    Maybe even quadruple.
    I could even give them the benefit of the doubt that they'd punch it up ten times!
    And then what will they say?
    What will Jim "JOKE" Flaherty tell us was the reason they had to rack up the debt then?
    I got all bases covered here.
    I'm watching the Conservative party like the Hawk of Hawks.
    Stay tuned.

    These inhuman sacks of shit are ruining the country and I'm watching every step they make.
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    Song about getting rid of George W. Bush, by Neil Young, but we can now apply it to getting rid of Stephen Harper.
    I mean, they are the same person.
    Just ask Tommy Chong.
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    The RCMP have launched an investigation into Tony Clement and John Baird's criminal G8/G20 Summit spending practices.
    I think this is the 35th RCMP investigation into Conservative party crimes, going concurrent with the other investigations.
    2 months after the election and the winning party gets investigated by the RCMP.
    When are Canadians gonna wake up?
    When are they gonna realize how dumb and criminal the Conservatives are?

    The NDP ARE the Government in waiting.
    They will be the next government of this country.
    and I'm betting it'll be in 2 years!
    Yes, I'm THAT optimistic!

    Seeing Tony Clement in the House of Commons on CPAC these last few days confirmed for me that he needs to be fired.
    He smirks all the time, he laughs at opposition members when they level the truth at him, and worst of all, he SLOUCHES awfullly in his Commons seat. He's almost sliding under the seat! Watch how he slouches!
    What a retard that guy is!
    President of the Treasury?
    How about President of Slouching and Swindling?
    Yes. That's better.
    I pray that John Baird and Tony Clement are charged with fraud and kicked out of Canada's government.
    We don't need little kids in power.
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    Hey Baird!

    Don't ya just love my brand of Rhetorical Flourishes?
    I can go on and on until the break of dawn.

    Baird and Clement were asked to step aside while the RCMP investigation is underway, but Stephen Harper will not reprimand his own minions.
    What else is new?
    Unless these fuckers are led away in chains Harper won't do jack shit about corruption. Because that's his bag. Corruption's his bread & butter, Baby.
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    4,000 pages of redacted documents on Afghan detainees and how they were handled by Canadian Forces was released by the government today, and they are now announcing that the matter is over, no wrong doing was afoot.

    Jack Layton was just on CBC an hour ago, and he wants a full inquiry. The committee that this matter was supposed to go to for review has been destroyed by Harper. He abolished the committee! The committee that was supposed to pore over these documents and draw conclusions!
    There's actually over 40,000 pages! A fraction was released today. The Harper government is saying "CASE CLOSED!", when in fact the smoking gun of prisoners being handed over to be tortured may be buried somewhere in the 40,000 pages.
    The Harper government isn't interested in finding out for sure.

    There John Baird was again, on CBC today, saying that the 12 million dollars spent on this matter was wasted.
    Funny, considering the whole thing was his government's idea.
    They started the whole ball rolling on it and now they say it was a waste of time and money.
    What fuckheads!

    Will this be debated in the House of Commons?
    Will anything be done to hold the government accountable?
    Not on your life.
    That does not happen in Harper's Fifth Reich.
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