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Thread: Stephen Harper is Delusional

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    Ottawa Canada
    Here in Ottawa we have Parliamentarians/MP's burning the midnight oil because the conservative party is holding Canada Post workers hostage.
    All night I watched incredible "debate" on the bill/legislation to force Canada Post workers back to work, after a lockout.
    The Prime Minister holds the keys to the locks on the doors of Canada Post.
    But he won't open them.
    Because the workers want a fair wage.
    Yep. That's it. Just a fair wage.
    Canada Post is a Crown corporation, and it makes money hand over fist.
    This inhuman Crime Minister is blocking democracy with a Berlin wall here.
    Collective Bargaining is one of the things in the world that ensures workers get a fair shake.
    Not only is Harper forcing the workers back to work, he's forcing them back with a wage that is LOWER than what Canada Post offered!

    He's telling the workers: "the economy is more important than your life. Get back to work, Bitch".
    The Conservatives want to appear to their base that they are able to move with muscle, but they just look like the privatization Lords they are.
    That's what this is all about.
    Bless Nathan Cullen and all of the NDP for never wavering in their fight to block this stupid, draconian bill.
    Nathan Cullen, an NDP MP from B.C. gave one of the best speeches last night on CPAC I've ever heard in the House of Commons- and it was around 1 in the morning when he made it! I wish I had a transcript to post here.
    "The Cloak is Off the Conservative Party" was the refrain of the NDP. The Conservative agenda is on full display here.
    Heavy-handed legislation that fucks the common worker up the ass.
    Hey Harper:
    I'd like to see you carry 35 pounds of mail for 8 hours a day, be subjected to bites, slips, falls, fractures, bad weather, etc etc etc and accept the wages that Canada Post throws at it's workers who make that Crown Corp. a shitload of money. MILLIONS AND MILLIONS A YEAR it generates, and they WILL NOT reward their workers. That's unforgivable, and it's especially insulting to be sent back to work by a team of 165 Conservatives who each make over $140, 000 dollars a year who wear nice pressed shirts and fancy ties.
    How the fuck do the Conservatives sleep at night?

    It's begun.
    The NDP will come to power on sheer integrity.
    The Conservatives will fall for a complete lack of integrity.
    Just a matter of time.
    The Emperor has no clothes.
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    Apologies to Kate Middleton and Prince William.
    Today you are being given a tour of Canada's capital by Stephen Harper and his wife Skeletor.
    I saw you on TV with them and I apologize.
    Having to listen to idle chit-chat from two disgraceful capitalists must be torture.
    I can only imagine the small talk the Harpers are capable of.
    Must be like Dubya and Laura, without the folksy charm.
    Harper and his wife looked annoyed that they had to host Royals today.
    They don't mean all that much to me either.
    But Diplomacy is Diplomacy, and Harper has to be a host.

    The only positive thing about Canada Day in Ottawa is the MASSIVE fireworks at the end of the night.
    Best fireworks you'll ever see (especially if you watch from the Hull Quebec side of the Ottawa river).
    The concerts on Parliament Hill are usually boring, the crowds are way too big, and the barbecues on Sparks street are all from the southern states! They come up here to serve us USA BBQ on Canada Day!
    Must've been Harper's idea. He must have a lot of contacts with Texan oilmen who run side BBQ businesses...
    Viva Democracy!
    Our Nation is $70 Billion in debt!
    Our Prime Minister is a Criminal! Viva Canada!
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    To be a *little* more positive, the Black Watch pipes and drums were awesome- just got back from the Hill after seeing them. Awesome pipe and drum band. I saw the Snowbirds do a couple flypasts (always cool to see the Snowbirds), hated the crowds (as always) and the weather was perfect. I mean, you couldn't ask for sunnier, breezier weather.

    So many dressed in white & red...
    Some things that were cool: free McDonalds coffee, Canadian Cheese, Dr. Pepper and facepainting. And free art tents of all types: potato painting and carvings, fingerpainting, Canada flag making...all cool creative activities for all.

    Some things not so cool: wall to wall people (with Legions of child strollers! Holy Cow! It was an invasion of strollers & toddlers!)
    6 dollars for a cup of lemonade. WTF
    6 dollars for an ice cream bar. Take my wallet! I just want a damn ice cream bar!
    6 dollars for a hot dog. What's in it? Caviar? Cripes.
    I was waiting for them to say it was 6 dollars to enter the park and another 6 when you depart.
    And another six in Celebration tax.
    Jesus, being proud to be a Canadian costs you.
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    "no comment"

    Another fresh scandal for you:

    According to the QMI Agency, the Conservative party of Canada is refusing to answer questions concerning reports that top party officials recently received a delegation from the Communist Party of China right here in Ottawa.

    WTF is this all about?
    I know John Baird is in China right now as we speak, trying to "strengthen ties" with the juggernaut country.
    I shudder to imagine what he's doing/saying over there.
    Amnesty International is up in arms over the Conservative party refusing to address Human Rights abuses in China in any significant way.
    Baird wouldn't say anything about it, except that "we had a good discussion on human rights. I can say they were frank and open".

    What else can you say, BAIRD?!?!
    You gotta do better than that, Shithead!
    Tell us what you are tangibly doing to deal with this horrible and very serious issue!
    That's what I thought: JACK and SHIT.
    It's all about money, isn't it John?
    You don't give a shit about human rights abuses in China or you'd make dramatic steps to show us that you do.
    All you care about is the economics of it.
    Glad you do.
    Because it's etched on your tombstone. You earned the engraving.
    You have the power and you refuse to exercise it. Canada can be a leader in denouncing human rights abuses but our current regime does not care. The money must flow before we can even BEGIN to think about that, you know. And then we still won't care.
    VOTE CONSERVATIVE! We got ours, and nobody else gets theirs!
    Strong, United, and Ignorant to the Core. These are our values, and they are Canada's too!

    I'm gonna post the PHOTO OF THE YEAR here next. You gotta see it to believe it.
    It's our Prime Minister in full Native Indian regalia, taken this week, with his face painted totally YELLOW.
    It's the best picture I've ever seen of our oblivious and totally delusional Crime Minister.
    It's absolutely PRICELESS.
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    Have a good howl at this YELLOW Bastard:

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    Looking a little JAUNDICED, isn't he?
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    It's been confirmed that the Conservative party of Canada also sent a "letter of congratulations" to the Communist Party of China recently for celebrating an anniversary. But not one Conservative will answer a question on it.


    We deserve to know why they are so chummy with Communists!
    Explain this! Fuckheads!

    I think your own party faithful are outraged at such a thing.
    What ON EARTH does the Conservative party stand for?!

    I welcome any Conservative party supporter to enlighten me.
    Become a member of FilmLeaf and debate me on this batshit-nuts government we have here in Canada.
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    Helena Guergis, a woman I've defended has actually been found by a federal party to have violated the parliamentary rules of using your position as an MP to influence business deals. It was in relation to her husband Rahim Jaffer's business, and a letter she wrote suggesting her hubby's firm for a work contract.

    If the RCMP cleared her then what's this? I'm not one to accept the RCMP in totem- they are frought with problems and poor officers- but this makes me do an about face- something I'm willing to do and apologize for IF I was wrong.
    It appears I was wrong on Guergis.
    What I was NOT wrong on was Harper's handling of her dismissal.
    He threw her under the bus, pulled out her limp carcass and then smashed it again and again with ball-peen hammers until she couldn't be recognized or identified without dental records.
    Why didn't he do the same thing for Bev Oda?
    Who actually did something far far worse than trying to use her position to help her hubby.
    She mis-led parliament and crossed out a word and added "NOT" in pen to an official government document. Then denied doing it.
    Harper didn't mind that at all.
    Oda must do his laundry on weekends or walks the Harper's cats. She must. How else can she keep her job and keep smiling like a doofus on the Conservative side of the Commons?
    She irons his shirts! (light starch, Bev?)
    She must polish Laureen "Skeletor" Harper's codpiece too, to get that kind of preferential treatment!
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    My Man Jack Layton has suffered another health setback in that a new form of cancer has appeared.

    Jack is a tenacious fighter and says that he will be back in the fall when Parliament resumes.
    It seems cosmically unfair, this latest cancer.
    But I can tell you one thing: Jack has brought the NDP to the point of being the Government-in-Waiting, and the party WILL destroy Stephen Harper and the Conservatives in the next election.
    What with the Conservatives increasing spending by 8% a year, hosting and wining & dining the Communist Party of China, having ZERO leadership, plus lies and scandals galore, you can etch it in stone. The NDP will be our next government.

    Most Canadians know that Harper is a schemer and scammer.
    It's just taking time to settle in to the point of changing parties when you go to the ballot box.
    With the rate of time flying by these days (ask any senior!) the next election will be upon us and the NDP will be immensely triumphant.

    In the meantime during Jack's break (on doc's orders) I send him massive good karma and big hopes for a full recovery.
    He has more integrity than 165 Conservative MP's COMBINED.
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    The Hon. Nycole Turmel has been named interim Leader of the NDP and I'm so glad.

    I know exactly why Jack Layton has recommended her so early in her political career.
    I watched the "Midnight Hour" debates in the Commons on the Canada Post fuckery, and she stood out as a brilliant researcher and truth-levelling Machine- YES, SHE LAYED TOTAL WASTE to the Conservatives whenever she rose to deliver a well-prepared rubuke/refute.
    She dazzled me with her intelligence and rational debating chops.
    And she'd do it with a "you know I'm right" wink when she sat down.
    Sure she's new, but damn, she's perfect to lead the party.
    She could be Prime Minister before long.
    Her IQ's higher than Harper's. That's IRONCLAD.
    Harper didn't even show up to the Commons for any of those debates. He let his minions fend for themselves on it.
    During the day, he was at a Barbecue! LOL Yes, look it up- he went to dinner at a BBQ- it's public record.
    At night, he just went to bed on silk sheets. No sex- he's Conservative.
    Then he rammed the bill home. Repression will do that to ya...

    The NDP will be our government soon and you won't have to hear me report these atrocities anymore.
    You and me both will pop some champagne on that day.
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    Stephen Harper had quite a week. He talked about democracy (but only in reference to other countries- he doesn't know what it means in Canada), he announced that Nycole Turmel is public enemy number one, smearing her in the process, and said that the Conservatives will perform a "hat trick" with the Ontario provincial election.

    He just might.
    Only because Dalton McGuinty is a totally out-to-lunch politican. He could be a Conservative...I always thought he was, the way he "governs".
    Harper has the unbelievable arrogance to suggest that an overwhelming number of Canadians are Conservative- and that the country is always going to be Conservative.

    That's quite a fuckin' crystal ball he's got there.

    Nycole Turmel has been ripped DAILY on her "separatist" ties to the Bloc Quebecois.
    Funny, considering the Bloc doesn't even exist anymore.
    Did these assholes follow the election on May 2nd?
    Apparently not.
    They were too busy sucking Harper's toes to see any political sea change beyond Harper's *narrow* majority.

    The Bloc were obliterated, so any talk of separatists rests with those peeps in Quebec.
    Last time we checked, Turmel is a NEW DEMOCRAT. Interim Leader, at that.
    I guess these idiots can't see the huge difference between the Bloc and the NDP.
    Time to educate.
    the Conservatives? I'm not sure who they're for, but you'd be safe in saying it's big business, privatization and certain target groups.
    The Liberals? They don't exist either, as far as I can tell. No weight in that party to speak of. It will take eons for that party to rise from the ashes.
    The Greens are for the environment first and foremost. But they are also FOR ALL CANADIANS.

    The Ottawa Sun had a letter to their editor from some clown who demanded to know who this Nycole Turmel is, as she doesn't speak English very well, and to him that was a total disgrace.

    Hey dickhead:

    You ever hear Harper speak French?
    Ask any francophone what they think of Harper's "FRENCH".
    They'll read you the Louis Riel Act on that.
    Most francos want to crawl under a ROCK when they hear Harper mangle the french language.
    Chretien's English wasn't the best either.
    What a lame letter the Sun chose to run.
    And the reply they gave the guy?
    Total chest-thumping.
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    Here's a beautiful (and dead-bang on) letter from Mandie Aaron of Cite Saint-Luc, Quebec, to the editor of the Ottawa Citizen, today, Aug. 5, 2011:

    "Prime Minister Stephen Harper is "disappointed' by the ties NDP interim leader Nycole Turmel has to the Bloc Quebecois and Quebec solidaire party.

    Christie Blachford, Don Macpherson and a growing chorus of pundits are also calling her ties and loyaties into question.
    While I, too, think the regency of those past ties is questionable, I do not think that those ties call her loyalty, or that of the NDP, into question.
    Once again, Harper and certain pundits are fomenting FEAR rather than fact.

    Does no one remember that Harper was president of the National Citizens Coalition and said that "it's past time the feds scrapped the Canada Health Act," though he now says he supports it?
    That the group lobbied against public health care and immigration?
    That climate change didn't exist?
    That he was a strong supporter of making Alberta, much the same way Quebec has, a more autonomous and separate province?

    Harper has strongly criticized other parties for attacking the Conservative Party of Canada when he was the leader.
    Specifically, he said that "the strategy- sometimes subtle, but sometimes blatant- was to pull up every prejudice about the West and every myth about Alberta that could be dredged."

    It seems to me that this is the very thing that is being done in this situation.

    If Harper and the media are saying that Turmel is unsuitable for her position due to her former affiliations, does this logic not then extend to the prime minister as well?"

    Me, Johann: Bless you, Ms. Aaron! Bless you. You nailed it.
    Let them eat it, fucking hypocrites...
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    Yes, all of Canada's newspapers seem to be going bonkers over Nycole Turmel being chosen as interim leader of the NDP.
    So many writers and columnists getting their panties in a knot over a whole lot of nothing.

    You question Turmel's "loyalty" to Canada?
    What about Harper's?
    He wanted Alberta to be it's own Lord.
    What's good for the goose isn't good for the gander?
    WTF are you two-faced cowards carping about when you say that Turmel is a traitor?
    Is it so strange to your puny minds that someone born in Quebec is in SOLIDARITY with it?!?!
    It's her home province, DOUCHEBAGS!
    If Harper can wallow in Western Canada propaganda, ALL THE WAY TO PARLIAMENT HILL to boot, then why can't anyone else? Jerk?
    Your game can be played, but anyone else? they are public enemy number one?

    As Turmel said the day she was selected:


    Amen Madame.
    Let's shame these fearmongers into realizing who the next Government will be.
    "Unrelenting NDP Surge" will be on their lips once again, driving them even further batshit nuts.
    I love it.
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    Harper won't comment on the U.S. getting a credit downgrade, saying "It's not my place to comment"
    Not your place?
    The United States affects us, you moron.
    We're joined at the hip, at least on trade.
    Who supports this clown? Really?
    Anyone who thinks Harper is great is a really dumb shithead.

    "He's out there operating without any constraints..."

    I love how he flew to Brazil a day ago on Conservative 1, his private jet with the word CONSERVATIVE emblazoned on the fuselage.
    Let the Brazilians know your colors Steve!
    Firm handshakes!
    Bikini waxes!
    and for the love of GOD try to do something with that mop on your head. Get a buzzcut. And a soul. I'd like you a bit if you did.
    I noticed Harper's hair is much WHITER after the last election.
    I wonder what would have caused that blanching?

    Sorry, am I nitpicking?

    It's allowed.

    Because I read an article by some Conservative-supporting writer who said that the people of Canada love Jack Layton but not his politics, in response to his recent health problem. The arrogance and evil of that statement makes me want to kill the writer.
    If you can get away with that shit (in a National Paper!) I can get away with ANYTHING.
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    When he was in Brazil, Harper locked himself in a federal minister's bathroom and would not come out. Why?
    Simply because he wanted speeches and toasts to happen BEFORE lunch, not after, as was on the itinerary.
    He also got snippy because he wasn't allowed to talk to journalists at a certain location.
    See how much of a control freak this shithead is?

    Can you believe it? Locking yourself in a bathroom to get your way? Apparently he wouldn't come out for fifteen minutes, shouting from behind the door!
    The PMO's office denies it, but officials in Brazil who witnessed his tantrum swear by it.

    Remember when he was absent for a G20 group photo because he was in the bathroom taking a shit? He missed the photo!
    I know, what a total disgrace, right?
    I'm not making this up.
    Harper's bathroom meltdown has been reported in major newspapers around the world, and online at the Washington Post and other news sites.

    How much more embarrasing can this turd blossom be?
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