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Thread: COMING RELEASES 2011 (second half)

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    COMING RELEASES 2011 (second half)

    COMING RELEASES IN 2011 (second half of the year)

    Coming releases I'm interested in:

    July, 29 Point Blank (limited) (French, dir. Fred Cavayé)
    July, 29 The Devil's Double (limited)
    August, 5 Bellflower (limited) I have seen this: an edgy indie romance
    August, 5 Mysteries of Lisbon (limited) I saw this NYFF 2010--Raul Ruiz
    August, 5 Rise of the Planet of the Apes
    August, 10 The Help (dir. Tate Taylor), Mississippi black maids revolt
    August, 19 One Day (limited) Lone Sherfig (of An Education)
    August, 26 Brighton Rock (limited)
    August, 31 Gainsbourg: A Heroic Life (limited) I have seen this and like it; dir. Joann Sfar
    August, 26 Redemption Road (limited) Mario van Peebles, about bluesmen, AKA Black, White and Blues
    August, 26 Don't Be Afraid of the Dark Guillermo del Toro
    September, 2 I'm Glad My Mother is Alive (limited), saw this, Claude Miller, Nathan Miller, okay
    September, 9 Contagion Soderbergh
    September, 16 Restless (limited) Gus van Sant
    September, 30 Dream House Jim Sheridan
    October, 7 Ides of March Geroge Clooney directed with Clooney, Ryan Gosling, Paul Giamatti, Jeffrey Wright, et al.
    October, 7 Wanderlust David Wain, comedy with Paul Rudd, Jennifer Anniston
    October, 19 Red State (limited) Kevin Smith
    October, 21 Margin Call J.C. Chandor seen in ND/NF, good
    October, 28 Anonymous -- Roland Emmeerich's dramatization of the Shakespearean authorship question
    November, 4 My Week with Marilyn (limited) Michelle Williams, dir. Simon Curtis (British TV)
    November, 11 Melancholia (limited) Lars von Trier Cannes favorite, perhaps NYFF?
    November, 11 Immortals Tarsem Singh
    November, 18 Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy Toman Alfredson, the John Le Carré tale, again
    November, 18 Carnage (limited) Roman Polanski, the NYFF opening night film, from the play 'The Gods of Carnage'
    November, 23 Hugo -- Martin Scorsese, a boy in 1930's Paris lives in the walls of a train station
    November, 23 The Descendants (limited) Alexander Payne
    December, 2 Coriolanus (limited) Ralph Fiennes
    December, 2 We need to Talk About Kevin Lynne Ramsey Cannes favorite
    December, 9 Young Adult (exclusive) Jason Reitman
    December, 23 We Bought a Zoo Cameron Crowe
    December, 23 The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn (Spielberg)
    December, 28 War Horse Stephen Spielberg, from the popular stage event

    Others coming but not listed yet:

    Andrea Arnold: Wuthering Heights UK release only Sept. 30
    Steve McQueen: Shame --with Michael Fassbinder (as in Hunger) again, coming to Toronto and Venice, perhaps NYFF
    Joann Sfar: The Rabbi's Cat, summer release Belgium, France, Switzerland; perhaps NYFF?
    Wim Wenders: Pina, released in Europe; perhaps NYFF?
    Walter Salles: On the Road coming in 2012
    Wes Anderson: Moonriise Kingdom coming in 2012, very Wes Anderson cast
    Michael Haneke: Amour/Love, Oct. 2012 France release
    Rian Johnson (of Brick): Looper, coming in 2012
    Guillaume Canet (of Tell No One): Little White Lies, was shed. for US release April 13, 2011 but?
    Clint Eastwood: J. Edgar Hoover Scheduled for 2012 release
    Fred Schepisi: Eye of the Storm (with Charlotte Rampling). Australian release 2011, probably 2012 US
    David Cronenberg: A Dangerous Method, the Christopher Hampton play about Freud & Jung. 2012?
    Whit Stillman: Damsels in Distress. Stillman's first in 13 years. Completed (July 2011).

    Sources I used to compile these lists:

    Most Anticipated Films of 2011 on the website, Awards Daily
    Movie Release Schedule on the website, The Numbers

    Additions and comments welcome.
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    Some I missed in making the list above:

    July, 22 Another Earth (limited) Mike Cahill -- a prizewinner at Sundance, well reviewed
    September, 16 Drive Dir. Nicolas Winding Refn starring Ryan Gosling. A Hollywood stunt driver who moonlights as a getaway driver.
    14 October The Skin I Live in Pedro Almodovar -- one week earlier in the New York Film Festival it premieres
    TBA (limited) (November?) Tyrannosaur Dir. Paddy Considine, starring Peter Mullan, one of the best at ND/NF this year.
    December, 21 The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo -- David Fincher, so this better be good

    Others to watch for, no US release date

    Bela Tarr: The Turin Horse -- possibly in NYFF? April, July and November European releases --
    Nuri Bilge Ceylan: Once Upon a Time in Anatolia -- a critical hit at Cannes -- NYFF?
    William Friedkin: Killer Joe, wrtten by Tracy Letts, starring Matthew McConaughey and Emils Hirsh
    Philippe Garrel: A Burning Hot Summer/Un été brűlant -- starring Monica Bellucci, Louis Garrel and Céline Sallette Sept 28 France release date. NYFF?
    Michel Hazanavicius: The Artist - a prizewinner at Cannes -- NYFF?
    Richard Linklater: Bertie -- creeper with Matthew McConaughey and Jack Black
    Aki Kaurismäki: Le Havre -- at Cannes, -- Sept. - Dec. European releases
    Chantal Akerman: La Folie Almayer -- European releases
    Sarah Polley: Take This Waltz -- will be at Toronto
    Owen Moverman: Rampart -- James Ellroy story, Woody Harrelson stars
    Bruno Dumont: Outside Satan/Hors Staan -- Cannes, Oct. 2011 Franch release NYFF?

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    Venice Film Festival 2011

    These were in the "coming" lists above:

    Tinker, Taylor, Soldier, Spy by Tomas Alfredson, UK, Germany.
    Wuthering Heights by Andrea Arnold, UK.
    The Ides of March by George Clooney, United States.
    A Dangerous Method by David Cronenberg, Canada.
    Killer Joe by William Friedkin, United States.
    Shame by Steve Mcqueen, UK.
    Un Ete Brulant by Philippe Garrel, France, Italy, Switzerland.
    Carnage by Roman Polanski, France, Germany, Spain, Poland.
    Faust by Aleksander Sokurov, Russia.
    Dark Horse by Todd Solondz, United States.

    These Venice selections weren't given in the previous posts in this thread:

    Texas Killing Fields by Ami Canaan Mann, United States.
    Quando la Notte by Cristina Comencini, Italy.
    Terraferma by Emanuele Crialese, Italy.
    4:44 Last Day on Earth by Abel Ferrara, United States.
    Taojie by Ann Hui, China-Hong Kong, China.
    Hahithalfut by Eran Kolirin, Israel, Germany.
    Alpeis by Yorgos Lanthimos, Greece.
    L’ultimo Terrestre by Gian Alfonso Pacinotti, Italy.
    Poulet Aux Prunes by Marjane Satrapi, Vincent Paronnaud, France, Belgium, Germany.
    Himizu by Sion Sono, Japan.
    Seediq Bale by Te-Sheng Wei, China, Taiwan.

    Yorgos Lanthimos, AKA Giorgios Lanthimos, is the director of Dogtooth.


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