Thanks for these further reading notes on the book on Kubrick's failed Napoleon project. Getting the Romanian army to play Napoleon's army fell through? Why? Did they have another engagement?

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What do you mean by "a key card that gives you exclusive access to Kubrick's picture file of 17,000 Napoleonic images"? What's a "key card"?

I think I'll let slide the paranoia of your speculations that "THE WORLD ORDER" would not allow the film to be made because it would have led to speculation by the public that would have in turnled to the unraveling of the establishment. The fact is that Kubrick himself was given to grandiose projects that didn't come off, and movie studios are notoriously cautious even with or particularly with great and madly ambitious directors, no matter how successful their last movie has been. NAPOLEON is not the only great film project that he didn't do, is it? I believe even 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY was a project that seemed insane and doomed for a while. Isn't that so? Kubrick had a little bit of a Howard Hughes eccentric madman in him. His fanaticism about details verged on madness. I remember a paperback about the making of 2001 that I saw (but didn't buy) that depicted absurdly elaborate production extras, like a space toilet, executed down to the most minute wasted and unnecessary detail.