"Roger Dodger leaves all possible pretense of the softer nature of its main character behind in the opening scene, and it only falters slightly near the end when it attempts to reconcile him with the past. In the scene, Roger Swanson (Scott Campbell) conducts a discourse on the future evolution and eventual uselessness of the male gender with a group of his fellow employees at a restaurant. This is a man in love with words and particularly the ways in which he can use them to capture the attention of anyone and everyone in the room. What he has to say makes senseómostly due to his delivery and dictionóbut whatís more important is that he believes it. He canít help but believe it. We know he believes it too. Thatís what makes him so fascinating a subject. Hereís a man who genuinely believes that men are around only for as long as their usefulness holds out, and damn it if heís not going to take full advantage of the time thatís been given him."

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