Secretary starring James Spader ("Stargate" and "Sex, Lies, and Video") and Maggie Gyllenhaal gives new meaning to romantic devotion. The premise of this relationship is a character who is recently released from an institution for cutting herself, possibly due to the fact of an abusive, alcoholic father. She finds herself job hunting and trying out for a secretarial position with a lawyer. A relationship based on pain is something not dealt with in mainstream movies often and Secretary, interestingly touches on it, but doesn't go much into a graphical depiction. This dramatic, romance with a wry sense of humor offers a fascinating look at a masochistic character and a rather different James Spader who is much more quiet spoken in this movie than his on-screen persona often reveals.

I can't say this movie is great, it is a sparkling, small jewel that concentrates on different characters interacting in different ways in a foreplay of distant passion. 7 out of 10 stars.