I've read a lot of reviews online about Man of Steel and the main complaint seems to be "lack of character development".

I agree that there is a degree of lack of character development, but I forgive it. I think if there is anything you can gloss over in this movie, it's lack of character development. How important is character development here, anyway? Everybody already knows these characters. It's Superman Chachi, not Shakespeare. Zack Snyder is trusting in you, the viewer, the "erudite, switched-on" viewer.
It's a comic book story, science fiction. It could've been created by Jules Verne: "20,000 Leagues of the Super-Men".

I find this film to be a welcome thing. ALl credit to Warner Brothers and Snyder's teams and Chris Nolan's teams- and to SuperFan David S. Goyer. I am jealous green at this guy. First he re-invents Batman for the 21st Century with Chrios Nolan. Then he re-invents Superman (on the 75th Anniversary of the Iconic Hero, no less) with Nolan and Zack Snyder. I nominate David S. Goyer for President. The man is unstoppable. I'm Jealous as Hell of him, making these Batman and Surperman flicks. Lucky Bastard.

Man of Steel is beyond reproach. It's a great film. I find it gives way more Hope than Obama ever did.