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    I saw Chicago for the second time this afternoon (oh yeah baby, this is one hell of a movie.) Musicals are becoming my favorite type of film in short order.

    Ebert was right on the money when he said Queen Latifah was perfectly cast. I was amazed by the ease she displayed around such seasoned actors. Her singing "Be good to mama" (title?) was a howl.

    Renee Zellweger has snatched the cute mantle from Meg Ryan & I don't think she'll be giving it back. As a viewer, you can't help loving her character. In fact, the whole cast was incredible. Richard Gere surprised the hell out of me. Did he really do that tap routine? In a review in the local ffwd paper they said Cathy Jones simply dominated the film. I don't agree. She has immense talent (I didn't know she was a pro dancer before movies), but everyone was top notch.

    Best scene: the number "They both went for the gun" Ventriloqism as bohemian dance...
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    New And Fresh

    At the beginning of Chicago, it seemed like it would turn into another one of those nameless dance routines, but like Moulin Rouge, it broke out into a fabulous creative burst of energy. Chicago was new and fresh - an exciting piece of razzle and dazzle, bouncy and fun.


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