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Thread: Reservoir Dogs (Written by and to be Directed by Quentin Tarantino)/1992

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    Reservoir Dogs (Written by and to be Directed by Quentin Tarantino)/1992

    Few films can say they changed cinema in their own time. Few film directors influence other filmmakers. But a select few do.
    Reservoir Dogs and Quentin Tarantino is an example of changing cinema and influencing others. For the better.

    We know a lot of directors are passionate about films, who love movies. Almost as much as Mom in some cases. Tarantino is just about the most passionate, literate, electrifying, edifying, just all-around amazing man I've encountered. I had the honor of sitting front row at the Canadian premiere of Inglourious Basterds in Toronto. He and Eli Roth introduced the film and we were all blown away. A night I'll never forget.
    Amazeballs awesome movie that was. And so is Reservoir Dogs. I agree with Harry Knowles that this film filled a gigantic void in American cinema.
    This was a guy who loves movies like you love breathing, making the movie that he wants to see.
    He's making it because it fucking doesn't exist. That's what Stanley Kubrick did with 2001 and other movies. Sci-Fi movies were lacking, they needed a shove. With Reservoir Dogs we have a film that has such great dialogue and characters it's stunning. I'm amazed he wrote the screenplay in 3 weeks. That's insanity. That's passion folks. The screenplay is still great to read- you can read it online or buy the book. It's still just fluid, natural ways in which people speak. Maybe lots more pop culture references and non-normal manners of speech after the shootout, but all in all this is more real towards how people really talk than other movies. This film is riveting to me. Great music on the soundtrack. One of the best soundtracks in film history. Most of Tarantino's films do. I would correct that and say they ALL do. Yes, all of his movies have awesome soundtracks. His music is perfectly chosen for his scenes, like Kubrick. This is no slouch. This is no amateur hour first-timer flick.
    This film influenced countless others, made the major studios allow more pop culture references seep into their own pictures. That's why we have product placement on the front burner nowadays in a lot of movies. You have QT to thank. But I feel his references always trump any imitators, simply because he beat you to the punch. You can't take his Daddy status away. Did you know that Stanley Kubrick saw Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction and felt he had to "keep in mind" the structures that Quentin used on both movies? Fact.

    I love this film, always will. To repeat, the soundtrack is amazing, with great songs that have never been on the same LP together, with Steven Wright as K-Billy on the radio with his Super Sounds of the 70's. Tarantino is like that. He mixes it up with each new film. It's awesome.
    I also agree with Harry Knowles that Quentin makes his actors Gods with his music choices. I agree. You wish you were as cool as his characters.
    I finally found the 2-DVD "GASCAN" 15th Anniversary edition (which I've been looking for for years- finally found the fucker) and it is marvelous.
    The special features are fantastic, with great insights. Perfect film buff fodder. Now I just need to find some 12-inch figures. It will cost me, but how cool are they?
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