With "Star Wars - VII" set to knock "Avatar" off its collective throne; what films this year have disappointed you the most (along with their box office)? Surly, "Steve Jobs" "Burnt" and "Pan" must top the list from this fall season. None of those films has made its budget back with "Pan" being the most disastrous movie of the year perhaps ($33 mill BO versus $150 mill budget). If this Christmas season's releases illuminate anything, it points out the perils of relying too much on special effects and less on story. Word of mouth spread so fast on those three movies mentioned that they suffered right out of the gate. Whereas, a small film like "The Intern" has doubled its budget expenditure. So where's the youth market now? Perhaps with their nose in their devices. There may be a use for Baby Boomers afterall - to help save a fledgling industry.