I learned last week of a new "film" by a one T. Patrick Murray called Shooting Stanley Kubrick. It's a complete fraud.
It details an interview with Kubrick supposedly done three days before he died where he "names names" about who was involved in faking the moon landings for NASA, of which he was involved. Was that why he died? Mysteriously? Exactly 666 days before the year 2001?
Or as I learned from Kubrick expert Jay Weidner this film could be part of a publicity campaign for a film with Ron Perlman about faking the lunar landings. What is really interesting is the same day that this 'Shooting Stanley Kubrick' 30-minute preview appeared, archival film footage of Neil Armstrong and crew being "coached" on their acting hit the internet.
As a serious Kubrick afficionado I know that Stanley had a final will that ensured that certain "items" will be released to the world at certain intervals- that's how a man with a 200 IQ leaves his fucking mark. He's dead and he's still owning these cheap dragon hoods!
It's truly astounding.

Stanley's widow Christiane has publicly stated that T. Patrick Murray never interviewed Stanley Kubrick and that his "film" is fraudulent and untrue. With what Jay Weidner has stated, that's all I need to know.
Jay Weidner knows more about Kubrick than I do.
Anybody here have an opinion on this?