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Thread: The Hours

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    The Hours

    Dave, the person who laughed during The Hours and Platoon - that's crazy! Such a person would be too, I don't know, different from me for me to find interesting. I liked both films very much.

    I would call The Hours a good movie, and, at that level, a good movie can affect people differently. It had an inordinately good affect on me. It was certainly sad, but I like that.

    I enjoyed Ed Harris's performance very much.

    I do understand how The Hours might be viewed as sentimental, and how Streep's performance has been done before - completely valid statements - but it all worked for me. It's the movie I've wanted to see for years.

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    The Hours is the most pretensions movie I have ever seen. I was so thrilled when Ed Harris jumped. I coudn't bare another moment of his overacted performance of a cliche. I spent most of this movie rolling my eyes and laughing.

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    pretentious film

    I just saw a review of The Hours on a new website called, and the writer sort of implies the same thing, that he was glad when Ed Harris jumped. I agree that the film and book are pretentious. However, there are things of value. I just think the film is overrated.

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