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Thread: Daredevil - an 'alternaive' viewpoint

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    Daredevil - an 'alternaive' viewpoint

    Is anyone else feeling this kind of guilty feeling? The feeling that they might go and see Daredevil? And they might even enjoy bits of it?

    God knows the film tried its best to put me off. There's the director banging on and on about how he wanted the film to be 'dark', despite the fact that he seems to have confused 'dark' with simply 'forgetting to turn the lights on'. There's Colin Farrell playing an assassin with a target-shaped birthmark of some sort on his head, despite the fact that anyone with such an affliction would surely be well advised to take up a career which doesn't involve frequent gun battles. There's the fact that no-one has ever heard of this superhero, and I strongly suspect that the film originated when studio bosses went into Stan Lee's office and asked him if he had any characters left, and he replied "Oh... erm... yeah, Daredevil. And... um... Ultra-person. Make movies about them. Give me my paycheque!"

    And most of all, there's the early reviews. The kung-fu's bland, they say. Too indebted to The Matrix and X-Men, they continue. Ben Affleck has no presence, they say. Yeah, yeah, yeah. None of those things are important to the movie. They're just skirting around the central subject of the movie, namely what about the man-love?

    Check it - you've got Ben Affleck, sadly without his hetero-life-buddy Matt Damon but still fairly festive, dressed in a gimp suit - a gimp suit with horns, no less - prancing around Hell's Kitchen being all moody. On his tail is Colin Farrell, an actor who, despite his aggressive heterosexuality, always comes across as massively homoerotic on screen, playing a leather-clad biker (ker-ching!) who at one point beats Jennifer Garner up, presumably out of jealousy that she got to swap fluids with Daredevil and he didn't.

    Is anyone else finding the prospect of this movie oddly appealing? If so, now we can stand up and say; after a few weeks, when nothing else is on at the pictures, we might go and see Daredevil. And it might be alright. Maybe.

    The man-love's going to be amazing, though.
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    If only.

    Well, I saw the movie yesterday, and although the man-love is not so exciting, "Daredevil" is so bad it's like the "Showgirls" of superhero movies. Which is pretty gay.

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    I really had no desire to see it but after reading your synopsis I feel almost as though I have to now. We can discuss Godard, D.W. Griffith, Renoir, Kurosawa, Ophuls, and Bergman to our hearts content but God I love trash!!!

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    Admit it. The Showgirls comparison swayed you, didn't it? ;)
    Perfume V - he tries, bless him.

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    To 'P' -

    Actually I was referring to your little synopsis about Daredevil but now that you mention it, a good 'Showgirls' comparison never hurt anything! ;)


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