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Thread: Rush Limbaugh = Scourge. CIA puppet. Faker.

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    Don't worry about Trump. Nixon wasn't destroyed in a day.

    The problem with U.S. politics is not the voter. It's not the even the candidates. (Although we all know the talent pool for higher office is mighty thin). The problem is money. Rush is right, money just POURS into these campaigns. And we all know it's for several reasons. But the inner voice we all have says that it's morally wrong to influence things with an injection of cash. It's akin to bribery at least, at most it's criminal.
    So the people who vote their conscience, who maybe contribute a pittance to a campaign compared to some other super-pac daddy, get the Royal Shaft, with no lube...

    There is a tense situation with North Korea right now, and Rush isn't helping the situation. There is an armada/flotilla of U.S. Navy ships off the coast of North Korea and U.S. jets have done fly-bys, displaying military might. Now, we all know the North Koreans are a tad strange and kooky. But guess what? The world is full of them. And they are not a threat. A lot of their missiles have U.S. components! That can be disabled remotely! So what is the threat exactly that the "NORK's" (as Rush affectionately calls them) pose?
    They have nuclear weapons? OK...maybe the Secretary of Defence can clue the public in here? What's the threat? What's the megadeath ratio here? What's on the Big Board? A La Dr. Strangelove?

    I know some readers may think I'm taking Rush Limbaugh too seriously, that he's not worth it. I hear you, and I agree to an extent. But this man is considered a leader by a lot of Americans, his word is gospel to more than you know. He has lost a lot of listeners over the years (and sponsors due to his outrageus bloviations and outbursts) but he has also gained a lot of others, of all stripes. You can tell these people feel they know Rush. But trust me, they only know the weapon, the political weapon. None of his listeners would be invited to his Palm Beach villa/home, take a beautiful cigar from his walk-in humidor, and have him cut it and light it and talk to you for hours about the America of John Adams...No No No...Rush is Upper Crust, when really he's just a two-bit hood, a scamp, a jailbird, like his son Clifford, who's doing ten years right now, for armed robbery. Like father like Son, eh Jimbo?
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