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Thread: Rush Limbaugh = Scourge. CIA puppet. Faker.

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    Recently Jim Morrison’s sister Anne was on a morning tv show, giving viewers a peek into her storage locker which houses all her famous brother’s memorabilia: notebooks, artwork, even his passport.
    She made these items available for “THE COLLECTED WORKS” book that was published this past June.
    I believe it was her final gift to her brother. I suspect the date of June 8th was pre-ordained, and it may have been a pre-emptive strike against Pat Kennealy or anyone else trying to publish posthumous poetry.
    With it being an “authorized” tome it cuts pretenders off at the knees.

    In other news, Rush Limbaugh’s grave got a white headstone, and I noticed that the inscription was similar to Jim’s original headstone in Paris. It’s got his birth and death years but instead of the implied “American Poet”, it reads “American Patriot”.
    I also noticed NO CHRISTIAN CROSS...
    You’d think that would be a dying wish, no???


    I just learned that Patricia Kennealy died last month (July 21st) at the age of 75.
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