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Thread: Rush Limbaugh = Scourge. CIA puppet. Faker.

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    Rush Limbaugh = Scourge. CIA puppet. Faker.

    I'm starting a new thread.
    This thread will entail me unloading my political arsenal on Rush Limbaugh, also known as Jim Morrison. Yes, the former "dead" lead singer of the Doors. I've been a die-hard Doors fan since I was 17 years old, and last August I discovered that my Mentor, my Hero, was a fraud. That he's not dead. See, he DID tell us so, that he was a CHANGELING.

    I have the power to remove him from the air. He was a fugitive when he went to France in 1971. The only way he's still alive and playing another "role" of a demi-God complex "too good to be true" archetype is if he's a black operative in the CIA, which he is. His father was CIA too. (Admiral Steve Morrison) He's not from Missouri. He's from Florida, where his "Southern Command" sits now, in Palm Beach.

    Watch what I'm gonna do with this thread. I PUT RUSH LIMBAUGH ON TRIAL. I will remove him from behind his fake gold Sinatra EIB ("Everything I Believe=Everything Is Bullshit") microphone. Rush is responsible for Trump winning the election. So I'm taking direct aim at him. And he can't squirm away from me. YOU DON'T MESS WITH THE JOHANN.
    Pack Yer Bags Rushie....
    I'm gonna do what no Journalist in America has the BALLS to do.
    Watch me destroy a Satanic Fraud.
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