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Thread: Rush Limbaugh = Scourge. CIA puppet. Faker.

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    Rush says that his phenonmenal success cannot be the result of "phoniness, disingenuousness, insincerity or schtick".
    What a fucking jackass. That is EXACTLY what your success was built upon, Rush! To. The. Letter. That is what your success was built on. I'm not letting you get away with that one. That's a Whopper of a lie there, from page 20 of your book.
    "My show works because people are tired of being insulted elsewhere on the radio or TV dial."- Wrong. You make them BELIEVE you're not insulting them, that you are extending Infinite Wisdom, for the Church of Conservatism...

    One thing that the news networks and pundits don't point out about Rush is that by writing him off as a kook, a bigot or what-have-you and not tuning in as a result creates a situation where Rush can engineer (like a social scientist) outcomes. He's keenly aware of this power, and so am I. Ignore it at your peril. His reach and influence may go where you won't think...
    He's able to adjust quickly- way faster than Hannity or other righties. Rush is the best guy the Right has got. Too bad he's a racist bigot, a sneering, no taxpaying, ignorant Baby Boomer. A typical rich clown who thinks he's Holier-than-Thou.
    In that first TV appearance he did in 1988 he sneered that Liberals always ask him: "Do you actually BELIEVE the things you say?"
    He replied: "That's for you to figure out."
    And I've figured you out, Rush. You don't believe it. It's all an ACT. All a show. All SYNTHESIS. For the CIA.
    He brings it up again in his book, that Liberals wonder if he actually believes the shit he says. So let's be clear here: Rush is very keenly aware of how Liberals see him. If the first question a person on the street asks him is "Do you believe the shit that comes out of your own mouth?" then he has ENGINEERED that response. He AIMED for it. He WANTS and needs the opposition to think he's crazy, that he couldn't possibly be coming from a place of such base, sick values that ignore humanity in such large swaths. He claims he's all about "celebrating human achievement" and that nowhere else in America is that being done, but on his radio show. He is the life preserver to the USA's disgruntled, those who long for "Achievements" and not to have any entity encroach even a whiff. And he says Liberal Ideals are Unworkable and Unachievable? WOW!

    Rush says he's here to challenge and debunk "conventional Liberal wisdom". Great! We need savvy opposition. But not DISINGENOUS, Slimy, Sneaky, Pitiful, Wretched, Greedy, Ignorant Opposition...we need opposition that is ABOVE BOARD, RUSHIE! And you ain't it!!!

    He thinks the appeal of his message that liberals are a problem is huge, enormous even. It isn't. Conservatism isn't workable in the 21st Century, Rush. Your beliefs are dying, and dying hard. You made your fame in New York, right? Well that's a good example to use, because New York City isn't the New York City of old, is it? It's changed. Bigly. Yuuugely, over 60 years, no? You bet it has. Well you can use New York as a mirror to your political beliefs. They may have been ideal once upon a time, dazzling, glimmering with promise. But Times change. Realities creep in. PROGRESS gets made. maybe not the progress we want, but still. Progress.
    Rush doesn't see that his brand of conservatism is as useless and trite as "Leave It To Beaver". It has no relevance or purpose, other than to annoy and piss off Liberals. To me, in my view, liberalism has seeped into everybody's unconsciousness. It's the little devil on your shoulder that says "Yes. You can". Conservatism is the little devil that says "No. You can't"

    He ends chapter 2 by arrogantly saying that his listeners have the courage to face and believe the truth, that they are the people who make America work. Very clever, Rushie. Build those sheeple up! Get them to buy what yer sellin'!!
    What those listeners don't know is that I, Johann listen to Rushie's show precisely for that reason. Because I have the courage to face and believe the truth. And the truth is, you are a Fraud, a Faker, an Actor.
    You are Jim Morrison, masquerading as an important man in Rush Limbaugh.

    And I kill you with my words. My Brilliant, Incisive Words.
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