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Thread: Rush Limbaugh = Scourge. CIA puppet. Faker.

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    Rush says that his phenonmenal success cannot be the result of "phoniness, disingenuousness, insincerity or schtick".
    What a fucking jackass. That is EXACTLY what your success was built upon, Rush! To. The. Letter. That is what your success was built on. I'm not letting you get away with that one. That's a Whopper of a lie there, from page 20 of your book.
    "My show works because people are tired of being insulted elsewhere on the radio or TV dial."- Wrong. You make them BELIEVE you're not insulting them, that you are extending Infinite Wisdom, for the Church of Conservatism...

    One thing that the news networks and pundits don't point out about Rush is that by writing him off as a kook, a bigot or what-have-you and not tuning in as a result creates a situation where Rush can engineer (like a social scientist) outcomes. He's keenly aware of this power, and so am I. Ignore it at your peril. His reach and influence may go where you won't think...
    He's able to adjust quickly- way faster than Hannity or other righties. Rush is the best guy the Right has got. Too bad he's a racist bigot, a sneering, no taxpaying, ignorant Baby Boomer. A typical rich clown who thinks he's Holier-than-Thou.
    In that first TV appearance he did in 1988 he sneered that Liberals always ask him: "Do you actually BELIEVE the things you say?"
    He replied: "That's for you to figure out."
    And I've figured you out, Rush. You don't believe it. It's all an ACT. All a show. All SYNTHESIS. For the CIA.
    He brings it up again in his book, that Liberals wonder if he actually believes the shit he says. So let's be clear here: Rush is very keenly aware of how Liberals see him. If the first question a person on the street asks him is "Do you believe the shit that comes out of your own mouth?" then he has ENGINEERED that response. He AIMED for it. He WANTS and needs the opposition to think he's crazy, that he couldn't possibly be coming from a place of such base, sick values that ignore humanity in such large swaths. He claims he's all about "celebrating human achievement" and that nowhere else in America is that being done, but on his radio show. He is the life preserver to the USA's disgruntled, those who long for "Achievements" and not to have any entity encroach even a whiff. And he says Liberal Ideals are Unworkable and Unachievable? WOW!

    Rush says he's here to challenge and debunk "conventional Liberal wisdom". Great! We need savvy opposition. But not DISINGENOUS, Slimy, Sneaky, Pitiful, Wretched, Greedy, Ignorant Opposition...we need opposition that is ABOVE BOARD, RUSHIE! And you ain't it!!!

    He thinks the appeal of his message that liberals are a problem is huge, enormous even. It isn't. Conservatism isn't workable in the 21st Century, Rush. Your beliefs are dying, and dying hard. You made your fame in New York, right? Well that's a good example to use, because New York City isn't the New York City of old, is it? It's changed. Bigly. Yuuugely, over 60 years, no? You bet it has. Well you can use New York as a mirror to your political beliefs. They may have been ideal once upon a time, dazzling, glimmering with promise. But Times change. Realities creep in. PROGRESS gets made. maybe not the progress we want, but still. Progress.
    Rush doesn't see that his brand of conservatism is as useless and trite as "Leave It To Beaver". It has no relevance or purpose, other than to annoy and piss off Liberals. To me, in my view, liberalism has seeped into everybody's unconsciousness. It's the little devil on your shoulder that says "Yes. You can". Conservatism is the little devil that says "No. You can't"

    He ends chapter 2 by arrogantly saying that his listeners have the courage to face and believe the truth, that they are the people who make America work. Very clever, Rushie. Build those sheeple up! Get them to buy what yer sellin'!!
    What those listeners don't know is that I, Johann listen to Rushie's show precisely for that reason. Because I have the courage to face and believe the truth. And the truth is, you are a Fraud, a Faker, an Actor.
    You are Jim Morrison, masquerading as an important man in Rush Limbaugh.

    And I kill you with my words. My Brilliant, Incisive Words.
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    Listen up, EL FUCKBO.
    This is the truth about the 2016 election. AND WHY TRUMP IS ILLEGITIMATE.

    1. He didn't win by the Popular Vote. He won by the electoral college. Last time I checked, America was MAJORITY RULES.

    2. Hillary rigged the primary against Bernie. If you squared off against Bernie, Trump would not be in the White House.

    3. Hunter S. Thompson wasn't here to utterly destroy Trump in print. Millenials missed out on the King of Sport/Gambling/Politics...

    4. Racism from Rich Clowns who want to taste power is not the Number 1 quality about America. So it's a little baffling you won, right Donald? I mean, even you thought you'd be golfing. You golfing all the time is just you, saying "Fuck it. I was supposed to be golfing I'll just golf." How on earth can Rush Limbaugh defend that embarrassing reality?

    5. Trump is incompetent. You can tell he was lying when he said he was gonna fire Comey. He lies everytime he opens his orange maw. We knew Obama was lying, but that he was trying to be clever about it. And a lot of the time he was. But Trump? He lies as if every person he's facing caught him doing something wrong. AND THEY DID.
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    Rush says that Socialism is the result of Capitalism.
    Rush says that Socialism assumes that people don't want to share with one another.
    Rush says that Socialism is a Scourge.

    Let's back up that Blue Bus. It's Calling Us...
    Driver, Where you Taking Us?
    The Blue Lady has crashed into a tree, Bonehead. Pico Blvd. Talk to the cops and get away it, Starman.
    Socialism is the last bastion of Christianity in my view.
    Because Rush wants ROME. He wants Plato's REPUBLIC.
    How was the REPUBLIC portrayed in the Star Wars movies, Starman?
    Capitalism provides a mere SLIVER to help the lower classes. What provides the Young Lion's Share is generosity, compassion,Giving, human HEARTS. Those things are going extinct. And if we let blowhard idiot racist capitalist pigs like Limbaugh run rampant, all humanity will be stamped out. He is alien to the idea of spreading the wealth. Tesla said machines can do the work of man, and his tin microphone is doing the Devil's Work...
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    What Rush doesn't understand is that the EIB network is pure socialism laced with capitalism.
    Lonely people listen to the radio. They feel connected. That's Socialism. If they love the host, maybe they'll buy his books, his swag, his merch, his golf tips, his bravado, his Soul. Remember, guys like Rush sold their souls and cremated care for kicks.
    Listeners may fantasize about Rushie on Viagra, chasing them around the putting green, cigar chomped.

    Socialism is Facebook, Twitter, Podcasts and Dittocams. And Rush uses 'em all.
    In fact it's socialized brainwashing and MK mind control. You just don't know it, kids. He's so charming and PT Barnum about it that people let it slide. His schtick is so old, so corny. He's also seen huffing from a rag every broadcast. What's the towel soaked with, Rush? Ether? Oxy-Juice? WD-40? LOL You laugh like Jabba the Hutt too. It's uncanny how gangster you act. When you die, you will stink going to hell.
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    What an interesting situation we have now in Washington D.C.

    Now, correct me if I'm wrong, (and I welcome anybody to engage me on this thread), but didn't Trump voters send him to the White House to clean up the Swamp? Drain it? If so, then why has he just put a halt to any business regarding the American people?
    Because that is exactly what he's done. With firing Comey, he slapped a 2-year gridlock on all business for "the People".

    This is the beginning of the end for Trump.

    What truly makes my stomach turn is Rudy Guiliani is bandied about as a potential new FBI Director. Is this for fuckin' REAL???
    Rush Limbaugh's golfing buddy? Gay Lover? Wow. Sneaky Bastards, huh?
    The bottom line is Comey was making The Donald worry. So he had to go. PERIOD.
    It's not more complex than that.
    Trump said he wants a quick end to the Russia thing. But he'll fire the man overseeing the investigation?
    Before it's concluded?

    Rush Limbaugh is now in a position where he has to defend a man he's been defending for a year and a half WHO'S GOING TO BE IMPEACHED.
    It's quite obvious and clear to me that Trump wants out of this job as fast as possible. He's yanking on all of the exits to this Theatre. Of The Absurd. Right, Rush?

    Rush barks that Trump is President, that he doesn't have to explain why he fired Comey. Doesn't even have to say a peep.
    Wha? Huh? Doesn't have to say a peep? Firing the FBI Director is not something you can do and people just go. "Oh, he did? That's nice. Did you hear about the sale at Honkins?! OMG" Firing the FBI Director is a rare occurence. And the timing of it is HIGHLY suspect. It screams guilt. It screams Mafia. You can't trust Donald Trump or his Administration. Not one bit.
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    5 years ago today Rush Limbaugh (of Melbourne Florida) was given a bronze bust of himself and inducted into the "Hall of Famous Misourians". And on this day I turn 42. I feel like a trillion bucks. And the first thing I do on my birthday is write about my sworn enemy, "Rim Lorrison", "A High Slum Rub", "Hitler behind the golden EIB microphone", Rush Limbaugh.

    If you think Hitler is too extreme a name to use with regard to Rushie, let me shut that nonsense down.

    His father subjected him to extreme abuse. Nazi Experimentation, in fact. And if you know anything about Nazi experimentation, you know that it was bone-chilling. Horrifying. The stuff of nightmares. Now, I'm not sure exactly what kind of abuse Jim/Rush was subjected to, but it was traumatic. In my 25 years of study of that man I know one thing: Jim Morrison could only have been created from extreme trauma. If you want to know how I know, here's how: I was so interested in Jim because his life mirrored my own. But not the abuse- I had a fairly normal childhood, with a mean Military Dad, that's all. My family moved around a lot, like Jim. More than I would have liked. It wasn't as bad as some military families I've heard, moving every year or 6 months, but it was enough restlessness to give it to me for a long time. And being restless makes you grouchy. And Jim Morrison's angst and grouchiness seemed to match my own. The way in which he channelled his anger impressed me. It was as if he turned his anger into Art, like Stanley Kubrick.

    But after learning that he's now Rush Limbaugh...Ho Ho.

    I always admired Jim's Bravado. It was superior to any soldier I served with in the PPCLI, and I served with very good Brave men...
    To go against the Vietnam War like he did, like The Doors did, was more powerful a statement to me than being draft dodgers. It more than made up for it. But knowing what I know now...WOWZA. These were actually priviledged kids, who not only did not even have to go to a recruiting station to enlist, but were no fucking different from George W. Bush or Dick Cheney. And it's no wonder Rush WORSHIPS Dick Cheney in his second book. These Cowards never served in the military, got deferments. When I read about Jim and John Densmore driving to their draft session and getting exempt, in my mind I was admiring them and shaming myself for being a grunt, yet at the same time scorning them. Now I have only scorn. Because my shame over serving in a Satanic Regiment remains, but my admiration for two LIARS, who didn't even have to GO NEAR the Army for 'Nam- HUGE LIES THEY TOLD!- is GONZO. Because Jim was the son of a CIA man, he could "Choose His own Adventure", like Trump, who played Tennis after getting deferred from 'Nam.

    Rush Limbaugh, Ronald Reagan and George Bush Sr. & Jr. and all of their tentacles are intertwined. They are the giant family. They are the Feast of Friends..Alistair Crowley's Dark Joey Family, echoes of Albert Pike & Nathan Rothschild...these are Reptiles, Satanic pieces of shit. They oversee a lot of evil. They perpetuate a lot of pain and misery on this planet. There are very dark forces at work, and we must not be afraid to expose these fuckers. What is done in the Dark will be brought to the Light!!!!!

    Ray Manzarek said in an interview once that The Doors were gonna conquer literature, poetry, music, then the film world, then Washington (Politics).
    He wasn't exaggerating. I mean, he was lying through his teeth because that's exactly what they did. Jim became the Conservative Radio Zeitgeist and the three others maintained the Doors and the 60's CIA myths with a fearsome vengeance...
    This cocksucker disappeared a little too conveniently in 1971. The Miami concert ended the band. It's safe to say that. The band was effectively over in March 1969. They made 2 more records, and the Morrison Hotel album was considered a comeback album. L.A. Woman was a Masterpiece. A perfect coda. Too perfect. Which brings me to another theory I've been led to.

    The most tragic thing about discovering Morrison alive is that the Doors never made music again. (and if they did we haven't heard any of it). They could've continued on, just like the Rolling Stones. But he quit. He fucking QUIT. Now, I know that he had achieved it all. There wasn't much more to do, in terms of being a front man in rock and roll. Jim did it all. But guess what? The line that was fed fans to keep those records selling was that he died in Paris, mysteriously. Not that he wanted to switch careers and become a DJ. Which, when you think about it, who would object to that? He could make records whenever he wanted! Or not at all! No one would hold it against him! But no, he went under the knife, had cosmetic surgery, changed his vocal chords to sound different. Dressed like a dorky middle class car salesman and Voila! He gets a Rush everyday. He got a thrill out of that for eons probably. What a fucking Loser...Knowing that I know he's Morrison is hilarious, actually. Because you realize just how Lame and Pathetic he really is. And to think I worshipped this guy like a god...seriously. Morrison and the Doors was as close to religion as I ever got.
    I let a lot slide on this guy...his Christ pose- open mockery of God. Total Blasphemy. Total Defiance. It's akin to drawing the Rapture...trying to make God appear. And when God doesn't show up, Satan gets Bolder.....

    I always said to myself: "If I'm wrong about The Doors, God will show me..."

    It's interesting to note that the "Saturn Death Cult" that Jim is in has a kinship with Ian Astbury.
    His band The Cult was originally called the Southern Death Cult. And rumour has it that the band only records their songs after midnight...and incidentally, today is Ian's birthday today too. He shares it with me and George Lucas! Not bad company...
    Ian Astbury actually played more Live shows with the Doors than Rush did when he was Jim!
    Jim's ego is so fucking huge. It's a wonder the Earth doesn't collapse under its' weight.
    I can see right through him, like plastic wrap. He did not age well. I'm glad he had a good old time, a goofy grand old time.
    He's a typical baby boomer. Self-absorbed, sin-soaked, as greedy as the grave, can't imagine a world without him, etc etc etc.
    He'll probably be re-incarnated as a 3-toed Sloth, and Trump will be a Python. LOL

    This guy acts like he cares about others and what they feel and think. He doesn't. All an Act. Rush has got ice in his veins. And if you can't see it or feel it then you don't know acting very well, then you haven't seen enough movies, Chachi! Because he is acting his ASS OFF!
    Not only can I tell when he's lying, I can tell when he's telling the truth. (Because Rush deftly uses both).
    And knowing he's Jim makes it all the more easier.
    Listening to his show in turn then becomes a Sport for me: a sport of determining the following maths: How rapidly is Rushie lying? How often does he tell the truth? When he shrieks and yells like a banshee, what is he emphasizing? When he sneers, how much is it for dramatic effect and how much is it for real?
    Vengeance is God's alone, but Rush, you've had a few clues to make you a mainline convert, haven't ya?
    Are you ignoring them in favor of the OK sign? or in favor of an inverted black triangle? Are you a Clone? Jim's twin? Jim's brother?
    Lay it on me Rushie! Nothing surprises me anymore, Lizard Golfer...hahaha

    So yeah, I'm just taking huge chunks outta yer fat ass. Don't mind me Rushie. I'm saving the best for last. Insidious, huh?
    Yeah. It is. It's time for you to taste your own medicine. I'm the only one who knows how to serve it to ya. I got the balls to serve it to ya HOT. You were right about me, Rush. I'm a DIFFERENT BREED...
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    Shrieking Idiot Ann Coulter said she's ready to jump ship on Trump.
    He hasn't kept a single promise he made, and Ann is "shocked".

    She said "I guess we have to push him to keep his promises." What a fucking Joke! How could you NOT be behind the 8-Ball on Trump? Huh Ann? He's been a retarded Nothingburger since 1990! You fuckin' moronic Scarecrow! You're shocked Trump is a Lame Duck?
    This is the same beanstalk Cunt who worshipped at Dubya's feet...why am I not surprised?
    Why does anyone give this evil witch the time of day? Why does what she say matters? Because it doesn't. What "REACH" does this righty skeletor have? NONE, that's what. Fuck Off Ann Coulter. You add nothing to the mix. Correction: You add poison to the punchbowl.
    You've never been right about anything, Ann. Get on your EIB Broomstick and fly the fuck away. Straight to Hell. Nobody gives a damn what you say Ann. (Except the CIA).

    She's worried that the Anti-Trump crowd were right all along. She should be. Because WE WERE RIGHT. It doesn't take a Genius to see how utterly unqualified and reprehensible Trump is. What Ann has exposed is her own inability to see into the future. Her own inability to deduce (just on mere appearances!) that Trump was a fucking CLOWN. I knew it when I was 15 years old! She's a "seasoned" pundit and can't see beyond her Wicked Witch nose!!! She admitted fully that she "Trusted Trump BLINDLY". WOW. She deserves every bit of bad karma that comes her way...How batshit insane and dangerously ignorant do you have to be to trust a con man "BLINDLY"?!
    How can any sane person look at Trump and say "He gonna fix things! He gonna make America Great again!"??? Huh? How?
    How do you not see a narcissistic asshole who only works for himself? Who only does things for his ugly daughter? The daughter he's been having sex with since she was a Tot? How can you love a man who fucks his own daughter? As President or Otherwise???
    It makes you look Truly Sick and Depraved, America...This isn't Trump's Rep- IT'S YOURS!

    Trump's son Eric admitted to a journalist (in a golf cart!) that his Daddy is in deep with the Russians. When the reporter asked him "Who's investing in golf courses? It's a dead market!" Eric happily replied that it was the Russians who financed it all.
    Curious, no? Maybe some REAL Journalists might want to look into that? Hmm?
    Does Journalism exist in America?
    Oh. That's right. I forgot. It doesn't. It's extinct.
    If it wasn't, Trump would never have become president.
    I execute all journalists. You failed the entire Planet. Thanks shitheads.
    How do you enjoy that pay you never earned? LOL

    Rush Limbaugh continues the narrative about the Russians and Hillary.
    When that is a red herring. Utterly MOOT.
    What is relevant is that Trump is Illegitimate. Because the CIA rigged the entire 2016 election.
    The CIA is the source of the "Russian angle", of "Russky Interference"- it's obvious.
    Trump IS involved with the Russians, Deeply. Bigly. Yuuugely. Only a Numpty would say otherwise.
    There's not enough manpower to get to the bottom of it, and that's probably why more money was requested by the FBI to investigate.
    I can predict what will happen here.
    Something bad will happen. And Soon. Either Trump will die, be impeached, or some 9/11-type calamity will erupt from Lower Hell.
    Bank on it.
    It's the only way out of this Orange Nightmare.
    Sanity and Journalism aren't getting the job done.
    I guess it will take a Nuclear bomb to shake these cowards out of their fog...
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    This scoop of Jim Morrison being Rush Limbaugh is huge, No?
    Yes it is.
    And Old Johann of FilmLeaf.Net (Jason Shier) has secured the rights to the first book on this story. And I've done it through this thread. This thread is merely the skeleton of my book. I write the first book on the subject. If I see anyone publish a book on this topic, (Rush Limbaugh as Jim Morrison) before me, you face a lawsuit from me. I will sue you into the ground. This is my scoop, folks.
    If this gets any bigger than this thread, I take credit.
    Because this thread is Ground Zero. It is where the entire idea takes root, where the "story" has it's genesis. Because as of April 7th, 2017 this story was not anywhere on the planet.

    I originated it here. And I will make my Fortune from it. It is already done.
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    Rush has really gotta shut the fuck up about "THE MEDIA".
    Holy Christ is he constantly running his fat maw about "THE MEDIA", as if he's fucking SEPERATE.
    He IS the fucking media!!!
    He's been the media for 30 motherfucking YEARS. Because guess what? If he was Roger Ailes Creation, then he's no different than CNN, Ted Turner's "CREATION". Rush is CNN in one fat body. He covers ALL topics, like his life depends on it. (Because it really does).

    In the back of See, I Told You So (page 309) he's got a chapter on "The Politically Correct Liberal lexicon".
    It's even alphabetized- words and phrases that Liberals use. That's probably the one and only time someone actually compiled such a retarded list! Another way he set himself apart and set his fame up...
    He lists "Rush Limbaugh" as "The Most Dangerous Man in America". That's the Liberal view of you Rush?
    Sorry. You're not the most dangerous. Just the most rancid and repulsive. A Liberal may have given him that title, but I doubt it. I think he gave it to himself as a Psy-Op. Sounds like what he'd do...

    Fans of his should try to remember that he played the role of a Leftist Rock Star, and played it to the hilt. So if you think he's cutting against Liberals, it's because he was one, explored the hippy Liberal Axiom to a degree that you cannot Fathom.
    He's so intellectually cutting to the Left simply because he was embedded! Like Hunter S. Thompson was embedded in the Hell's Angels!
    When he says he doesn't understand the left because they "think differently" he really means that they "think Progressively". He conveniently never tells his listeners that. He deliberately avoids the idea that Liberals are Progressive. Because what are Liberals progressing on? Abortion. Climate change. World Peace. Civil rights. Human rights. Rape elimination. Racism elimination. ALL topics that Rush likes to rail against. He's always ready to spew venom and hate-filled diatribes against progress on all these issues and more. How do his listeners not see that Rush is backwoods and regressive? Name one thing he's progressive on. You Can't. The cupboard is bare. His orders are to just be the antithesis to Liberalism, and he sticks to it! So much so that he has to apologize on-air for repeating himself over and over and over and over and over and over and fucking over...Seriously, Rush is the King of Beating Horses to Death. He's the Champ. He's a broken record Extraordinaire...
    I bitchslap every fan of his.
    Where is his Progress? Where the Fuck is it? In 30 years how much "Progress" has this giant blob of Lipo overseen?
    He's been on this planet for 73 fucking years and he advances nothing positive, no amazing future. He's stuck on Stupid. Stuck on Satan's Warshow. What are ya gonna say when Trump is Impeached, Rush?
    See, I Told You So?
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    Do you know why Rush Limbaugh never scrutinizes the CIA?
    It's because HE IS CIA!
    His show would be over in ONE DAY, ONE HOUR, if the world knew this FACT.
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    If you're wondering why I'm writing this thread, exposing Jim Morrison, it's because no one else will.
    They are that scared of this guy.
    I'm not.
    I could've been a high-ranking military man like my father. I was in the air cadet movement. In fact, I commanded a squadron (597 Chatham) in my final year (1992-93). 5 years I was a cadet. Great thing for youth. Trust me.

    Then I joined the militia. Got a taste of the Infantry instead of air bases and aircraft. 2RNBR. "A" Company Newcastle
    Here's info I shouldn't divulge to strangers, but I have to illustrate the allure of the Doors as a soldier. I understand Oliver Stone. I understand his fascination with the Doors. I really do. He's a brother on that. His movie is still amazing. I still like it and the job Val Kilmer did. But the ending with the grave in Pere-Lachaise...wrong. Time for Oliver to start writing a Rush Limbaugh movie...
    What do you say, Oliver? I'll play Rush. Take home an Oscar with you. Sound good?
    Just kidding Oliver.
    You're a master filmmaker. You're films are great. But now the sheen is gone...
    Jim was singing while you were risking your life in 'Nam, Oliver. He should've been there with you, but no, he opted to serenade you, like Mickey Rooney, who was trotted out by MGM for USO tours. Platoon is a masterpiece and always will be, but man, the Doors were cop-outs, I feel bad for you and Coppola. Oliver, you know that Jim's dad was an admiral in the U.S. Navy,that he was there at the Gulf of Tonkin. Setting off the Vietnam war. When you zero in on that fact, you realize that Jim was merely ordered to do that. And willingly complied. If he's alive as Rush Limbaugh, then he's a fugitive. Because that's what Jim Morrison was in 1971 when he went to France. He was found guilty. It was on appeal, but still. He was SENTENCED. To Raiford Pen.
    All you have to do Rush is come clean.
    You will be pardoned if you tell the complete truth. Nothing but the truth, the whole truth.

    I got out of the military for three reasons:

    1. I wasn't a dedicated soldier like other guys were. I was gung-ho until about a year and half into being at the Battalion. I wanted out. So I arranged it with my CO that I could get out just when the base (CFB Calgary) was moving lock stock and barrel to CFB Edmonton, where my Regiment is stationed now. I wasn't a great soldier. I was a good one, did what I was told, but I made a mistake. I wasn't supposed to be at that level of Regular Force Infantryman status. I'm telling the truth. That level of discipline I had never maintained in my life. I did it for a year and a half and said to my CO either let me go back to my Reserve unit or let me out. No one objected because I wasn't really being touted as the next Dick Marcinko. LOL

    2. Jim Morrison. I would listen to the Doors in the barracks and think "Gee, this guy didn't go to war. He fought another way. He stood up, with his three bros and DID IT. Wow!" I was a fan forever. It was enough for me to quit the Army, in essence.
    My father was furious. "You're throwing away a pension! A career!" Nope. Best decision I ever made.

    3. I earned the PPCLI cap badge to impress my dad. He wasn't. He didn't show up to the graduation. He could've even gotten a free military flight. Other parents had to pay- my dad was a senior NCO at the time. He said over the phone "I've seen a ton of those parades...they're all the same..." I was like: "yeah, but this is ME..."
    I learned by pure accident about a battle honor that the regiment earned but is not on the colors. The Battle of Lens. (France WWI)
    I was not taught about that battle in the battleschool. The purpose was to inflict mass casualties, which they did- look up the numbers of germans dead! This was a "mock tribulation" "Daniel Hill" or "Hill 70"- satanic stuff.

    So I got out, never looked back. I knew 5 guys who died in Aghanistan, and it's tragic. That place is tribal, there's still craziness happening there. No signs of progress. Only Pipelines and Poppies...

    Being a soldier exposes you to a culture that can be comraderie and brotherhood and yet also complete isolation. Every man is doing what he feels he should to earn his keep and move up the ranks. When I realized my career was directly controlled by those immediately above me and not me, and that I only got promoted whether I was "liked" or not, my gung-ho attitude shifted. In the reserves I did better than the Reg force. If I had played my cards differently who knows? I may have been RSM of the RNBR...
    I did everything in my power to earn the Patricia capbadge, and I did it. I could not come home to Dad without it. I would've never heard the end of it: "Ah, you couldn't hack it in the Regs!...what CAN you make it as?". I wasn't about to let him gloat. My battleschool course began in 1994 Wainwright, Alberta. A perfect training base if there ever was one. On that base you can become a soldier no has a harsh vibe about it that I will never forget. Those six months were brutal. And there were guys who dropped out who were in far better shape than me. We started with 53 guys, and only 18 graduated. Some just couldn't handle the military mentality. I was born on a base (Petawawa), so I had no trouble mentally. Physically it was brutal. My level of fitness wasn't the best when I arrived out west, and I had a hard time keeping up with the intensity of Infantryman training. I was recruited in New Brunswick (below sea-level) and here I was in Alberta, many thousands of feet above sea level...I had to re-learn how to breathe while running long distances. The first two weeks I was real worried I'd be sent home. I could barely do ten chin-ups without extreme exhaustion. I'd drop out of a run after 30 minutes...but I forced myself to do it. It was either that or go home a total loser. LOL We'd watch Army films (Apocalypse Now, FMJ, Platoon, Hamburger Hill, etc..)to pump us up and stay in the mindset of Groundpounders, we'd listen to Megadeth and Metallica to prepare us aggressively for the section attacks. At the barracks I would listen to the Doors and be taken away with Jim's voice and the interesting music. The Doors seem to complement being at war, and it's no mystery to me why. Not anymore.
    Jim's dad The Admiral was an ARCHITECT of WAR...
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    Rush says that Hillary lost the 2016 election "For the right reasons".
    I agree. I'd rather have Donald than Hillary, to be honest. But it doesn't matter.
    Rush fails to point out that Hillary and Trump are pals. Trump raised money for her in the past. And weren't the Clintons guests at Donald's wedding?? Rumour has it that Donald was BEGGING to be invited to Chelsea Clinton's wedding...

    This narrative that Rush is pumping hard that Trump is an "outsider" is complete bunk, complete garbage.
    Didn't Trump say during the campaign: "Nobody knows the System better than me, Folks."?
    When he won I said "I guess he's right! He must know the System!" So all this turmoil he's had in the first 100 days...does he really know the system? Or just how to hoodwink Yanks to vote for him? If he knows the system better than anybody, then he should have a smooth-sailing Presidency, right? Smoother than Slick Obama's 8 years? It should be easy as what's with all the hand-wringing? On both sides of the aisle? I mean, you can HEAR Rush wring his hands! If you listen as closely as I do, you can sometimes hear his hands wringing being picked up by his tin EIB microphone.
    I don't usually watch the dittocam. It serves no purpose. I suppose it's useful to see Rush animated, and sometimes it's revealing about him, but who wants to watch this guy talk? He looks like what a guy who lives in his mom's basement and dreams of being a radio God would look like. It looks like his studio set-up could really just be a corner of his Mom's formica and shag rumpus-room. Some monitors and a neon sign and an American flag and Voila! Rush is Revered! All across the Fruity rumpus room Plain...LOL
    Seriously- Rush is nothing more than Tom Green with advertisers and a larger audience. hahaha

    Rush is saying that Trump deserves Gratitude. For firing the guy who cost Hillary the white house. Um, not quite Rush. Comey was a moron to me. I would've fired him in my first week. But not before explaining IN GREAT DETAIL why. To James and to the American media and public. So there's NO CONFUSION. No "wondering" or questions about why I did it. Trump contradicts his own staffers! No one can keep their story straight!! This IS a Crisis of Credibility here. Trump says one thing and then does the complete opposite 10 minutes later! He's not accepting any responsibility for anything he says or does. And people still think he's Fabulous?
    Bitch Please...
    Trump is lost, with no compass. He's definitely NOT a politician. And that is his doom. You have to be a savvy politician to succeed in Washington, and he doesn't even have a basic knowledge of how to be politically Awesome. He has no interest in being a politician, and if he doesn't start getting some stealthy moxie and moving with muscle, he'll be gone before July. If he thinks firing Comey showed balls or guts or moxie in any fashion he's dead fuckin' wrong. He seems utterly incapable of seeing the future, even ten minutes ahead of him. He is always on the defensive, and his defences are as weak as his no-wall wall. LOL

    Calling his Presidency a "gong show" is an insult to gongs.
    You'd have to coin a new phrase for this shitshow. George W. Bush was folksy and sexy compared to Trump.
    And if you know how much I loved Dubya 15 years ago, then you know how bad this is...
    Trump called Comey a "Grandstander". Takes one to know one, huh Donald?
    He was just classier about his grandstanding than you, right? He was a threat to your tiny hands Oval Office?
    You can't just fire a guy because he won't agree to be Loyal to Trump Steaks.
    He's the FBI director- he's got some clout. He is not a "Buddy" of the President. You would hope everybody understands everybodys' role and maturely conduct their careeers. But not Donald. Have you ever seen such an insecure man? I can't think of a more insecure man. Dubya was pretty insecure, but Trump's got him beat. Trump doesn't want to have to compete with other Washington mucky-mucks for EXPOSURE. He's gotta be on top of the news cycle, at all times. It's really pathetic. If we got this kind of "Exposure" in just 105 days, then the next 4 years are gonna be the longest years of our lives. Not Cool. Trump is the WORST guy you elect. Charles Manson would be better! Charlie's at least "Fascinatingly Fucked". Trump isn't. There is NOTHING fascinating about Trump. Zip. Zero. Nada. (As Rushie likes to say. LOL)

    It's interesting that according to Rush, Hillary lost the election because of Comey. But she's not suing Comey over it. Why?
    Wouldn't you if you were running for President? He came out publicly with a list of her crimes and then....nothing. No charges. Nothing further! Um, James, why the fuck would you go public with that "Firecracker" of allegations and then NOTHING?
    Who does that as FBI Director? That is serious business. You interjected yourself into the 2016 election. You caused havoc, actually. And a man who is supposed to be heading one of the most important intelligence agencies on the Globe should've had more brains and tact than that. Everybody watching that shit was scratching their heads, because it signalled something big. Hillary looked like she might go down...Well, she did, but not like we thought...
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    Rush lives in West Palm Beach, Florida.
    In a $26 million ocean-front home with a putting green.
    He's got 12 bathrooms (is he Incontinent?) and 7 bedrooms.
    He owns a Penthouse condo in Manhattan, on 5th Avenue.
    His Net Worth? Approx. $450 million.
    His annual "salary"? Approx. $40 million.

    He Feels Your Pain, America.

    "Set the controls for the heart of the Sun" - Pink Floyd

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    Michael Moore bitchslapped Rush but good over his Sandra Fluke comments:
    "Rush- As soon as U started losing the big $$ from your hate speech, you caved and obeyed the men who pay it. Who's the Prostitute now, Bitch?"
    Love it Mike!

    It's amazing to me how Jim Morrison became the anti-thesis to HIMSELF. No wonder Rush is full of Hate.
    Keeping up a charade of this magnitude no doubt drove him to opiates. LOL

    Here's a few choice selections of quotes straight from the lips of El Rushbo himself. They just have to be heard to be believed.
    He said this shit on-air, to millions and millions of listeners:

    -"Look, I've got nothing against Bible-Christians, as such. I just wish they'd stop recruiting our kids and stop shoving their charitable lifestyles in our Faces!"- wow, huh?

    "Bible-christians?" Isn't your "brother" one of those, Rush? And "Our kids"? Please. You have one kid- a bastard child named Clifford, who's doing hard time in prison. But you've probably never met him, right, Dad? Don't worry Rush. I don't think Cliff is in danger of becoming Christ-like. Hard to Top Pop on this Package Tour, right-O? Jim-bo? As your Tea Party wench Sarah Palin says: "Yew Betcha".

    -"I watched a gang of black hoodlums, helplessly, as they attacked our Gorgeous White Quarterback! on ESPN! This could only happen in Obama's America!"

    -"If people are violating the law by doing drugs, they ought to be accused and they ought to be convicted and they ought to be Sent Up!"- said on-air on Oct. 5th, 1995. This could possibly be the greatest, mightiest example of Rushie's Galactic Hypocrisy. He was busted for smuggling drugs into Florida. And he got off. Funny how he wants druggies "Sent Up!" but not when HE'S the Druggie. What a Uber-Hypocrite douchebag he is.

    -"I mean, let's face it. We didn't have slavery in this country because it was bad. Quite the opposite. Slavery built the South. I'm not saying we should bring it back. I'm just saying that it had it's merits. For one thing, the streets were safer after dark."- wow, stunning bald racism.

    -"You know who deserves a posthumous Medal of Honor? James Earl Ray. We miss you James. Godspeed.- wow, stunning bald racism.

    -"Obama is more African in his roots than he is American. And he's behaving like a colonial Despot, even like Hitler! He's an Angry Black Man!"- again, wow

    -"We need segregated buses. This is Obama's America."- more bald racism.

    -"Have you ever noticed how all composite pictures of wanted criminals resemble Jesse Jackson?"- more bald racism.

    -"Steinbrenner was a cracker who made African-Americans millionaires."- yet more bald racism.

    -"Obama and Oprah are only successful because they're Black."- Rushie's a bottomless well of racism!

    -"The black frame of mind is not good. It's Terrible. And Tiger Woods' women aren't helping."

    -"Look, let me put it this way: the NFL all too often looks like a game between the Bloods and the Crips without weapons. There, I said it."

    -"Compassion is no substitute for Justice."

    -"The Los Angeles riots were not caused by the Rodney King verdict. The L.A. riots were caused by rioters."

    -"Biden is a Massa! Obama's his uppity negroe! Did you know Kennedy had negroes serve him booze?"

    -"The NAACP should have riot rehearsal. They should get a liquor store and just practice robberies."

    -"Enraging Liberals is simply one of the more enjoyable side effects of my wisdom."

    -You know why there's a 2nd Amendment? In case the government fails to follow the 1st one."

    These above are just a SAMPLING of his ridiculous and racist bloviations. More to follow...
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    Former FBI Director Robert Mueller has just been appointed special prosecutor in the Russia investigation.
    That's encouraging.
    I heard he's got a reputation for being dogged. (Like me...)
    Let that orange pumpkin be CARVED!
    Leave no Russian Investor in Trump unturned! (*cough* Putin)
    "Set the controls for the heart of the Sun" - Pink Floyd

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