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Thread: Rush Limbaugh = Scourge. CIA puppet. Faker.

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    Amen. Rush Limbaugh's fat sexual deviant boss/mentor croaked today.
    The sun came out.
    And it will come out tomorrow too.
    At first I thought Bill O'Reilly put a hit out on Roger over being fired.
    Maybe he did....Investigators shouldn't overlook Bill-O in Ailes' Demise...
    I'm having a few beers now. And they taste Real Good today.
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    Chapter 3 of "See, I Told You So" is called AMERICA IS NOT OVER.

    He begins with a quote apparently from his detractors, complaining that he's out of touch, that he's successful while others struggle, that he has no idea what America is really like. Then goes on to explain that you gotta take advice from those in your field, advice from the best. You have to solicit advice from those who're already at the top, never from someone who is counting on the government to raise his standard of living. Which is hilarious, because isn't that what everybody wants? The government IS capable of that. You know that, right Rush? Progress happens with a push, hopefully from a government with a conscience and a heart, not just an overbearing need to wave it's military dick around.

    Rush knows full well (he uses Ronaldus Magnus as an example all the fuckin' time) that who the President is affects the mood of the people. I wouldn't go so far as to call it a psychosis, but it's definitely boilerplate. It matters. It is extremely important who that person is in the Oval Office. Rush knows how crucial it is to have a President who doesn't appear weak. And as much I don't really like Obama, he did his job being seen as Strong. Trump isn't.
    Trumpet is a Disgrace. He's had zero days without being a National Embarrassment, which any reasonable person could've seen coming long before won the election. Trump can't lead himself out of a wet paper bag. He has no original thoughts. His only focus is his image. He's Dr. Vain. The stupid and pathetic Dr. Vain-Vain Vanity. He's more preening over his image than a girl on the night of the Prom.

    Way back in 1993 Rush said "We do live in an upside-down world, so I will take nothing for granted".
    It sure is upside-down if you're Jim Morrison, Rush! And you took nothing for granted because you signed the contract. Your soul was signed a long time ago. I hope you still don't take anything for granted. I really do. Because I already told ya: I'm just throwing dirt on your piano case coffin, Rushie. Time marches on, as the song says, and yours is running out. Get off the air.
    You had a good run. But the tank is empty now. You've run your Satanic course long enough. 2017 is the year Conservatism is exposed for the Fraud it is. And I'm doing my part.

    Rush rips up politicians in his book as people who've never worked in the private sector. Most haven't. But neither has he. Radio is Public. The Doors was public. The CIA is public.
    {But hidden in plain sight- the CIA is just as mysterious as Jim Morrison, isn't it?}
    Rush has a large audience, but he needs the "cover" of the CIA. Hilarious.
    He says in the book "You can choose to believe that because of my own phenomenal career success I am out of touch with the everyday realities of modern Americans."- And I do Rush. You have nothing in common with the average everyday American. Your life does not mirror theirs in any way. And you like it that way. You actually put forth a notion that your "place" in society is rarified and special. It's not. You've never had Achilles breathing down your neck. (Only Dark Joey-Snakes Crawl Over Each Other! Crawl All Over Me, Baby...c'mon..Crawl!) But you got him breathing on you now. He's ME.

    He says in Chapter 3 "I am not a theoritician"- Holy Whopper of a Lie, Batman!
    That is EXACTLY what he is. He theorizes 24/7, 365 days a year.
    He says "Humbly speaking, as the Doctor of Democracy, I AM free enterprise."
    First of all, humilty is not in your body, Rush. Nowhere to be found. You've never been humble. EVER.
    You are an arrogant fuckstick. In fact, your tombstone should read:

    Rush Limbaugh
    Kata Ton Daimona Eay Toy

    Second, you are not the doctor of ANYTHING. Maybe "Douchebaggery". That's the only thing.
    Third, you are not free enterprise. You are a Capitalizer. Sent on a mission, to CAPITALIZE.
    I know it sux to have a Canadian reveal that to ya. I know you hate Canadians and banned them from ever guest-hosting your show, but that's OK. You must remember that Canada burned down the White House once...yeah, you know your Yankee History, don't ya Rushie! Yew Betcha. And we'll do it again if Trump stays President. LOL Don't ignore your neighbor to the North, Rush.

    You might get turned into Back Bacon, PIG.
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    My favorite quote in See, I Told You So is this one:

    "One of my enormous advantages over my critics is that I know who you are."

    This is the Crown Jewel in terms of quotes from that book. Why? Easy. His "enormous advantages" include:
    A) Born on the top of the heap. Backed by the Rothschilds.
    B) Born with a very high IQ- he's in the genius range
    C) Raised with 2 other siblings- that goes a long way to be "normalized"- if I didn't grow up beside my sister, I might be Charlie Manson myself! And would Jim! In fact I know he would've joined the Manson Family if he was an only child. LOL Rush is as well-adjusted as he is because he had a brother and a sister to play with and be a "big brother" to.

    But that quote is also priceless because I, Johann have proven that he doesn't know who his critics are.
    He doesn't know me from Adam.
    As far as Rush is concerned, I'm an E.T., and it's beautiful, because he cannot allude to me in any fashion. He cannot be aware of me one iota, because his whole EIB network comes crashing down as soon as he learns who I am. And he's wringing his hands on-air because He Can't Deal.
    He Can't Cope. He has never had a man like me step forward and say what I'm saying. AND MEAN IT.
    He's got a real problem with me.
    In fact, a couple friends of mine have told me to go easy on Rush. That he's a Victim.
    Maybe. But I want to hear it from his lips if that's the case. I will not relent until he's off the air- either resigns or dies.
    This thread becomes a TOWERING EDIFICE in good time, and the weight of it will crush his fast FAT head.
    If he doesn't feel my heat now, I'm not worried. He will. He has no idea where I'm going with this. He is thinking I'm nuts.
    Remember: I know Jim Morrison better than my own father. I am the biggest Doors fan in Canada. Possibly the Earth.
    I ain't playing, Homie. I'm not going off half-cocked here. I'm going off FULLY COCKED.

    If Rush ever gets wind of this thread here, I hope he contacts me. I hope he wants to set the record straight. I hope he even wants to sue me for slander or character assassination. I'm more than ready to go there. In fact, I'm willing to destroy my own reputation to prove that Rush is Jim Morrison. I even have 5 ways to do it. Any way you want to talk Rush, I'm here.
    And I won't want to talk about Trump.
    (Just a heads-up).

    I'm having more fun than any human being should be allowed to have.
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    I gotta post about what's happening in Canadian politics for one post at least.

    What's happening?
    Well, nothing except deficits. And broken promises by Trudeau. He's no different from Harper. Just prettier.
    He's prettier, but he's just as corrupt. His soul belongs to Dark Joey too. I don't have time or interest in writing about Trudeau's "rule". I didn't vote for him. I'm indifferent to him. Actually that's not right- I'm actually profoundly disappointed in him. Canada is billions in debt. And is sinking more and more. His tenure will be deficits deficits and more deficits. And then he'll win again in 4 years, because our Tories will never win power again. Harper killed the Conservative party, just like Trump is killing the Republican party right now. LOL
    And speaking of Stephen Harper, he won't be at the Conservative party convention this month to see who the new party Leader will be.
    The official line is: "It's not about him. So he won't be there." Ain't that the truth. Harper's name is so horrifyingly evilly TOXIC that they can't even have Steve SHOWING UP at a party convention without dredging up his total annihilation in Oct. 2015.
    They can't even have him NEAR that Leadership convention.
    What possible positive outcome for Tories would that offer? NONE.

    The headlines would all be identical: "WHAT THE FUCK IS HARPER DOING AT THE CONVENTION??? WHY. IS. HE. THERE."

    Interim Tory Leader Rona Ambrose is stepping down. Resigning from Parliament. She's a ridiculous cunt, one who thinks she can be proud of her "tenure". Oh man, does she not know how much she Sux...She thinks she's the cat's ass, just like Harper. She operates on another planet, and I can clearly see that she got what she wanted, now she's just gonna eat bon-bons and retire in style for being a National Disgrace. (Not to mention being part of the Worst Prime Minister in History's cabinet.)
    She should be in jail, with the entire Conservative party, not feeling good about herself and leaving the party hanging.
    What a True Twat she is/was.

    Kevin O'Leary dropped out of the race. (He sees what's happening to Trump and he's saving his fat bald ass the trouble and anguish.)
    But O'Leary's name will be on the ballot at the Convention...WTF is that shit? Can Tories get ANYTHING right? Nope. They can't.
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    Today on his show Rush dug into Comey's firing like a dumb Sherlock Holmes.
    He was going all CSI today on Comey & Trump's relationship.

    Um, Rush, it's a riot seeing you twist this shit into your "EIB" narative that Trump is A-OK- that he's fine, he's just under seige, on some fuckin' "witchhunt". Wow. You claim to have talent on loan from God? and you can't see that firing Comey is more suspicious than anything Nixon did in watergate? This is WATERGATE: GOOGLEPLEX!

    Rush doesn't find it odd that Trump was always trying to make it optically appear like Comey was his best Friend.
    He sneers at Comey, doesn't take his side of the situation into account very much. Rush, I would've fired Comey before Trump and I wouldn't have treated him the way Trump did. Only a man who's got something to LOSE would fire the FBI Director- especially in his first 100 days- with no warning. On the campaign trail Donald called Comey a Hero for what he did on Hillary's "file", that he should be applauded. So what the fuck is this shit? Rush thinks that everything Trump said and did on the campaign trail should never be taken seriously. That he's just getting elected. What?? What the fuck are you smoking, Homeslice?
    You gonna sit there sucking on cigars and say that anyone running for President should never be taken seriously?
    Because they're just trying to get in the swamp?
    Then how in the fuck can you say that the United States is worth saving in that case? If our Leaders aren't even to be taken seriously at the campaign entry-level? Look at the level of CHAOS here!

    When I met John Densmore in 2013, do you know what I asked him?
    I waited in line for three hours for that man. I thought the whole time about what I would ask him when I got up to meet him.
    I settled on "What would you say if Jim walked in here right now?"
    When I asked him that he froze. He looked left and then right. His eyes widened, looked at me, and said

    LOOK AT ALL THIS CHAOS YOU CAUSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That motherfucker was PANICKED. I thought he was just being funny. But he wasn't. He wasn't joking.
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    I can illustrate how clever and so on top of shit Rush is, just by using today's show as an example.
    He has staff that collect and cue up soundbites for him to use as weapons on his show. He never compiles them, but he has loyal staff who do, and he can hit those soundbite clips like Elton John hits keys.

    And today he used a soundbite from a man who worked under Comey or with Comey who said recently that "It's gonna be a long 4 years. The color of the wallpaper was with James that these were not honorable people, and that protecting the FBI from them was Comey's day job." (paraphrase)

    Wow. Rush even said "Holy Cow" on-air at that soundbite. (And he never says Holy Cow) But this is how shitty and sneaky and fucking slimy he is. He twisted it into "All it does is validate Trump's decision to fire Comey!"
    Rush is shocked that the FBI would ever suggest that people close to Trump were dishonest or untrustworthy. It's stunning.
    And millions of people tune in to this Lunatic???
    He screeched: "I don't know what these people expect to accomplish with this, but it validates firing Comey."
    Um, Rushie: We expect to clearly show that Trump has profound business ties with Russia, possibly even the Russian mafia. Can you read between lines, Sherlock? Money was laundered here!!!

    It IS gonna be a Long 4 Years...
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    To drive home the idea that Rush is Jim Morrison even more, I must tell any reader who's doubting this to google images pictures of Rushie.

    Look closely at him. If you know Jim Morrison really well (and I'm talking about facial features) you can easily tell what's been changed. His poses and mannerisms are intact in Rush, if buried under fat and hair plugs and botox. The eyes don't lie, as they say, and he's got the exact same eyes as Jimbo. Same eyebrows. Same mouth. Same mole off his nose. Same teeth. Same jawline. Same neck. Same hands. Same height. Same DEMI-GOD COMPLEX. I saw it immediately on August 8th, 2016. And I've never been the same. In fact, there's more everytime you look!

    Didn't his best friend George W. Bush say once "FOOL ME ONCE..."?
    Yew Betcha.

    Jim's been alive this whole time. Mocking us, his fans, the entire time. DESPISING US, AS DUPES.
    What's truly unsettling is that the Jigsaw Pieces to this are all Horrific. Rush and Jim both have a fascination with the crowd, the Audience. Remember, Jim famously said "He who controls the media controls the World..."
    Surrounding facts and theories have a blood-curdling resonance here...Right now the whole world is distracted by President Trump. Rush is Evil incarnate. The man has no empathy for anyone other than his own kind. (So Reptilian!) He is suspiciously and outwardly concerned with everything for someone who doesn't supposedly hold any position in politics.
    He's a man, yet a BEAST. He's Truly Abhorrent.

    I was deeply hurt when I discovered this. I sobbed. My world was rocked. I was so saddened by my own ignorance and inability to see what he'd done. I've known who Rush Limbaugh is since high school. I never put two and two together. And that was by design. NOBODY was supposed to put two and two together! Even if you are a smart motherfucker!
    And that's why I'm submitting this thread for a Pulitzer Prize in Journalism. I've not only confirmed it's him beyond any doubt (without a blood test- and if Rush wants to clear his name, let's do one Rushie!) If Rush wants to do a DNA test with Clifford, his brother David and a lady named ANNE MORRISON, or a man named ANDY MORRISON, we can put to bed whether Jim Morrison is alive or dead.

    I'll guide the entire process, because I'm the only man on the planet who knows you better than you know yourself, ASSHOLE!
    When I found out who he was, I went from shock to numbness to disbelief, to lonliness, grief, horror and Awe.

    THEN I GOT ANGRY. I'm as angry as the Incredible Hulk.

    And I SMASH YOU, RUSH. I shatter your skull onto a West Palm Beach SIDEWALK.
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    In chapter 3 of "See, I Told You So" Rush The Hypocrite smears Bill Clinton as a draft dodger.
    SO WERE YOU RUSH. So Were You...

    He asks the reader to believe him when he says his memory is not short. Oh, trust me Rushie. I believe it.
    You got a LONG memory, and you pull facts out of it like a Tickle Trunk.
    He says that whatever your pursuit in life, success-not failure- should be your model.
    I agree Rush. And I'm 1 MILLION PERCENT confident that I will be successful in removing you from the air.
    As Pierre Trudeau said once: "JUST WATCH ME". I've got an entire Armoury of Ammo to use against you Rush. This thread is my playground. I single-handedly take you down, with no help. I don't need any. I got this. I got you dead to rights. I got you 666 ways to Sunday. (TODAY!)

    You don't think that I'm a "denizen of the dominant media culture", do you?
    I hope not. I'd be flattered, but you'd be wrong yet again Rushie. I've never been paid for my "media"- that gives me the instant high ground over you. When I claim my Pulitzer I may land a paid writing gig, and it's sad that that's what it's come to. That you have to pull teeth to get anyone to see genius and pay for it. The world is indeed upside-down Rush!

    Rushie's all about "Individual Initiative", which is hilarious, because what made him was 3 other musicians and a CIA team for a record label. And without Roger Ailes and Rotten Ronnie, he wouldn't be on the fucking AIR.
    You definitely have nothing to teach me about self-improvement, Rush. You have nothing to teach me about free enterprise.
    You don't operate in the Real World as you've been claiming for a quarter century. No No No.
    You operate from an Insulated, Racist Pig atmosphere of an Ivory-Tower Institute of Ignorance and Advanced Satanic Studies.
    What do ya think of that, Bozo?
    From first-hand experience, you have learned that it is still possible to act out a Role, and have dupe audiences eat it up. That's it, that's all. That is all you've "learned". You're in a very narrow mail slot, Rushbo!
    I've relied on government handouts in my life Rush. Millions and millions have. I used mine for personal betterment, and never asked for a penny more than I was alotted. And so have many others- Clive Barker- famous horror writer/filmmaker/artist- he was on the dole when he wrote his Books of Blood. Harry Potter author JK Rowling- she was on welfare when she wrote the first Potter book.
    Who are you or any conservative to criticize socialism when it was the launch pad for some? Huh?

    Answer Me. (but I know you won't- you Excel at Ignorance).
    Rush lies thru his teeth in the book when he says he has an aversion to braggadoccio and self-promotion.
    Can you BELIEVE this guy? His balls can't fit in the room!
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    Rush rips Robert Reich in his book. Clinton's labor secretary and economic mentor. I follow Robert on Facebook, and I usually agree with what he says. Way back in 1993 he was "Robert Reichhhh" to Rushie, for having the Progressive Vision to enact family-leave bills, minimum-wage legislation, comparable-worth laws, affirmative-action plans and most importantly, child-protection laws. In his book Rush sneers and snivels at those ideas.

    In the book Rush says that the Clinton Administration mischaracterized America as rotten, corrupt and unjust.
    Wrong Rush. They weren't mischaracterizing anything. They were dead-bang on correct. Those were political statements, and they referred to Poppy Bush's America, not the Real America. Not the "Heartland"...Clinton genuinely tried to get some great social changes happening in America, but he (and Hillary) fell into the trap of Entitlement. People like you Rush were able to take Legit Potshots at them (and sell a ton of books!) and get away with it because the hypocrisy was off the charts!

    Rush thinks Democrats have only one goal: government expansion.
    Wrong Rush, and you know it. Government expansion is fine, if it's needed for the expanding population and society's needs.
    But not for expansion's sake...Who gave you that idea? That Democrats or Liberals want Big Government? We don't.
    We'd like it to be as small as possible, actually.
    But sometimes you gotta expand...that's one of the similarities with business.
    I agree with Rush that Clinton was deceitful when he called himself a "New Democrat". I know what one looks like, and Billy wasn't one. In Canada we have an ENTIRE political party dedicated to New Democracy. Cuz the old one sucks donkey balls, Daddy-O.

    What Clinton was is exactly what Justin Trudeau is up here in Canada: a New Dealer, an Establishment Hack, trying to appeal to youth.
    What they really are is opportunists, who never had to worry about failing. In Bill's case he only had to fuck. (Get Laid). And Lie/ Laugh about it. In Trudeau's case all he had to do was beat a drunk drugged out Indian in a boxing match and replace the worst man to ever be PM.
    That was all that was required. Who cares what they do? They do not represent "PROGRESS" and never did.
    Trudeau is well within his rights to do exactly what Paul Martin was doing just before Harper got in there.
    Tighten the belt in EXTREMIS....Get those surpluses running again! YES WE CAN! You ran your campaign IDENTICAL to Barack, Justin???
    Then you'd better WORK Bitch! Because Johann is watching you like a hawk.

    Robert Reich was and is awesome. He spoke of "Employers' Responsibilities", and Rushie scoffs at it.
    And no wonder- the way he treats Snerdly it's obvious Rush is no "employer". He's a "massa". LOL
    He sneers at government re-training programs for those who've lost their jobs.
    Why Rush?
    What could you possibly have against something like that? It's bizarre and inhuman.
    Reich actually envisioned a system where employment would be guaranteed, even beyond a business closing, MANDATED. BY LEGISLATION.
    That sounds INCREDIBLE to me. To Rush it's Apocalyptic. LOL
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    Rush states in his book that he was planning to save talk of all of his personal accomplishments for a "future best-selling Autobiography". Awesome Rush! I'll buy the first copy off the presses! Because Johann is a HUGE Jim Morrison fan.
    Just ask anyone who REALLY knows me.
    Where's that autobiography, Rush? It's 25 years in the future now!!!
    Where. Is. The. Autobiography?

    Rush claims that Robert Reich's progressive plans punish business owners for "making the right economic decisions".
    Excuse me? Hey Shithead: laying off employees may be a good "economic" decision, but morally it's reprehensible.
    It states that the employee is merely a cog. Fuck 'em. Not the bosses problem, right Rush? It's just "Bid-Ness", right?
    Well fuck that mentality!
    That kind of thinking deserves scorn. All it illustrates is the relentless pursuit of wealth, at the expense of humanity.
    No wonder the job market is so shitty. If I have to look for a job with bosses like Rush, I'd rather be a bum. I'd rather mingle with the homeless than work for a soul-sucking profit whore. (Who never sends the elevator back down).

    Rush states that he was fired six times, and he never waited for a government handout. He forged his own Destiny.
    Um, Rushie: You are a fucking LIAR. A guy like you would never HAVE to look for a handout.
    YOU ARE CIA AND YOU HAVE BEEN SINCE 1943. Am I the only man on the planet who knows this?
    Then I REALLY DESERVE that fucking Pulitzer Prize, because I'm going where Eagles Dare....
    I'm a Swift, diving around a conservative Waterfall of Lies!

    I exist to stand counter to Everything You Believe. So my network is the "EYB". Yours is the EIB, mine's the EYB.
    You were never conservative Rush. Your Daddy was. You only ACT like a conservative. You're in fact a Super-UberMensch-LIBERAL!!!
    That's the extreme Irony here, the horrific paradox that your fans can't see!
    Only Johann can see it. (And other keen people, but who are they? They don't have any balls to make themselves known!)

    Rush says that one thing he is certain of is that if he left his future up to government policies is he'd be mired in misery, still searching for what makes him happy. Glad telling lies on the radio makes you happy Rush. I'm so glad and happy that you are happy, being Revered as a gelatinous greedy glutton. It's so nice that you don't have to care, isn't it?
    That you can skip the building waterslides in Puerto Rico, or doing grafitti abatement in Highland, Ca. LOL
    You Fucking Idiot.

    He says he took stock of himself. And took some risks. relied on his own talents. BULLSHIT. You relied on the CIA to give you your mission and let you run with it. The Doors was the original plan, but like a true snot-nosed priviledged kid, you didn't want to do it anymore, that you didn't feel respected or revered. Hilarious, because YOUR OWN ACTIONS caused it, shitstain!!!!!
    You snivelling rich don't get to re-boot your criminal life to become a bigger criminal, then sneer at anybody in your orbit...Fuck you. Eat shit and Die Rush. I skin you Alive, you pompous rationally challenged, ideallistic Bigot.
    Did you know in his "Liberal glossary" in his book he says the definition of a Bigot is "someone winning an argument with a Liberal".
    You think so Rush?

    Take a look at my girlfriend: She's the Only One I Got.
    Take a look at my thread here: I have Savagely ripped you to a million pieces so far. I've won every argument I've got with you. And I haven't even begun yet.
    I'm saving the best for Last, Sweetie. *blows kiss to El Rushbo*
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    Rush says in his book that being Anti-Capitalism and Pro-Socialism means only one thing: that Liberals think that self-distinction and personal achievement are inherently IMMORAL.

    Wowza. That's breathtaking.
    Allow me to take Rushie's breath away in return: Rush, I am doing "Self-Distinction" right now, with this thread. Old Johann is "Distinguishing Himself" from the rest of the world with this thread. There is nothing "immoral" about what I'm doing with this writing, am I Rush? LOL This thread is my personal achievement, right? How can I sit here and say it's immoral when I'm taking down Satan? Hmm? Riddle me that one, Batman.
    I Eat You for Lunch, Betty Boop.

    Everybody's piece of the pie doesn't have to be identical Rush- you're confusing Communism with Liberalism there...
    Everybody's piece of the pie should be FAIR, with no greedheads tipping the scales in their favor.
    But Rush thinks that's part of the game. It is, sadly. But it should never have been that way.
    Conniving fucksticks then "get ahead" when they didn't have the moral authority to do so.
    Rush is completely missing the point of Liberalism: that there's enough for everybody.
    Conservatives feel that everything is drying up, all resources must be pilloried, for maximum profits, in order to climb a fictional "Social" ladder...all the while hypocritically denouncing socialism. And they use social media! To espouse that shit!
    As far as I'm concerned, if you are Conservative, you should not be on ANY social media. If you despise socialism so fucking much, then why the fuck would you hypocritically use Twitter? What for? or Facebook? Right-Wingers, by their own fucked-up Logic, should never ever be on social media. They despise socialism in all forms, right? So just stick to your ignorant nuclear families, Morons! You aren't ALLOWED to socialize with the Ultimate socialist experiment ever! Facebook should repel you fuckers! But no, you are right there, in the thick of it, Hulking Hypocrites! YouTube = Uber-Socialism! Free music! That you can comment on with other freeloaders!
    Why the Fuck would a Conservative ever go on the internet? It's a Liberals Paradise! NOT THEIRS.
    They suck so fucking bad...they can't even see how they look to other *smarter* people. I scorch 'em. LOL

    Rush thinks that by creating a level-playing field, somehow you're sucking the lifesblood out of an individual.
    That sounds like something someone would say who's Daddy was famous for saying "Rules were made to be Intelligently broken"...
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    Rush had to issue a public apology to a Canadian once. (Michael J. Fox)
    Rush said that Fox was faking his symptoms. When Michael explained why it may seem that way to some, Rush had to back off.
    He said: "I will bigly, hugely admit that I was wrong and I will apologize to Michael J. Fox. IF I am wrong."
    Well, he was.

    And he's gonna be apologizing to another Canadian: JOHANN.
    Because he has no clue that I am his biggest fan. (or I should say WAS his biggest fan).
    I have a great idea: let's go on National TV, LIVE, and do a CSI polygraph with el Rushbo. Actually....SCRATCH THAT.
    You know why? I did a polygraph once myself (2001-with an RCMP man who conducted one for the TV show The X-Files!, FYI).
    I had to lie during it. It was for a job, and I passed. And the man conducting the test never brought up the times I lied.
    So if I can fool a polygraph, Rushie can Ace it. LOL
    Remember- he's got Ice in his Veins.

    A Comedian once joked "Doesn't Rush Limbaugh remind you of one of those gay guys who likes to lay in a tub while other men pee on him? He's a Scat Muncher!"- that sounds like an ex-Lover of Elton John's spilling the beans on El Rushbo's preferences!

    I'd like to give you a quote from him that is exactly my mindset right now. It's amazing and Ironic how perfect this quote is:
    "the battle for freedom and liberty really never is over, and there are really low points in it, but I'm not giving up, and I'm not gonna engage in phony pep talks either."- What? No Pep Talks, Rushie? I thought you were all about inspiring people to be the best! LOL The battle for freedom and liberty won't be won with Republicans, Rush. Because they don't know what it looks like. And neither do you. You think it's "the Free Market"- what an idiot you are! What it really looks like is ME!
    I've been in the trenches. I've seen the lows. First-hand. In fact, this thread is one of the biggest Lows I've ever had to endure.
    But my will is stronger than yours, Rushie.
    I will never give up.
    I'm a dog with a bone, a femur, from a fat Floridan. In my maw, being ground down to the marrow...
    "Set the controls for the heart of the Sun" - Pink Floyd

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    So everybody's probably wondering how I arrived at the idea that Rush Limbaugh and his radio program is a CIA psy-op.

    Well, one piece of proof is the fact that George Bush Senior was on Rushie's show, and he happened to think he was off-air when he blurted out "DO YOU SEE OUR MAN AILES AT ALL?"

    Rush replied "Oh yeah. I saw Roger at Tony Snow's funeral. And a couple times this summer."

    Pappy Bush said "Are we on the radio? Glad somebody told me! I'll clean up my act..."

    You don't need any clearer proof than this that Rush Limbaugh is CIA. "OUR MAN AILES?"
    That implies Roger was CIA too, which means FOX NEWS is totally CIA.
    Bush HEADED the CIA in the 80's!
    This is plain as day.
    You can't miss it.
    An idiot can see the Game here.

    Hey Pulitzer Prize folks: you are not bestowing it on me.
    I'm TAKING IT.
    "Set the controls for the heart of the Sun" - Pink Floyd

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    Ride the Snake?
    No, Driver...
    Stomp The Snake.

    Ride the Snake?
    No, Driver...
    Stomp The Snake.

    Ride the Snake?
    No, Driver...
    Stomp The Snake.

    The Ancient Lake?
    No, Driver...
    Stomp The Snake.
    Throw it in to the Mephistopheles Lake of

    "Set the controls for the heart of the Sun" - Pink Floyd

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    One thing that strikes me about Rush's book See, I Told You So is the erudition, how studied he is, how calculating he is.
    I mean, I have to say that even tho I am dissecting it like a Peace Frog, it is written Masterfully.
    I abhor everything he's doing, and with this post I will further illustrate why he's a full-blown Psychopath.
    He is an EXCELLENT writer, he formulates his opinions in this book so deftly, so SMOOTHLY.
    He literally came out of nowhere like a comet, and people had to reckon with him. And still are.
    But Johann is putting an end to all that NONSENSE.

    This book is clearly his wheeling out his knowledge, which he honed for 17 years after "The Big Doors Adventure". He must've spent a lotta time in the old library, because he has a lot of knowledge, and like the song said, "What He Knows, You Ain't Had Time To Learn..." He really puts on his "Professor Rushie" hat with this book! He is taking a position of Authority and Scholarly Erudition, and people bought it. He became Revered...

    Would you believe that Bernie Sanders is even on Rushie's Radar in the book? Way back in 1993, The Bern was Rushie's Enemy. He calls Bernie "Crazy Bernie" these days, but in the book he called him "Vermont's Socialist Member of Congress".
    Back then Bernie was for an idea of "Economic Democracy", not "Socialism"- he wanted to switch the phrasing. "Economic Democracy" was called "The Great Euphemism!" by Bernie and other Progressives, because it was a compromise on the "S" word.

    In 1993 the U.S. deficit was $290 Billion. Today it's $20 TRILLION. In a quarter century? Holy Fuckballs...
    How is Doom not the Operative Ethic?
    Rush mentions Oliver Stone's movie Wall Street, and how Gordon Gekko's mantra of "Greed is Good" should really translate into "Profits are Good; Profits Work". OK, I know why you had no problem with Oliver making your movie...

    He rips Bill Clinton as "Facile", "Deceitful", "Egregious", "Cunning", "Disingenuous", "Cool", "Unctious", a "Brazen Liar".
    Funny, Rush. Those all apply to YOU too!
    You are all of those things. On steroids. Do they train all you Satanists to be the same? And then just turn Y'all Loose to crawl all over each other? what fun is that? Why would you sell your soul for that Chcanery? You fuckers are Weird...LOL
    Have Yer Kicks, Rushie. I'll have Mine.
    Rush actually calls himself "CHANCELLOR" of the Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Anti-Leftist Studies".
    So don't ever get mad at me for saying he's Hitler. GOT IT?

    He thinks that what Liberals mean by "Progress" is "The tax burden is progressively higher on those with higher levels of income."
    CORRECT RUSH! And why? SO THAT THERE'S MORE PROGRESS. Because guess what? Without it, THERE'S FUCKING NONE!!!!!!
    The rich wants classes of people. That's what Plato's Republic is all about. Slaves and Masters, and how it's required. That without it, you can't save the uneducated and the wretched from themselves. What a crock of horseshit to have as a philosophy! That philosophy only appeals to those soulless people who want to feel like they are a bit MORE than anyone else. And so they feel a system should be in place to clearly put people in their places, and damn the torps.
    Fuck That Shit.
    That is EVIL.
    Just because I equate equality with breathing the same air, needing clean water and clothes and a roof over my head, somehow I am hampering an individuals ability to Achieve? Because that is what Rush is espousing. And it makes me sick. He twists basic human truths into Class Warfare. And he's more than ready to lay the blame at free-thinking liberated people.
    I'm one, and I'm not against Rules and Regulations. I'm not against structures or institutions. IF they're for the common good.
    Rushie's an institution, he claims he's one every five minutes. But he's not for the Common Good. He's for the Almighty Buck.
    And synthesis. and hatred. And bigotry. And Xenophobia. And Islamophobia. And Misogyny.

    He snidely says he gets no satisfaction out of calling his book "See, I Told You So" or using the phrase ad nauseum.
    What a fucking LIAR. He would never have called the book that if that was the case. He loves the title. He thinks that's the most genius title for a book EVER. No better title to get people talking...

    He thinks he saved A.M. radio, and so do his Dupe fans. He didn't. The fairness doctrine disappeared, so he could swoop in and "make that claim"! He calls those who don't listen to his show or even know about it losers. He thinks that people who ask conscientious questions are "Confused", that they have gone "Astray". Then he'll twist himself into knots to explain to you where you slipped up. It's hilarious. Because he's the King of Slip-Ups! He's got a band-aid for everything simply because he's a Walking Self-Inflicted Wound. LOL

    He says Utopia is not achievable on this Earth. (Psst- it is. With the Will. WILL IS EVERYTHING.)
    And he slyly says "Not even the most Zealous Capitalist would tell you that the free market is a panacea"- that gets him off the hook for all the problems the free market creates. He thinks by slyly saying "Hey man, shit ain't perfect...but it's better than anything else!" that he's got the high ground. Um, no you don't. Because where's the idea that maybe some other plan could be thought up? One that solves these quandaries? Where nobody suffers and everybody benefits in Awesome ways? Is this the human race or the WEALTHY RACE?

    He says the Bible assures us that the eradication of poverty can never be completely done. Really? Where does it say that? Because you left that out of your book. And even if it were true, what the Bible is getting at is that the fight to end poverty is Eternal then, right? It's never ending if it can never be eradicated! It's God's Plan! Right, Rush? Right-Right. Righty-Right...

    Saying that utopia or paradise is not achievable on this Earth is supremely disingenuous and arrogant, actually. Because I see a lotta rich fuckers who have paradise! They got a lotta nice swaggage! They have FULL ACCESS to heaven...and you have the stones to say liberals are "Class Warriors"? That is EXACTLY what you are, Asshole! A Class Warrior. For the Satanic.

    Rush says it's not the governments business how much someone earns.
    Well apparently it is, because if you earned more money than the government, you could take over!
    And minimum wage proves that they made it their business. But only for the poor. Only for the worker bees...
    If there was a Maximum wage, there would be Balance. But that would imply the scales of Justice...that would imply Liberty and Justice for All. Literally. And Satanists don't like that. They want to feel a smidge better at ALL TIMES.
    It's a Sickness with that Breed....

    He says that "Under the guise of compassion, liberalism is actually empowered by DEPENDENCY."
    Well, for starters, it's not a fucking "GUISE". It's fucking REAL, shithead. Compassion is real. Don't ever sit there and tell me that compassion is off limits for Legislators. Why would it be?
    Dependency is precisely where compassion is needed! But Rush can't see that! I'm not talking about breeding a culture where we CREATE dependents- who in their right mind would? I'm talking about providing a safety net for the MOST VULNERABLE. And really sorting out who they are too. Because I think I know what Rush and all of his fictional conservative pals are on about: freeloaders, people genuinely looking for a government handout without doing a damn thing for it. I get that. Liberals are against those types too, moron!
    But because you can't have double standards, we are vexed with a situation where we have to blanket everybody and paint them with the same brush. Everybody knows it's wrong and must be changed. But like you said yourself Rush, these are third rails in Politics. You touch 'em you die. The system collapses without them. There has to be give and take on both sides or it will never be solved.

    Rush sneers at people who're dependent, but he has no moral high ground.
    He cannot relate. He can get sick and cut a check and not care. He can walk out feeling better asap, while others can die.
    He doesn't dwell on that point much, does he?
    His records he put out as The Doors all had a butterfly on the vinyl.
    The butterfly is the very symbol of instability. Rush is unstable. It's patently obvious, and it gives him Hatred.
    Liberals aren't about "scapegoating achievers", Rush. We're about sending the elevator back down.
    Too many "successful" people forget where they came from. A lot give back. Trust me, I'm aware of that. But the lion's share don't.

    You can send the elevator back down to me, Rush.
    Give me my check for 5.1 million dollars. Then you'll see me create an EYB empire that dwarfs George Lucas.
    Last edited by Johann; 05-25-2017 at 05:38 AM.
    "Set the controls for the heart of the Sun" - Pink Floyd

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