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Thread: Best movies of 2017

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    Glad you walk daily. Thanks for telling us about Walt Stack. I may one day do another half but never a whole marathon. I'm focused on a sub-22 5k. I'm about a minute slower at the moment. November is my target month to reach this goal. Then I will probably set my sights on a 10k for spring, maybe a sub-45.

    I just watched what may be the most neglected film "released" in 2017: THE TEACHER, the most recent collaboration between Jan Hrebejk and Petr Jarchovsky (Cozy Dens, Divided We Fall, etc.). The "distributor" is Film Movement which means that it might as well be a direct-to-disc release. Anyway, the premise concerns a widowed teacher, well-placed within the Czechoslovakian Communist party, who abuses her power to the detriment of her students and their parents. The Teacher uses an intricate but legible flashback structure and reminds some viewers of 12 Angry Men in terms of its plot and character development.

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    I feel good these days, I am living a cleaner life than when I was running a lot. Good you're working for the faster 5K.

    I have not seen that film. It came to NYC in late Aug. when I wasn't there and may not have lasted long. I see it can be watched on Amazon though.

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