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Thread: IMDb User Movie Reviews Has Been Decimated

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    IMDb User Movie Reviews Has Been Decimated

    Administrators of IMDb have substantially changed public user accessibility to movie user reviews. It's literally impossible to locate and read one's own movie review or to search and sort public user movie reviews in any logical or efficient way. The IMDb website has been made practically useless when it comes to public movie reviews. This is great loss of an amazing layperson's movie review database. Very depressed. Having to try out Letterboxd, an alternate movie reviewer website. But all the personal reviews of over 1,300 movies are essential gone beyond public access, an time-consuming effort that extended over 16 years.

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    Are you sure they have been "decimated," or just compressed? There are 944 of mine listed. If you go from the listing to the film and click on User Reviews, you can see all of each one.

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