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Thread: Open Roads: New Italian Cinema at Lincoln Center 2018

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    Open Roads: New Italian Cinema at Lincoln Center 2018

    Open Roads: New Italian Cinema At Lincoln Center 2018

    General Film Forum Filmleaf thread.

    Plans are going ahead to cover the series.

    BEAUTIFUL THINGS by Giorgio Ferrero
    It's a film about consumerism. (Venice 2017.) A rather high-toned documentary composed in four parts, with good music and images, it focuses on four men in different worlds and connects them abstractly.

    BOYS CRY by Damiano D'Innocenzo, Fabio D'Innocenzo
    Twin brothers wrote and directed this film about best friends who get drawn into the Italian underground. A "muscular first feature," Boyd van Hoeij said, "A knockout." Well received at the Berlinale, a post-Gomorrah piece on what Jay Weissberg thought an overdone subject of amoral youths.

    CRATER by Silvia Luzi, Luca Bellino
    About a fairgrounds huckster who grooms his daughter to become a pop diva. Won the Special Jury Prize at Tokyo 2017. By former documentarians and based on fact.

    DIVA! by Francesco Patierno
    An inventive bio-doc about Italian star Valentina Cortese, Oscar-nominated for her turn in Truffaut'sDay for Night. has actresses play segments of her life. Van Hoeij (again) calls it "inventive."

    EQUILIBRIUM by Vincenzo Marra

    The director's fourth feature follows a priest who returns to his native Campania and gets into a conflict with the Camorra over their waste exploitation, premiered at Venice in its "Days" series. Another documentarian turned to fiction. Shot modestly with non-actors like his successful Land Wind (2004).

    FORTUNATA by Sergio Castellitto
    A hairdresser plans to open her own salon, but hooking up with her kid's shrink distracts her. Castellitto is an extremely well known and prolific actor; this is his seventh film as director.

    LOOK UP by Fulvio Risuleo
    A bizarre trip across the rooftops of Rome. "Only Fulvio Risuleo could make such a bizarre and original movie like Look Up and only Giacomo Ferrara could interpret its leading role". Rolling Stone

    Documentary about an important but intentionally low-profile Italian director.

    At once an immersion in Neopolitan arts and culture and a mystery-shrouded thriller-romance. Sounds very enjoyable, if obviously apolitical.

    NOME DI DONNA by Marco Tullio Giordana
    An unexpectedly timely sexual harassment drama. The director is known internationally for his involving 2003 generational saga, The Best of Youth. In this one, star Cristiana Capotondi) is said to give a rich performance.

    THE PLACE by Paolo Genovese
    Davide di Donatello-nominated film about a mysterious figure who perhaps can grant the wishes of a group of strangers, in return for carrying out a task. Inspired by the US TV series "The Booth at the End." Genovese's natural dialogue has been praised. His 2014 Blame Freud was in Italian series but I missed it. This one has stars like Alba Rohrwacher, Silvio Muccino, and Rocco Papaleo.

    PURE HEARTS/CUORI PURI by Roberto De Paolis
    This was shown at Cannes 2017 Directors' Fortnight, about a Rome girl who takes a vow of chastity, then spots a boy that catches her eye.

    RAINBOW - A PRIVATE AFFAIR by Paolo Taviani
    Based on Beppe Fenoglio’s 1963 novel set during Italy’s mid-1940's civil war when partisans and fascists were fighting, but this may be a bland adaptation.

    SICILIAN GHOST STORY by Antonio Piazza, Fabio Grassadonia
    The Cannes 2017 Critics Week opener, based on a true story of a Mafia kidnapping of a youth to silence his father. This sounds like a winner.

    I reviewed her TV documentary In the Factory/In fabbrica in the 2008 Open Roads.
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