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Thread: New York Film Festival 2018 (forum)

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    NYFF 2018 Main Slate films not seen yet (still quite a few):
    3 Faces
    Dir. Jafar Panahi

    La Flor
    Dir. Mariano Llinás

    Dir. Hong Sangsoo

    Happy as Lazzaro / Lazzaro felice
    Dir. Alice Rohrwacher

    Her Smell
    Dir. Alex Ross Perry

    Hotel by the River
    Dir. Hong Sangsoo

    Image Book, The
    Dir. Jean-Luc Godard

    In My Room
    Dir. Ulrich Köhler

    Long Day’s Journey Into Night
    Dir. Bi Gan

    Ray & Liz
    Dir. Richard Billingham

    Too Late to Die Young
    Dir. Dominga Sotomayor
    These are the "hardest" to see, except that Happy as Lazzaro / Lazzaro felice is on Netflix.
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    Bi Gan's Long Day's Journey Into Night

    Additions to Filmleaf's 2018 NYFF Main Slate coverage.

    HAPPY AS LAZZARO (from Netflix) was added soon after the last post.

    IN MY ROOM Was added 12 Apr. via the San Francisco Film Festival. Coming shortly will be another addition,

    LONG DAY'S JOURNEY INTO NIGHT A review will appear on Filmleaf shortly. It's soon to be released in San Francisco and Berkeley. It's a big one, much discussed and admired.

    That's it for now.

    HER SMELL is now showing in San Francisco, but but hard for me to get to right now. No doubt to be seen if only for Elizabeth Moss's performance and it's sure to be available online soon.

    3 FACES Us release by Kino Lorber but we missed both its NYC and San Francisco playdates (Mar.-Apr.). It will be available online soon no doubt.

    RAY & LIZ will be playing in Baltimore (9 May) in the Maryland Film Festival but US release is uncertain.

    HOTEL BY THE RIVER is US released by Cinema Guild and will have limited distribution in 2019.

    GRASS came out in NYC 19 Apr. Unfortunately, Filmleaf there.

    So: progress. But three out of eight ain't great. Just goes to show you why it's important to attend film festivals - and why it's unfortunate Filmleaf isn't covering the NYFF as press anymore. When we were, seeing and reviewing the entire Main Slate was a given.
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    Another journey back to Kaili by the young talent of KAILI BLUES (ND/NF 2016). An awesome talent. With the rapturous evocations of Wong Kar-wai and a second half that's an over-an-hour continuous take in 3D. Bi Gan may be better when he feels less need to prove his mastery. But this is reportedly the biggest art house success the China mainland has ever had.

    Now in US theatrical release by Kino Lorber, I got to screen it because it comes out in the Bay Area shortly.

    Watch the FSLC trailer H E R E.

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