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    The Female Gaze Now through August 9

    We're not covering this show of camerawomen at Lincoln Center but it's a rich, great series of movies and worth knowing about these important cinematographers, more of whom are French than other nationalities. They do fabulous work, and incidentally this is a great set of movies!

    36 films by female cinematographers from across the globe!

    "With the far-ranging and much-needed new series 'The Female Gaze,' the Film Society of Lincoln Center shines a light on a tremendous body of work by female cinematographers from around the world . . . The directors of photography featured here shatter those antiquated and gendered roles, one captivating frame at a time."
    Tatiana Craine, The Village Voice

    To kick off opening weekend, join us tomorrow, July 28, at 6:30 p.m. for a free talk with cinematographers Natasha Braier, Ashley Connor, Agnès Godard, and Joan Churchill!

    SERIES • JULY 26 - AUGUST 09, 2018

    The Female Gaze

    Free Talk: The Female Gaze
    60 minutes
    Free and open to the public! · Sponsored by HBO®
    An hour-long conversation with cinematographers Natasha Braier, Ashley Connor, Agnès Godard, and Joan Churchill as they discuss the series and reflect on their careers and influences, and how they approach their craft.
    Showtimes July 28 6:30 PM

    35 Shots of Rum
    Claire Denis 2008 France/Germany 35mm 100 minutes
    Introduction by cinematographer Agnès Godard on July 26
    Godard’s textured cinematography casts a lovely gossamer spell on Denis’s delicate film, which begins in the territory of Renoir’s La Bête humaine and develops into an enchanted evocation of Ozu’s Late Spring.
    Showtimes July 31 1:00 PM

    Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer
    Nick Broomfield & Joan Churchill 2004 UK/USA 93 minutes
    Q&A with cinematographer Joan Churchill
    Churchill shot and co-directed this documentary about America’s first female serial killer, Aileen Wuornos, whose escalating madness is unsparingly depicted as she approaches execution.
    Showtimes July 30 6:45 PM

    Around a Small Mountain
    Jacques Rivette 2009 France/Italy 84 minutes
    Cinematography by Irina Lubtchansky
    Luminously photographed by Irina Lubtchansky in the open-air splendor of the south of France, the final film from arch gamesman Jacques Rivette is a captivating variation on one of the themes that most obsessed him: the ineffable interplay between life and performance. An NYFF47 selection. Screening with Sarah Winchester, Ghost Opera.
    Showtimes August 3 4:15 PM - August 8 9:15 PM

    Beach Rats
    Eliza Hittman 2017 USA 95 minutes
    Cinematography by Hélène Louvart
    Eliza Hittman follows up her acclaimed debut It Felt Like Love with this sensuous, sensitive chronicle of sexual becoming, in which a Brooklyn teenager (breakout star Harris Dickinson) spends his nights exploring the world of online cruising.
    Showtimes August 2 9:00 PM

    Beau Travail
    Claire Denis 1999 France 35mm 92 minutes
    Q&A with Agnès Godard · Opening Night Reception
    This retelling of Billy Budd, set among a troop of Foreign Legionnaires, is one of Denis and Godard’s finest collaborations: a sensuously photographed story of misplaced longing and frustrated desire.

    The Camera: Je or La Camera: I
    Babette Mangolte 1977 USA 88 minutes
    Cinematography by Babette Mangolte
    Visionary cinematographer Babette Mangolte allows viewers to peer through the lens of her camera in this heady consideration of the complex relationship between photographer, subject, and viewer.
    Showtimes August 6 6:30 PM

    Kirsten Johnson 2016 USA 102 minutes
    Cinematography by Kirsten Johnson
    Johnson’s directorial debut feature is a self-portrait of an artist who has traveled the globe, venturing into landscapes and lives that bear the scars of trauma both active and historic.
    Showtimes July 27 6:30 PM -August 2 4:15 PM

    La captive
    Chantal Akerman 2000 France/Belgium 35mm 118 minutes
    Cinematography by Sabine Lancelin
    Akerman’s interpretation of the fifth volume of Proust’s In Search of Lost Time is by turns an exacting take on dysfunctional love and a ferocious example of tonal control.
    Showtimes July 29 1:00 PM

    Ryan Coogler 2015 USA 133 minutes
    Cinematography by Maryse Alberti
    Ryan Coogler takes the Rocky legend into the 21st century as Michael B. Jordan’s gutsy Adonis Johnson—son of Apollo Creed—sets out to prove he’s got what it takes to be the next champ.
    Showtimes August 2 1:30 PM - August 5 9:00 PM

    Kirby Dick & Amy Ziering 2002 USA 35mm 84 minutes
    Cinematography by Kirsten Johnson
    While studying cinematography at La Fémis in Paris, Johnson shot this portrait of one of the most influential and iconoclastic figures of the 20th century.
    Showtimes July 27 8:45 PM

    Eastern Boys
    Robin Campillo 2013 France 128 minutes
    Cinematography by Jeanne Lapoirie
    An arrangement between a French businessman and a young Ukrainian male prostitute begets a home invasion and then an unexpectedly profound relationship in this absorbing, continually surprising film by Robin Campillo (BPM: Beats Per Minute).
    Showtimes July 30 4:00 PM - August 4 4:45 PM

    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
    Michel Gondry 2004 USA 35mm 108 minutes
    Cinematography by Ellen Kuras
    The high-contrast handheld camerawork of Ellen Kuras enhances the whiplash sense of disorientation in this heart-wounding, time- and space-collapsing journey through memory and a star-crossed romance gone sour.
    Showtimes August 1 4:30 PM - August 4 9:30 PM

    La France
    Serge Bozon 2007 France 35mm 102 minutes
    Cinematography by Céline Bozon
    Exquisitely shot by Céline Bozon (director Serge Bozon’s sister), this unclassifiable hybrid of war movie and movie musical is truly unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.
    ShowtimesAugust 16:45 PM - August 81:30 PM

    Fruitvale Station
    Ryan Coogler 2013 USA 85 minutes
    Cinematography by Rachel Morrison
    Rachel Morrison’s gripping, exploratory Super 16 camerawork explores the unseen complexities in the life and tragic death of Oscar Grant in Coogler’s remarkable debut feature.
    Showtimes August 5 7:00 PM

    The Gang of Four
    Jacques Rivette 1989 France/Switzerland 160 minutes
    Cinematography by Caroline Champetier
    Caroline Champetier’s moody lensing creates the feeling of an all-enveloping universe operating according to its own paranoid logic in this tale of four female acting students who share an apartment that may or may not be linked to a criminal conspiracy.
    Showtimes July 27 3:15 PM - August 8 6:15 PM

    The Headless Woman
    Lucrecia Martel 2008 Argentina/France/Italy/Spain 35mm 87 minutes
    Cinematography by Barbara Alvarez
    Barbara Alvarez imparts a restrained—and very strange—spatial texture to Martel’s excitingly splintered third feature, about a woman (María Onetto) in a state of phenomenological distress following a mysterious road accident.
    ShowtimesJuly 28 1:00 PM

    Holy Motors
    Leos Carax 2012 France 115 minutes
    Cinematography by Caroline Champetier
    Cinematographers Caroline Champetier and Yves Cape both lensed this unclassifiable, shape-shifting, expansive movie from Leos Carax about a man named Oscar (Denis Lavant) who inhabits 11 different characters over the course of a single day.
    Showtimes August 4 7:15 PM - August 6 4:00 PM

    House of Tolerance
    Bertrand Bonello 2011 France 35mm 122 minutes
    Cinematography by Josée Deshaies
    Filmed with a mixture of casual detachment and needlepoint precision by Josée Deshaies, Bonello’s House of Tolerance is a gorgeous, opium-soaked fever dream of life in a Parisian brothel at the turn of the century.
    Showtimes August 1 2:00 PM- August 5 4:30 PM

    The Intruder
    Claire Denis 2005 France 35mm 130 minutes
    Q&A with cinematographer Agnès Godard on July 28
    Agnès Godard has never been more focused on the visceral than in Denis’s laconic drama about an aging man (Michel Subor) who leaves home in pursuit of a heart transplant and his estranged son.
    Showtimes July 28 3:00 PM -August 9 4:15 PM

    I Think We’re Alone Now
    Reed Morano 2018 USA 93 minutes
    Sneak Preview! · Cinematography by Reed Morano
    Pulling double duty as director and cinematographer, Reed Morano evokes the melancholic beauty of the apocalypse with this gorgeous and strange drama about a misanthrope (Peter Dinklage) savoring the solitude of the end of the world—until someone else (Elle Fanning) arrives.
    Showtimes August 2 6:30 PM

    Jeanne Dielman, 23, quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles
    Chantal Akerman 1976 Belgium/France 201 minutes
    Cinematography by Babette Mangolte
    The monotonous daily routine of a Brussels housewife is transformed with dread and suspense in Akerman's monumental masterpiece.
    Showtimes July 31 3:15 PM - August 4 1 p.m.

    The Milk of Sorrow
    Claudia Llosa 2009 Spain/Peru 35mm 94 minutes
    Q&A with cinematographer Natasha Braier
    Capturing the striking beauty of Lima’s outskirts, Llosa's second feature follows a woman who suffers from a traumatic curse passed on to her by her mother, a rape victim.
    Showtimes July 29 3:30 PM

    The Miseducation of Cameron Post
    Desiree Akhavan 2018 USA 90 minutes
    Sneak Preview! · Q&A with cinematographer Ashley Connor
    A teenage girl (Chloë Grace Moretz) forms an unlikely family after being sent to a gay conversion therapy center. A FilmRise release.
    Showtimes July 29 6:00 PM

    The Neon Demon
    Nicolas Winding Refn 2016 Denmark/France/USA/UK 118 minutes
    Q&A with cinematographer Natasha Braier
    In this nightmarish take on the contemporary fashion world, an aspiring model (Elle Fanning) moves to Los Angeles, where her youth and vitality are devoured by a group of beauty-obsessed women.
    Showtimes July 28 8:00 PM

    Paranoid Park
    Gus Van Sant 2007 USA 35mm 85 minutes
    Cinematography by Rain Li
    At once a dreamlike portrait of teen alienation and a boldly experimental work of film narrative, Paranoid Park follows a withdrawn high-school skateboarder as he struggles to make sense of his involvement in an accidental death.
    Showtimes August 7 9:15 PM

    Pina [in 3D]
    Wim Wenders 2011 Germany/France 106 minutes
    Cinematography by Hélène Louvart
    Here revolutionizing the dance film just as he did just as he did the music documentary in Buena Vista Social Club, Wim Wenders began planning this project with legendary choreographer Pina Bausch.
    Showtimes August 5 2:00 PM - August 7 2:00 PM

    Le Pont du Nord
    Jacques Rivette 1982 France 129 minutes
    Cinematography by Caroline Champetier
    Cinematographers Caroline Champetier and William Lubtchansky telegraph a freewheeling, anything-goes sense of play, as well as a creeping surveillance paranoia, in one of the most elaborate of Jacques Rivette’s sprawling, down-the-rabbit-hole cine-puzzles.
    Showtimes August 3 6:30 PM

    The Romance of Astrea and Celadon
    Éric Rohmer 2007 France 109 minutes
    Cinematography by Diane Baratier
    At the age of 88, Éric Rohmer bid adieu to cinema with this enchanting, sun-dappled mythological idyll, which brims with all the vitality and freshness of youth.
    Showtimes August 3 2:00 PM - August 9 7:00 PM

    The Strange Case of Angelica
    Manoel de Oliveira 2010 Portugal 35mm 97 minutes
    Cinematography by Sabine Lancelin
    Lancelin evokes the sublime and fantastic in Oliveira’s magical tale of a young photographer desperately in love with a woman he can never have, except in his dreams.
    Showtimes July 27 1:00 PM- August 1 9:00 PM

    Stranger by the Lake
    Alain Guiraudie 2013 France 97 minutes
    Cinematography by Claire Mathon
    Mathon captures naked bodies and hardcore sex with the same matter-of-fact sensuousness that they bring to ripples on the water and the fading light of dusk in this exploration of death and desire around a gay lakeside cruising spot.
    Showtimes July 30 9:15 PM - August 9 2:00 PM

    Tom Kalin 1992 USA 35mm 93 minutes
    Cinematography by Ellen Kuras
    One of the most daring works to emerge from the New Queer Cinema movement of the early 1990s, Swoon offers a radical, revisionist perspective on the infamous Leopold and Loeb murder case.
    Showtimes July 30 2:00 PM - August 6 8:30 PM

    Tokyo Sonata
    Kiyoshi Kurosawa 2008 Japan 120 minutes
    Cinematography by Akiko Ashizawa
    The elegant long shots of DP Akiko Ashizawa toy with the meticulous framings of Ozu in Kurosawa’s unexpected—but wholly rewarding—foray into melodrama-cum-black comedy about secrets and deceptions within a seemingly average Japanese family.
    Showtimes August 7 6:45 PM

    Céline Sciamma 2011 France 35mm 82 minutes
    Cinematography by Crystel Fournier
    Sciamma’s warmly empathetic tone is perfectly complemented by the soft-lit impressionism of Crystel Fournier’s glowing cinematography in this sensitive, heartrending portrait of what it feels like to grow up different.
    Showtimes August 6 2:15 PM - August 9 9:15 PM

    Velvet Goldmine
    Todd Haynes 1998 UK/USA 35mm 124 minutes
    Cinematography by Maryse Alberti
    Maryse Alberti conjures the flamboyant, noisy, and chaotic milieu of the glam rock era in Todd Haynes’s visually delirious dissection of celebrity culture.
    Showtimes July 29 8:30 PM - August 7 4:15 PM

    The Wonders
    Alice Rohrwacher 2014 Italy/Switzerland/Germany 110 minutes
    Cinematography by Hélène Louvart
    Alice Rohrwacher’s sophomore feature, a vivid yet mysterious story of teenage yearning and confusion, conjures a richly concrete world that is subject to the magical thinking of adolescence.
    Showtimes August 3 9:15 PM - August 8 3:45 PM

    Elle Fanning in The Neon Demon shot by Natasha Braier. PHOTOFEST [-Voice
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