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Thread: NEW YORK MOVIE JOURNAL (Sept.-Oct. 2018)

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    NEW YORK MOVIE JOURNAL (Sept.-Oct. 2018)

    Robert Redford in The Old Man & the Gun

    NEW YORK MOVIE JOURNAL (Sept.-Oct. 2018)
    The title-director line is linked to the longer review where there is one.

    MANDY ( Panos Cosmatos 2018). "Screaming, cocaine and battle axes," says one headline. Also blood, beatings, torture, worms, and Nicolas Cage spattered with mud and fake blood. Dark vision, pain and fury on Cage by crazed religious cult members leading to drawn-out, passionate revenge. The sound design and music are impressive and cranked up to the max at IFC Center. This is a quintessential midnight movie (so debuted at Sundance) that provides an immersive experience that demands the big screen and ought to be in iMax or a Dolby special theater. Monotonous yet somehow rich, this unique horror film is not for the faint-hearted, or for most people. I spent a lot of it holding my ears and averting my eyes. But with respect. Reviews are enthusiastic (Metascore 82). IFC Center 27 Sept. 2018.

    OLD MAN & THE GUN, THE (David Lowery 2018). This story of Forest Tucker, a real-life seventyish bank robber with two accomplices, known collectively as "the over the hill gang," reportedly Robert Redford's acting swan song. Tucker's signature is he is a debonair gentleman with a smile on his face, who has robbed many, many banks. He has frequently gone to prison. But he has made sixteen remarkable escapes including from San Quentin in a homemade boat. Based on a story by New Yorker writer David Grann (also author of "The Lost City of Z") which becomes in David Lowery's hands an original piece of laid-back zen minimalism. Danny Glover, Sissy Spacek,Tom Waits, and Lowery regular Casey Affleck round out the fine cast. 93 mins. US release 28 Sept. 2018 Watched at Regal Union Square 27 Sept. 2018. Metascore 80.

    TEA WITH THE DAMES (Roger Mitchell 2018). They brought together four of the greatest living English actresses, Dames (the female equivalent of Knights) Judi Dench, Joan Plowright, Aileen Atkins, and Maggie Smith at Plowright's "cottage" and set them to talking, prompting with (somewhat obvious) questions and adding film clips of performances. Since Plowright was married to Laurence Olivier, the founding director of Britain's National Theatre, and all worked there and in classic productions of other plays besides Shakespeare, this provides a run-through of a lot of English theatrical history. And then they got into movies, especially Dench and Smith - Bond, the Marigold Hotel, and Downton Abbey. There is a lot of laughter, but you also feel the Dames are being prodded a bit. Not brilliant filmmaking. They are deaf, and they get tired. "Do you know how old we are?" says Maggie. How can you not love it though? 84 mins., US release 21 Sept. Watched at Quad Cinema 27 Sept. 2018 Metascore 87.
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