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    San Francisco Independent Film Festival 2019 (Forum)

    San Francisco Independent Film Festival 2019 (Forum)

    Festival Coverage Thread

    The 21st San Francisco Independent Film Festival (SF IndieFest) January 30 - February 14, 2019 at the Roxie Theater and Victoria Theater in San Francisco.

    Some winter's edge.

    [From a SF Indiefest press release:]
    SF IndieFest has announced its complete lineup for the 21st annual San Francisco Independent Film Festival (SF IndieFest) which takes place January 30th through February 14th, 2019. For the 21st year, IndieFest continues its tradition of presenting the freshest new independent films and special programs from around the world to San Francisco audiences.

    21 years ago, SF IndieFest founder Jeff Ross launched the festival when he noticed there was no venue in San Francisco presenting new independent films from adventurous filmmakers. From an attendance of 3,000 in the first year to over 11,000 in 2018, the festival has stayed true to its original goal of providing viewers a chance to discover a new filmmaker, share experiences with fellow filmgoers and hear from filmmakers in Q and As.

    In 2019, the festival will present 45 new feature films and 8 shorts programs, and include popular events: the 16th annual Big Lebowski Party, the 10th annual Anti-Valentine's Day 80s Power Ballad Sing-Along, the 9th Super Bowl: Men in Tights live comedy show, Beetlejuice Bingo and season 7 of the Bad Art Gallery Show.

    I expect to be reviewing these films in the 2019 SF Indiefest:
    ( For the reviews go to the Festival Coverage Thread)
    #Like (Sarah Pirozek)
    Area, The (David Shalliol)
    Centerline (Takumi Shimumkai)
    Cruel Hearts (Paul Osbourne)
    Degenerates (Callum Chawford)
    Desolation Center (Steward Swezey) (short review)
    Little Woods (Sarah Pirozek)(short review)
    Man Who Killed HItler and then the Bigfoot, The (Robert D. Krzykowski)
    Mermaids and Manatees (Adam Sbar)
    Permanent Green Light (Dennis Cooper, Zac, Farley)
    Pet Names (Carol Brandt)
    Waterlily Jaguar (Melora Walters)
    Wildland (Alex Jablonski, Kahlil Hudson

    Permanent Green Light is one of John Waters' Top 10 Films of 2018
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