Two Worlds are One

I saw Aquaman and it was excellent. Lotta SFX, lotta money spent onscreen to deliver undersea amazement.
This is a great Superhero movie. It's got corny/embarassing dialog throughout and action scene after action scene. Sea Monsters, Sea Devils, Bitchin' Sea Horses- see Aquaman ride a Seahorse John Wayne-Style...
I think I almost saw a shark with a frickin' laser-bean attached to it's head...
There's a nice twist ending, and Nicole Kidman was perfect, so was every cast member, actually.

I wonder if Nicole knows that Stanley Kubrick had a song on the Clockwork Orange soundtrack "I want to marry a Lighthouse keeper"?
I really enjoyed Aquaman. It's all here- some of the battles rival Star Wars, no joke. I loved the costume designs- especially the big reveal of the classic King Aquaman suit when he finally got the trident.
The epic fights with Black Manta and Ocean Master (Orm) were fantastic, real fanboy approval here...
I swore Black Manta was dead. His fall was so hard it was grim.
Patrick Wilson took this role of Orm seriously. Wow. I say call this movie ORM!, cuz damn, if Aquaman is just the bastard son, then where's all the hype for the Ocean Master?
Who has true Birthright? And who didn't care about Atlantis?
I never knew Aquaman's father liked H.P. Lovecraft, either.
But we got some Cthulu-style monsters hanging round the oceans, Yo.

Lots of visual candy here. Star Wars-style. Loved the ships and weapons. Loved the opening action sequence on the sub. Wow.
They make him the Superman of the Sea here, and I get why. They gotta make him cool, (they did) they gotta give you the razzle-dazzle (they did).
It's made a lot of money so far, and it should. The acting isn't to be judged here- this is literal comic book stuff. Geoff Johns is credited with writing it, and it shows.
I have read most of his Aquaman comics, and he really takes you on a ride. He really elevated Aquaman, and made sure it got translated onscreen in an acceptable way.
DC has another hit movie, after Wonder Woman.
Jason Mamoa is a sturdy specimen, huh? lol Dude is fit for the role, and looks good in that classic costume. When he spun the trident for the first time against Orm- Huzzah.