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    Almodovar's Pain and Glory/Dolor y gloria.


    Peter Bradshaw in the Guardian says in Dolor y glória Almodóvar "delivers another sensuous and deeply personal gem" in this "wistful extravaganza" in which "life meets art," and gives it 4 out of 5 stars. Ruminative, painful, with a sense of declining powers, the director presents an aging movie director played by Antonio Banderas. Peter Debruge in his Variety review calls it a "remarkably mature metafiction." AlloCiné, whose press rating (based on 23 French reviews) is an exceptional 4.6 (even Cahiers du Cinéma gives it a rave), asks: "Is Almodóvar on the way to the Palme d'Or?" and he indeed looks like a prime contender. This clearly sounds like a very positive consensus, perhaps to remain the most admired 2029 Competition film. Perhaps the best has come first. But could this be a little too familiar a maker and topic to be up for a top prize? Time will tell.

    Hausner's Little Joe.


    Another much anticipated film at Cannes was Jessica Haussner's Little Joe. Haussner is known for her Lourdes (2009). But Peter Bradshaw says he was disappointed, and gives it a measly 2 out of 5 stars. It's a horror film that likens the spread of antidepressants to the invasion of an alien force a la "Bodysnatchers." Erlich of IndieWire finds in this "plenty of potential to offend," though he calls the film "brilliant." Bradshaw finds " plot implausibilities" and a movie "too high on the art-house register" to notice its lack of "out-and-out thrills or suspense."

    Fletcher's Rocketman.

    The comparison with Bohemian Rhapsodyis inevitable: two pictures about gay glam rock stars directed by Dexter Fletcher. Nicolas Barber of BBC Culture says "this year’s Elton John biopic is superior to last year’s Freddie Mercury biopic in almost every way: funnier, more moving, more imaginative, more upfront about its hero’s sexuality." That's nice, isn't it? I wonder if the public will go along. Probably not, and later in the review Nicolas Barber doesn't even seem to like the movie so much, though he still rates it and Fletcher and Egerton high.
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