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Thread: BI GAN'S second feature - cioming

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    BI GAN'S second feature - cioming


    "Long Day's Journey Into Night"

    "One of the best debuts of 2016 — and one of the best films, period — was Bi Gan’s dreamlike odyssey Kaili Blues. The Chinese director finished shooting his follow-up, starring Tang Wei (Blackhat, Lust, Caution), Sylvia Chang (Mountains May Depart), Huang Jue (The Final Master), Lee Hong-chi (Thanatos, Drunk), and his Kaili Blues star Chen Yongzhong. Titled Long Day’s Journey Into Night, the detective story follows 'a man who returns to his hometown to find a mysterious woman whom he spent an unforgettable summer with twelve years earlier. The woman never told him her name, or any details of her life, and the only thing he remembers is the name of a movie star she wrote on a cigarette packet.'" – Jordan R. [The Film Stage, Jan. 10, 2018.
    That will serve as an introduction. Kaili Blues was probably the "discovery" of New Directors/New Films of its year, which was 2016. So two years later there has been a lot of buzz about Long Day's Journey into Night, and for more about the English title vs. the Chinese one, and Bi Gan's references to Tarkovsky, Wong Kar-wai, what the New York Times Glenn Kenny review headline calls "a mesmerizing chain of associations," after you've seen the film, Kenny's short review provides both a guide and an appreciation - without explaining what, he says, is largely inexplicable. Steeped in style and cinematic history, LONG DAY'S JOURNEY INTO NIGHT is an event.

    My review coming is soon. April 12 release (NYC, Metrograph, FSLC). Coming to Berkeley and San Francisco May 3. National playdates.
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