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Thread: Coming; THE GARDEN (Derek Jarman 1990, new restoration at The Metrograph)

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    Coming; THE GARDEN (Derek Jarman 1990, new restoration at The Metrograph)

    The Garden.

    Tilda Swinton in THE GARDEN, Derek Jarman's Rapturous and Deeply Personal Film, Opens 5/28 at Metrograph in New Restoration.

    See my review H E R E.

    Unavailable for twenty years, and never available on DVD/Blu-Ray in the United States, The Garden has been restored in a beautiful, new 2K digital restoration.

    Tilda Swinton in The Garden

    "I felt Derek was a kindred spirit. We made very different movies, but I saw all of his."
    – John Waters

    "He [Jarman] wasn't chasing the center. He wrapped the center around him."
    – Tilda Swinton

    "Touching, intense, sometimes unexpectedly amusing, sometimes agonizing, and always achingly sincere."
    – Time Out

    Beginning Wednesday May 29, Metrograph will present the exclusive one-week NY revival engagement of Derek Jarman's The Garden. Half waking dream and half fiery polemic, The Garden was born of director Jarman’s rage over continued anti-gay discrimination and the sluggardly response to the AIDS crisis—he had been diagnosed HIV positive in 1988. Starring Tilda Swinton, this uniquely kaleidoscopic film shows the filmmaker’s genius at its most coruscating, making space in its breadth of vision for an over-the-top Hollywood-style musical number, nightmare images of tar-and-feather queer persecution, and footage of the particularly menacing-looking nuclear power plant that overlooks Jarman’s own garden, the point from which his film begins, and a cherished spot which he must keep to tending even as his body begins to betray him. Writhing with sorrow and anger, and yet so vividly alive to the loveliness of being, The Garden is a baleful and beautiful epistle from the brink of the beyond.

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