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Thread: coming: RAY & lIZ (Richard Billingham 2029) NYFF

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    coming: RAY & lIZ (Richard Billingham 2029) NYFF


    From the NYFF, Sept. 2019 blurb:

    Q&As with Richard Billingham on October 6 & 7

    English photographer and visual artist Richard Billingham’s first feature is grounded in the visual and emotional textures of his family portraits, particularly those of his deeply dysfunctional parents, whose names give the film its title. Billingham builds astonishing and unflinching scenes with his principal actors—Ella Smith as Liz, Justin Salinger as Ray, Patrick Romer as the older Ray, Tony Way and Sam Gittins as neighbors, and Joshua Millard-Lloyd as the youngest child—that play out second by second as if by some new form of direct transmission from the artist’s memory bank. There is not a single second of this electrifying debut that doesn’t feel 100% rooted in personal experience.
    The film is coming out on demand APRIL 14, 2020. I will be reviewing it on Filmleaf.
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