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Thread: Some coming releases

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    Some coming releases

    Four coming releases

    Here are a few new releases with their current release dates and details. I have a review of THE INFILTRATORS, a very timely film about immigration, to be published at release time. I reviewed BABYTEETH at the beginning of the ill-starred ND/NF press screenings, which ended before they were half done. I also have a review coming of THE PAINTED BIRD, a striking film of a famous (or perhaps notorious) Sixties novel by Jerzy Kozinski. It will not appeal to everybody, but very much to a few. Have not seen I WILL MAKE YOU MINE. THE CLIMB is a cool new movie, great reviews, destined to be a hit. You can click on the trailers here.

    "The Infiltrators" (Trailer)
    Release Date: May 1 - Digital Cinema (Also on VOD starting June 2)
    Distributor: Oscilloscope Laboratories
    "I Will Make You Mine" (Trailer)
    Release Date: May 26 - VOD/Digital Rental
    Distributor: Gravitas Ventures
    "Babyteeth" (Trailer)
    Release Date: June 19 - In Theaters and Available On Demand
    Distributor: IFC Films
    "The Painted Bird" (Trailer)
    Release Date: July 17 - In Theaters and Available On Demand
    Distributor: IFC Films
    "The Climb" (Trailer)
    Release Date: July 17
    Distributer: Sony Pictures Classics
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