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Thread: BILLY THE KID (Jennifer Venditti (2007) - RERELEASE

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    BILLY THE KID (Jennifer Venditti (2007) - RERELEASE


    As I called it back then, it's a "great little documentary" - about a fifteen-year-old boy, who's a little off, but also very much on, stunningly articulate about his own feelings and the world around him. With remarkable tact yet great interest, Venditti, previously a casting director for fashion shoots, followed Billy for only eight days, and didn't get too nosy. But this is his own movie that he stars in. And its account of his falling in love for the first time and courting and being accepted and then rejected is as touching as anything about adolescent male love you'll ever see.

    My original review.

    Newly Remastered

    Virtual Cinema Re-Release on September 30
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