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Thread: As the 2020 NYFF winds down. . .

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    As the 2020 NYFF winds down. . .

    ABOUT Azazel Jacobs' 'FRENCH EXIT' (Michelle Pfeiffer, Lucas Hedges): NYFF 2020 Closing Night Film.


    Today is the last day of the NYFF. This is the final film of the Main Slate.

    In a light year for major Oscar contenders, Pfeiffer and co-star Lucas Hedges could squeak into awards contention. - INDIEWIRE.

    Also rom Indiewire:
    The thrice Oscar-nominated Pfeiffer (Dangerous Liaisons, The Fabulous Baker Boys, Love Field) runs with the juicy role of an over-the-top New York socialite who peels off 100 Euro notes everywhere she goes. The character "could seem caricaturish on the page," Pfeiffer said. “My big concern was, ‘This has to be exactly right. It could go wrong so quickly.'" And yet, the actress added, "I would put it up there with my top five wonderful filmmaking experiences."

    Jacobs was attracted by the script's humorous, surreal tone.
    Jacobs compares it to Jean Renoir and Luis Bunuel, who trapped groups of people in an enclosed space in The Rules of the Game and The Exterminating Angel, respectively.

    Tracy Letts does the voice of the pet cat, Little Frank, the mother and son take along to Paris.
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