Today is Election Day in the USA.

What’s gonna happen?
I don’t have a crystal ball but I think it’ll be a landslide for Biden winning.
Trump is a total failure and disgrace, an abhorrent “leader” who doesn’t deserve
to be where he is.
He’s not “suave” as I heard one of his supporters describe him as.
They think he knows the key to winning, that he “doesn’t get into things to lose”...
Well Chachi, he’s just about to taste a one term defeat.

My good buddy Rush Limbaugh is harping that voter turnout will be the deciding factor in this election, and I agree.
And Rushie was also on Fox and Friends this morning, thanking Trump for his service to America.
When Rush is unsure of a Trump victory you know the gig is up...
He also referenced God and his personal relationship with Jesus Christ again.
Lord, I pray that’s true.
I sincerely hope that’s the case, Rush. You’ve got some things to atone for, don’t ya?

Biden is not ideal as a Presidential candidate, but he’s infinitely preferable to Drumpf.