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Thread: JUSTICE LEAGUE (The Snyder Cut) / 2021

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    JUSTICE LEAGUE (The Snyder Cut) / 2021

    This is a beautiful movie. ***SPOILERS***

    Zack Snyder's cut of JUSTICE LEAGUE was the breath of fresh air we needed during this horrific pandemic.
    Shown on HBO MAX with plenty of hype, this was the movie event of the year.
    With a four hour run time, we get DC superheroes more fleshed out, more actioned-out and more tricked-out.

    I still remember the Joss Whedon film, it wasn't totally erased from my memory banks, but Snyder's version pretty much renders it moot.
    I got to see it in glorious 4K, and I was damn impressed.
    Dedicated to his late daughter Autumn, Snyder really outdid himself here.
    The special effects are off the chain awesome. From slo-mo Flash speed effects to Steppenwolf's silver evil to machine guns firing full throttle from a hurtling Batmobile.
    (Not to mention sweet action set pieces which made me clench my fists and nod my head)

    You either give it up for comic book movies or you don't. It's either your cuppa tea or it's just not.
    I love comics, specifically DC comics, and these are the most realistic (CGI) depictions you'll ever see.
    Seriously, Snyder has set a bar very high here.

    The story has evil baddie Darkseid wanting to locate the Anti-Life Equasion wherever he can find it, it just so happens Earth has it.
    3 "Mother Boxes" hold supernatural power that can help conquer worlds, and they were split-up between Amazons, Atlanteans and Steppenwolf, who is now a serious threat.
    Suffice it to say, the movie revolves around the three of them "Uniting" for humanity's sake/fate.
    Darkseid has a powerful minion in Steppenwolf who owes him debts, and he's given assignments to conquer worlds and find the mother boxes for his master.

    Enter Batman (Ben Affleck), who is smart enough to know the gravity of the threats mankind faces. He sets out to build a team of heroes who can work together to "fix a mistake".
    Superman is dead, but he triumphantly comes back to life at the 2 hour 40 minute mark, my favorite part of the film.
    Batman enlists the help of Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot who spectacularly begins the action 20 minutes in), Aquaman (brooding Jason Momoa), The Flash (eager Ezra Miller) and Cyborg (excellent Ray Fisher).

    Each character is given time to breathe/develop without bogging the viewer down.
    The money in this flick is the superhero action, and Snyder delivers in big ways. I was amazed at the SFX shots- so fucking cool, yo!
    You want fire? You got it. You want explosions? You got it. You want kick-ass action? You got it. You want DRAMA? It's got that too.
    You wanna see legions of para-demons wreak havoc??? NAILED IT. You wanna see galactic battle-axes sledgehammered into the earth's crust? You got it.
    You wanna see what insane gadgets and vehicles Alfred and Batman are building? That put Q and Bond to shame? Then watch JUSTICE LEAGUE.

    6 chapters (with an Epilogue), this is the full meal deal.
    Don't drop your hamburger while watching it- shit might get real.
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    This is Zack Snyder's best film to date. It may even be the best superhero movie ever made, and I say that after only seeing it once.
    He really gave fans their money's worth here. Fanboys will love the appearance of the Joker, Desaad, Granny Goodness, Lex Luthor, Green lanterns, Deathstroke, Ares, Zeus and the Martian Manhunter.

    I repeat that the action scenes are truly awesome. I found myself pausing the movie at points to marvel at certain shots.
    So cool to see the underwater effects and Superman's powers done so well.
    If you're a toy collector, Todd McFarlane has just announced a "Multiverse" line of action figures based on the Snyder cut and they are as aesthetically pleasing as the film.
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