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Thread: Mill Valley Film Festival 44 (Oct. 7-17, 2021)

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    Mill Valley Film Festival 44 (Oct. 7-17, 2021)

    Mill Valley Film Festival 44 (Oct. 7-17, 2021)


    ANIMA (Jinling Cao 2021) X
    BECOMING COUSTEAU (Liz Garbus 2021)
    BERNSTEIN'S WALL (Douglas Tirola 2021) X
    JOCKEY (Clint Bentley 2021) X
    JULIA (Julie Cohen, Betsy West 2021) X
    MOTHERING SUNDAY (Eva Hussan 2021) X
    MY DEAD DAD (Fabio Frey 2021)
    THE RESCUE (Jimmy Chin, E. Chai Vasarhelyi 2021)
    THE VELVET UNDERGROUND (Todd Haynes 2021)

    X = Capsule review only for Mill Valley

    JULIA (Julie Cohen, Betsy West 2021)
    All about Julia Child, author of the seminal Mastering the Art of French Cooking and an icon who taught generations of Americans how to take the kitchen and food seriously. Full of bubbly joie de vivre, just like Julia, this film does her justice.

    BECOMING COUSTEAU (Liz Garbus 2021)

    A conventional and somewhat offical portrait but a richly illustrated one of the immensely famous Frenchman whose "Undersea World" TV series eventually led to his early, intense petitioning of the world to stop polluting the sea, his early alarms of global warming that made him important at Rio 1992.

    THE VELVET UNDERGROUND (Todd Haynes 2021)

    The most beautiful music documentary I've ever seen, a pure work of art. Use of split- and multiple-screen is a delight to the eye, elegant, and packs in a lot of visual information. But still leaves room for future docs about this seminal but under-documented sixties band with more detail about the music and the emotional clashes and the later accomplishments of the band members.
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