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Thread: The BERLINALE February 10-20, 2022

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    The BERLINALE February 10-20, 2022

    The upcoming Berlinale.
    Playlist reports it has an even better lineup this year. Here is the Encounters competition series of ten films, all world premieres.
    Competition Films (18)
    A E I O U – Das schnelle Alphabet der Liebe (A E I O U – A Quick Alphabet of Love)
    Germany / France
    by Nicolette Krebitz
    with Sophie Rois, Udo Kier, Milan Herms, Nicolas Bridet

    Spain / Italy
    by Carla Simón
    with Jordi Pujol Dolcet, Anna Otin, Xènia Roset, Albert Bosch, Ainet Jounou, Josep Abad
    World premiere

    Avec amour et acharnement (Both Sides of the Blade)
    by Claire Denis
    with Juliette Binoche, Vincent Lindon, Grégoire Colin, Bulle Ogier
    World premiere

    Austria / France / Germany
    by Ulrich Seidl
    with Michael Thomas, Hans-Michael Rehberg, Tessa Göttlicher, Inge Maux, Claudia MartinPeople’spremiere

    Call Jane
    by Phyllis Nagy
    with Elizabeth Banks, Sigourney Weaver, Kate Mara
    International premiere

    Drii Winter (A Piece of Sky)
    Switzerland / Germany
    by Michael Koch
    with Michèle Brand, year’sWisler
    World premiere

    Everything Will Be Ok
    France / Cambodia
    by Rithy Panh
    World premiere / documentary form

    La ligne (The Line)
    Switzerland / France / Belgium
    by Ursula Meier
    with Stéphanie Blanchoud, Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, Elli Spagnolo
    World premiere

    Leonora addio
    by Paolo Taviani
    with Fabrizio Ferracane, Matteo Pittiruti, Dania Marino, Dora Becker
    World premiere

    Les passagers de la nuit (The Passengers of the Night)
    by Mikhaël Hers
    with Charlotte Gainsbourg, Quito Rayon-Richter, Noée Abita, Megan Northam, Thibault Vinçon, Emmanuelle Béart
    World premiere

    Nana (Before, Now & Then)
    by Kamila Andini
    with Happy Salma, Laura Basuki, Arswendy Bening Swara, Ibnu Jamil
    World premiere

    Peter von Kant
    by François Ozon
    with Denis Ménochet, Isabelle Adjani, Hanna Schygulla
    World premiere / opening film

    Rabiye Kurnaz gegen George W. Bush (Rabiye Kurnaz vs. George W. Bush)
    Germany / France
    by Andreas Dresen
    with Meltem Kaptan, Alexander Scheer
    World premiere

    Robe of Gems
    Mexico / Argentina / USA
    by Natalia López Gallardo
    with Nailea Norvind, Antonia Olivares, Aida Roa
    World premiere / debut film

    So-seol-ga-ui Yeong-hwa (The Novelist’s Film)
    South Korea
    by Hong Sangsoo
    with Lee Hyeyoung, Kim Minhee, Seo Younghwa
    World premiere

    Un año, una noche (One Year, One Night)
    Spain / France
    by Isaki Lacuesta
    with Nahuel Pérez Biscayart, Noémie Merlant, Quim Gutiérrez
    World premiere

    Un été comme ça (That Kind of Summer)
    Canadd’Amérique Côté
    with Larissa Corriveau, Aude Mathieu, Laure Giappiconi, Anne Ratte Polle, Samir Guesmi
    World premiere

    Yin Ru Chen Yan (Return to Dust)
    People’s Republic of China
    by Li Ruijun
    with Wu Renlin, Hai Qing
    World premiere

    The competitive section Encounters 2022 comprises 15 films, all of which are world premieres. There is one first feature. This year’s selection includes more films than usual from established filmmakers (Bertrand Bonello, Ruth Beckermann, Mitra Farahani, Sho Miyake, Arnaud des Pallières, Gastón Solnicki, Peter Strickland, Syllas Tsoumerkas), but also welcomes new voices. Many filmmakers have chosen dialogue as the most appropriate form to overcome fences, distances, and confinements.

    Encounters Films
    A Little Love Package
    Austria / Argentina
    by Gastón Solnicki
    with Angeliki Papoulia, Carmen Chaplin, Mario Bellatin
    World premiere

    À vendredi, Robinson (See You Friday, Robinson)
    France / Switzerland / Iran / Lebanon
    by Mitra Farahani

    with Jean-Luc Godard, Ebrahim Golestan
    World premiere / documentary form

    by Jöns Jönsson

    with Moritz von Treuenfels, Ricarda Seifried, Thomas Schubert
    World premiere

    Brat vo vsyom (Brother in Every Inch)
    Russian Federation
    by Alexander Zolotukhin

    with Sergey Zhuravlev, Nikolay Zhuravlev
    World premiere

    by Bertrand Bonello

    with Julia Faure, Louise Labeque
    World premiere

    Father’s Day
    by Kivu Ruhorahoza

    with Mediatrice Kayitesi, Aline Amike, Yves Kijyana
    World premiere

    Flux Gourmet
    United Kingdom / USA / Hungary
    by Peter Strickland

    with Asa Butterfield, Gwendoline Christie, Ariane Labed, Fatma Mohamed, Makis Papadimitriou, Richard Bremmer
    World premiere

    I Poli ke i Poli (The City and the City)
    by Christos Passalis, Syllas Tzoumerkas

    with Vassilis Kanakis, Alexandros O’Brienglou, Angeliki Papoulia
    World premiere

    Journal d’Amérique (American Journal)
    by Arnaud des Pallières

    World premiere / documentary form

    Keiko, me wo sumasete (Small, Slow but Steady)
    Japan / France
    by Shô Miyake

    with Yukino Kishii, Tomokazu Miura, Masaki Miura
    World premiere

    by Ruth Beckermann
    World premiere / documentary form

    Queens of the Qing Dynasty
    by Ashley McKenzie

    with Sarah Walker, Ziyin Zheng
    World premiere

    by Kurdwin Ayub

    with Melina Benli, Law Wallner, Maya Wopienka
    World premiere / Debut

    Unrueh (Unrest)
    by Cyril Schäublin

    with Clara Gostynski, Alexei Evstratov
    World premiere

    Zum Tod meiner Mutter (The Death of my Mother)
    by Jessica Krummacher

    with Birte Schnöink, Elsie de Brauw, Johanna Orsini, Susanne Bredehöft, Gina Haller, Christian Löber
    World premiere

    Berlinale Special Gala films
    Against the Ice
    Iceland / Denmark
    by Peter Flinth

    with Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Joe Cole, Heida Reed, Charles Dance
    World premiere

    À propos de Joan (About Joan)
    France / Germany / Ireland
    by Laurent Larivière

    with Isabelle Huppert, Lars Eidinger, Swann Arlaud
    World premiere

    Gangubai Kathiawadi
    by Sanjay Leela Bhansali

    with Alia Bhatt, Ajay Devgn
    World premiere

    Good Luck to You, Leo Grande
    United Kingdom
    by Sophie Hyde

    with Daryl McCormack, Emma Thompson
    European premiere

    Incroyable mais vrai (Incredible But True)
    France / Belgium
    by Quentin Dupieux

    with Alain Chabat, Léa Drucker, Benoît Magimel, Anaïs Demoustier
    World premiere

    Der Passfälscher (The Forger)
    Germany / Luxembourg
    by Maggie Peren

    with Louis Hofmann, Jonathan Berlin, Luna Wedler
    World premiere

    Occhiali neri (Dark Glasses)
    Italy / France
    by Dario Argento

    with Ilenia Pastorelli, Asia Argento, Andrea Zhang
    World premiere

    The Outfit
    by Graham Moore

    with Mark Rylance, Zoey Deutch, Dylan O’Brien
    World premiere / Debut
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