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Thread: OSCARS 2022 Nominations and Winners

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    Martin Scorsese has championed The Power of The Dog as great cinema.
    I know Jane Campion from The Piano, and I have no problem with her.
    The clips I’ve seen of TPOTD showed promise, but I don’t really know what it’s about.

    Coda seems like a must-see.
    I can’t believe Will Smith beat DENZEL…it seems ludicrous to me.
    I don’t like Chris Rock either. His style of comedy is abrasive and toxic.
    He also knows he can push it with his jokes and I’m glad he’s not pressing charges.
    Everybody saw what happened. Even the crowd at the Dolby theatre thought it was “A Bit”.
    It was only when Will started cursing and yelling that the mood changed.

    I liked this years show, slap and all. Haha
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