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Thread: CLAIRE DENIS revisited

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    CLAIRE DENIS revisited

    Claire Denis revisited

    These comments started as part of a "Summer 2022 diary of films seen but not reviewed." It seemed more appropriate to give them a separate thread dedicated to one of my favorite filmmakers.

    (Feature films)

    1988 Chocolat
    1990 No Fear, No Die/S'en fout la mort
    1994 I Can't Sleep/Je dors pas
    1994 US Go Home/Tous les garçons et les filles de leur âge... (TV Series) (1 episode)
    1996 Nénette and Boni/Nénette et Boni
    1999 Beau Travail
    2001 Trouble Every Day
    2002 Friday Night/Vendredi soir
    2004 The Intruder/L'Intrus
    2008 35 Shots of Rum/35 Rhums
    2009 White Material
    2013 Bastards/Les Salauds
    2017 Let the Sunshine In/Un beau soleil intérieur
    2018 High Life
    2022 Both Sides of the Blade/Fire/Avec amour et acharnement
    2022 Stars at Noon
    It can be debated whether US GO HOME is a 'feature film' (it's only 67 mins., and made for TV) but it deserves inclusion for Colin's first appearance and its relationship to NÉNETTE AND BONI.
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