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Thread: This is a great film

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    This is a great film

    I would like to say that I believe that most people who find this film boring are usually bored with horror movies in general or worse, any film that requires you to think. Now I saw the movie way before it even got to the United States, and I have not seen it in the theatres here. I would like to know if anything was cut from the movie when it was released to the U.S. If anyone knows let me know. It seems like audiences in the United Kingdom really enjoyed this film but the american audiences did not. My only thought is that the MPAA cut this film so badly that it wasn't the same film anymore and that is why it was so disliked.

    This film contained all the elements that make a good horror movie. At times you find yourself wondering what will happen next, and that is always good. The scene where Jim finds himself in a city alone is great. It had this creepy feel, about it. The one thing that makes this movie differ from the less quality horror films is it has a really well done plot, the movie keeps you engrossed and that is very important. It seems like the film industry is okay with making crappy horror that is designed to show lots of blood, have absolutely no storyline and of course have the big body counts. Horror movies don't need all that. The best horror movies are the ones with a story, it's content that counts, bodies and blood do not. If you want to watch crappy horror with lots of blood and bodies, stick to movies like Friday the 13th and Halloween. But if you want something that is really scary watch 28 days later. NOTE: if the MPAA did indeed cut the film for the theatres in the US, get a copy of the UK version.

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    My loved the movie, my wife hated it because it was boring. I'm afraid that the craft of silent horror is too nebulous a concept for American instant gratification impulsive buying audiences can tolerate. Why "Blair Witch Project" connected is the possible reality tv premise that has caught fire here in the United States. But "28 Days Later" is so full of thinking and lacking in constant action of "Charlies Angels" or "Matrix" or any of the summer blockbusters, American's don't have time to sit still and be bombarded with foreign-like films...(28 Days Later is obviously not shot in the United States). We can't relate to it.

    Many Americans want to be entertained not dragged into some negative horror picture - with the war and the deficit going on.

    But really, the movie was great. It's just that most of America (though it's been holding up rather well in American theaters considering) needs another 50 or 100 years to catch up to the brilliance of this movie. We just need more time to quit spending and learn how to slow down like the movie.


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