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Thread: Review of 28 DAYS LATER

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    Review of 28 DAYS LATER

    "Danny Boyle's 28 Days Later is an indictment of a world gone mad—mad with rage, fear, and power—the zeal that has created and maintained it, and the apathy that has resulted. It's about that thin line between passion and anger. It's a horror movie that dares to be frightening in a way that horror movies forgot to be a long time ago. Today, it's all about making an audience jump in their seats. That's child's play compared to something like this. Any simultaneous combination of a screeching noise and a creature popping out from around a corner and a flash of gore can elicit a moment of shock, but it takes patience and skill to go beyond that and actually make us take a deeper look at ourselves and the society in which we live. This is a film of mood, atmosphere, and ideas. It contains monsters that would best be called zombies if not for the fact that they aren't the living dead (well, not literally at least), they don't feed on brains and flesh, and they're called 'Infecteds' instead of zombies. They're primal, living only to spread the virus that causes them to be as they are. What's fascinating about the film is that the human characters aren't much more advanced, also living for only one reason: survival."

    Mark's Full Review
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    A Mood Movie Review The Captures Horror

    Mark's partial review captures the mood and tone of the movie. Highly recommended reading.


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