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Thread: Alternate Ending...better? SPOILERS

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    Neoraptor25 Guest

    Alternate Ending...better? SPOILERS

    Those of us who purchased the Region 2 DVD of 28 Days Later, will probably have seen the "storyboard radical alternative ending", which i think would make it a much better film than it was...
    Now for those of you who don't have access to Region 2 DVDs, here's a summary of the alternative ending.:

    Frank's turning into a zombie , but instead of being killed, he's knocked out by Jim and tied up. Jim, Selena and Hannah leave the blockade and move to what at first appears to be a hospital, having taken some of the dead troops' equipment. Trying to find "the answer to infection" in order to save Frank, they realise that it's a lab, the very same one, from which the virus was unleashed; what they find is that a man is hiding in a room and unwilling to get out and encounter them. After some unsuccessful attempts they get the answer to infection from him; full blood transfusion, which means that one of the three has to give his entire blood. Jim decides to sacrifice himself, Frank is saved; The film ends with the four survivors being under attack and locking themselves in a welded-shut room. But the brilliance of this ending is in the closing shot, where Jim, now dead, is lying strapped on the table the chimp was lying at the beginning, while the monitors above him continue to show scenes of violence...

    I don't know... i think it woul've been a masterpiece. Of course blood transfusion is a little far fetched, but that astonishing closing shot makes up for it all...

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    carrigon Guest

    Is that the real ending?

    I heard this awful alternate ending where Jim dies but it didn't sound kewl like this one. I wish I had seen this ending. Then I probably would have actually liked the film. I guess I'll have to get the DVD when it hits my Region.



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