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    pretty dirty things

    Dirty Pretty Things is definitely a movie worth seeing. Its focus on people who are on the margins of society and constantly on the verge of being discovered for their 'crimes' gives the story a tension which serves it well. Coupled with a mystery which has the main character discovering a discarded human heart clogging a toilet (ear in a field, anyone?), the story is exciting and well-paced throughout. The main character is a saint-like individual, highly resistant to the temptations of the seedy world in which he exists. As the mystery unfolds and he becomes increasingly involved in the illicit activity surrounding him, he is tempted by the thing that he desires most: a passport and the new identity which comes with it, freeing him from his past and from his marginalized position as an illegal in London. Overall, very well done. Several small criticisms: 1)the female lead's interest in the main character seem to come out of nowhere and 2) several implausible medical assertions/events which I suspect will not bother the majority of viewers. I'd be interested to hear what others think.

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    See John DeSando's and my comments on the other thread


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