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Thread: The Moose Hole - Review of Kill Bill (Volume I)

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    Chris Knipp On Target As Always

    When you make comments the way you do with Kill Bill Vol. 1, no wonder people become silent and awestruck. Your perspective of the movie makes it sound worthwhile to a number of follow-up viewings just to soak in what you said.

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    Gothabillygirl Guest

    the promise that died

    I feel like this movie was little more than an overly exaggerated love letter from Quentin to Uma. I have watched each of his films with anticipation, thinking each one would build on the genius of the other to eventually show the clever overview of his talent. With this film, however, I feel like it's more than 'he's gone astray' I feel like his less-than-loveable public persona copuled with this monstrostity of a film has shown me that yet again, I was fooled by the promise and let down with the test of time. Not only will I not rush out to see Volume II, I doubt his name will ever incite me to get up and go to the theater again.

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    QT in Rolling Stone

    If you take the time to actually find out what Tarantino's motivations are (and I mean really find out- so many idiots take him for granted) you will realize that the man is arguably the most important filmmaker around.

    Take his interview in Rolling Stone. He is asked who he thinks has a lasting impact in cinema. His response? Stanley Kubrick.
    "I'm not even the hugest Kubrick fan, but his work never gets old" was the quote, I believe. That's enough for me to love the man. He is constantly emphasizing the importance of film greatness. He knows his place. He also said this:

    I wanted to make a better film than Pulp Fiction.

    Do I have to spoon-feed people who don't get it? Shit!

    Kill Bill is pure cinema.
    Until you realize that, you have no business saying anything negative about the film.

    I don't take anyone seriously who doesn't make an effort to understand. Blanket statements like "I feel like it's more than 'he's gone astray'" are not even worth responding to.
    Astray from what, gothabillygirl? Himself?
    QT is self-righteous (like me), so that comment is absolutely hilarious.

    I'm gonna have a shot of rotgut now...
    "Set the controls for the heart of the Sun" - Pink Floyd

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    I snuck in to watch the first half of Kill Bill.

    I HAD FUN watching Mr. Fanboy regurgitate instant-gratification genres with verve and style.

    A "monstrostity"? NO!
    "life affirming"?..."homage to life"!? C'mon!

    A second serving? No, but I want to see the rest and this time I'll be paying the price of admission.

    Note: If the dismemberments and such made your toes tingle, I recommend rental of Takashi Miike's Ichi The Killer. It's gorier and funnier, but created a bit of marital discord.

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    More murder

    Uma Thurman said to QT when he was at her house:
    "You understand me".

    I can see how Kill Bill could be a "love letter" to Uma, but the truth is they aren't an item, and Quentin cast her because he knows what she is capable of.

    In Rolling Stone you see a photo of him in his living room, stocked with vhs tapes of movies, action figures, posters and all sorts of other eclectic items. He's unsheathing a samurai sword, and grinning like the cinematic devil he is. That picture is worth a lot. It tells you volumes about the guy.

    True Romance: references to Sonny Chiba and other films abound
    Reservoir Dogs: references to Godard and other films abound
    Pulp Fiction: references to other films reach an event horizon
    Jackie Brown: references to other films take on mythic proportions
    Kill Bill: the references are now a new film, and it is beyond debate that Tarantino can be ignored. What will his next film be?
    Who cares? He's given film fans enough for a lifetime.


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    don't let me be misunderstood
    "Set the controls for the heart of the Sun" - Pink Floyd

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