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    mariaT Guest

    First post for Pumpkin>

    Not a classic. I love Ricci, but I dont know about this one. Everyone says "you're not laughing at the retard," but that doesnt make it any funnier, and actually you are laughing at him or at least a farcical depiction of "retards". And aside from sight gags he wasnt all that laughable.

    Some funny moments from Ricci. The writer wrote a movie called Dead Man on Campus which I never saw. I think they thought the only way to pull off a premise like Pumpkin would be to put in an artistic actress and distribute it through indie theaters. Can you imgaine how much sh!t this would get if thousands of "regular" kids around the country spent $7 to laugh at the mentally disabled for a few hours? Now that would be funny...

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    joe Guest

    i liked it

    interesting, I thought it was a very good film. Aside from the "retard" factor, which was a little uncomfortable at times, I thought the Romeo and Juliet story was well crafted and the filmmaking was solid.


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