I think I'll write a little more about Kill Bill vol. 1 than I have- I'm taking an hour break from this unbelievably gorgeous city- it's just too good to not say something else about it.

There would be mountains of criticism to aim at Tarantino if he hadn't seen it coming before he lensed his greatest work yet:

-Uma Thurman has got some ugly-ass toes
-Do we need to see decapitations and scalping?
-Would you let your girlfriend drive a truck named the "Pussy Wagon?"
-The gratuitous violence is too excessive and it is a bad influence on the youth of today.

Fuck all that- QT delivers a ham-handed knockout punch with vol. 1. The editing is rapid-fire and pristine. Each cut is a cut to a new perspective, a new bit of info, a new cinema, a great cinema, a way of telling a story with a camera that both honors all the films that influenced it and forges a new standard.

Kill Bill might be the film that inspires me to make a movie of my own. I have to think about it hard, because making movies is an ass-kicking vocation.

The "Shaw-scope" opening, the seranading by Nancy Sinatra, the gunplay, swordplay, laser-sharp dialogue, California cool and Japanese jigoku make a clear case for Tarantino's cinematic immortality.

He hit the nail on the head with this flick.
You cannot look away from the screen. Electric images, dynamite soundtrack (par for the course). Tarantino is someone who deserves recognition.
Fuck those QT fans who salivate over his cinema- he made that movie for people who worship films, not for sycophantic

Awesome job, Quentin. You have a fan from Canada who truly appreciates what you do.