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    Re: DVD release date

    Originally posted by cinemabon
    On May 18th, TGTBATU will be released in a special edition 2 disc DVD. I did not see the theatrical extended version (the only way to fly).
    Glad I held out on buying the original cut (even if it's still dirt cheap).

    The extended scenes are all excellent and add a little more depth to the movie, but there is one scene that baffles me. When you see the new cut cinemabon let me know your thoughts.

    The scene I'm talking about is the one where Tuco is in the cave holding a dead chicken, talking to it. I wanna know what he meant by "If you work for a living, why spend your life working?". I saw the new cut 4 times at the cinematheque and I still don't know what he meant by that line.
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