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Thread: "Breakfast of Champions". Se it!

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    "Breakfast of Champions". See it!

    This is a very different movie. Its about a successful carseller somewhere in the US. A carseller that is going mad and is very depressed. He doesnt know what it's all about. He seems tired of the way his life is. Bruce Willis makes and extremely good performance in this role.

    As an employee, we have Nick Nolte. A very comical character, who always sucks up to the boss (Bruce Willis). He's desperate to hide something from him, and that's seems to be the only thing he thinks of. Nolte is very very funny in this role.

    Then we have Albert Finney, who also makes a strong effort here. He plays the cynical and depressed author, who for once in his life gets attention.

    It's a very strong movie, with great actors and the perfect, sad music to accompany it all. It's very touching and filosophical.

    Its a tragic-comical film. It is funny, but at the same time a serious movie that is in many cases sad. It has a great feeling to it, and it's very different. It is somewhat surreal, considering the behaviour of the characters around Dwayne Hoover (willis), but it only strengthens the feeling of the movie.

    I cant really explain it all in words...I have only one thing to say to you: GO SEE THIS MOVIE !!
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    I saw this movie when I was in Japan, and I kept thinking to myself "How is this being received in the US?". I thought it was really worth while and extremely original-- Nick Nolte's strangest character ever. So, how did it do here?

    Bunny was a hysterical character, or perhaps a sad embodiment of the disjointed modern family (he lives underground, in the front yard). Nolte was hilarious, Omar Epps was great. Im a little suprised at the imdb ranking: 4, and so I guess the audiences didn't receive it very well. Suprising...although it looks like there is a lot of criticism from people who "loved the book"/"love Vonnegut", but didn't dig the film.

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    My view of this movie was ruined because I had read the book first. And it was a vonnegut book, and Vonnegut does not translate well to film format. I do agree that in some respects it was a pretty good movie. However, I was upset by some of the hokey special effects that are so infinitely better when left to Vonnegut's particular style of writing.

    I have come to respect Bruce Willis, though, for the variety of things he was in. Perhaps this was one of the films that made me think of him as more than the action star that I had him pegged as once. This and Twelve Monkeys and Sixth Sense. Not that I can compare these movies in any way, because I can't, but they are all movies that I enjoy greatly. However, if you like Vonnegut, definitely see Mother Night. That was an amazing movie.


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